Rainy Martini

March 22, 2012

an updated update!

In case you don't know, that's my all-time favorite bag. I love it so much I often take photos of it. I've had it since I was 15, as a souvenir to our extremely fail trip to HK. As you can see, I had just chucked out my hideous pink layout and replaced it with a more comforting one. Personally I think my previous skin's an eyesore and getting a bit messy. So... what say you, reader? How's my new layout?

Aside from the unwanted tasks my homefolks had set upon me, I practically have nothing to do every day. You'd think that boredom is a very noob enemy to thwart. But wtf, it's the devil among the devils. I think I've been so busy contemplating boredom I don't even have room for humor or sarcasm anymore. Bah.

What's more? I didn't get to watch The Hunger Games today. I'm really curious about how the movie is going to turn out.

(Well, maybe next time. There's still next time, right? Right? RIGHT? Answer you spongy old fuck! *mutilates giant Teletubby plushie* Say something you ogling ball of cotton!)

*clears  throat*

The photo above was taken in a religious house while I was a part of this ceremony. Err, I don't wanna elaborate in case some devoted-and-religious start lecturing me about desecration.

I used to sneak food in class, too. Bags of chips, candies, name it! I munch on them while a teacher lectures. And no, I never did get caught everrrr. Okay maybe once or twice, but I wasn't reprimanded so that must not count for anything.

I think I should go to sleep now. Bye.

And oh btw, I might delete some affiliates. I will only leave those who I'm close with.


  1. That was my tumbler of Popeye's! LOL.





  3. Sorry my reply's so late D:
    Yup you're right, it's dystopian :) Normally I'm not the kind for "perfect" cities and only started reading it because I like the artist's drawing style :x
    But yeah, I think the story is pretty good :D
    I think your new layout is very nice, love the color combinations.
    ZOMG, your bag is so cute!! :3 Specially love the flowery design. Don't get much of that where I live, LOL. Most of the "trendy" things nowadays have something k-pop on them.

  4. do you love the hunger games too? Same as I! lol


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