Rainy Martini

November 28, 2012


Not too long ago, I was gathering dust. Idle. Bored, I lusted for something to do with the time that stretched up to the milky way before me. But now I'm so busy, I waste so many hours everyday traveling... so fast, it's so fast. I can't remember what it was like to simply have nothing to do. I can't get over how quick the lapses are. I want to stop talking about it, but the thoughts linger inside my head. Linger, they do. And they thrive, too. Feeding on my fears and uncertainties.

I fear for my dreams. They are changing, moving. If they don't stop I might lose them altogether. Even my ridiculous aspirations no longer exist. I don't daydream anymore, although I still find myself longing for what could have been in my spare time.

I am afraid of what I'm becoming, I never wanted to be... pragmatic.

Also, I'm having a hard time right now. Uhh... most days I feel like hiding in a tight space or something.

These light streaks were taken by me last year at my good friend Marion's house. I meant to post these some twelve months ago, but I never got round to. So now they're here, in this blog, just as they should be.

Are you excited for Christmastime?

November 26, 2012

Another Fried French Fry

Helloooo! I just got home from work, my eyes are screaming in pain, so does my head... I think. Or not. Bah, I do feel a bit of throb though. Maybe it's because of my photography stint last night! I took an extra job yesterday (Sunday) from 4PM to 12AM. I got home at around 2, tried to sleep but I couldn't. Dozed off for a few minutes then boom boom boom went my fucking alarm. Office time.

I wish I could get some of the photos though... I was late again this morning, as usual.

There's this thing about me and tardiness. I'd always been the latecomer. Partly because I'm kind of errr... afraid of being the first to arrive. And the other... I'M SO DAMN SLOW. Like, I wake up and blank stare. Five... more... minutes, then woaah wtf my clock ran fast while I wasn't looking.


Then yeah late. I not can speak well. I issss hungry and tired ok.

Oh, have I mentioned that upon going home tonight, I was stalked by two teenagers who are trying to promote their religion? Hahahaha of course not (I just checked the first paragraphs of this post, and no, I don't check before posting hence the typos) (that's the raw Rainy essence). I got nervous when they approached me, 'cause they actually followed me! Panic, panic. I tried to text someone so the police would get a clue if I ever went missing. Which is impossible now that I'm here, safe, sleepy and blogging. They made me watch a 3-minute video about errr the Gods. Like, god the spirit and god the bride. It had something to do with the bible. "Is this about uhh... polytheism?" I asked, and I was rewarded with a crispy "No."

So crispy lah, tasted like chicken I think. Hoho.

Gods... not... polytheism... ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME. Mentioning that I am more interested in Buddhism didn't help, too. So yeah, I got stuck, not knowing how to say "no". I always find it hard to say no to everyone.

Anyway, I think they're quite eloquent and kinda sweet, too. They even bothered flattering me which is nice hahahaha. Talk about ego-boosting. "last question, what's your job?" I feebly answered with, "uhm... graphic designing," "WOW SO AMAZING. AND YOU'RE ONLY 19!"

See? Lol.

Last Saturday after office, I met with Niko again. He's my disciple actually. Hahahahahahaha. Kidding.

Yeah I know my turtleneck looked dopey in the shot, but it actually made me look thinner and more refined. Sprinkle some of my ballerina posture then boom: semi-posh. Heehee. We had this funny incident, though. You see, Nikoko was shopping for gifts and I decided to help him with it. The hardest part was picking something for his father. But me being me, fiercely suggested that we buy a Perry Ellis gift set that my brother bought once because it has an awesome smell.

You can read his account here. Which, in his own words, was written in a staid approach. It's tame, and a bit serious... as opposed to my writing which is... I don't know.

How do you find my writing?

Where was I... oh there. I brought him to a Rustan's department store (more like, I made him bring us there lol 'cos I didn't know how to get there), perfume section. A few seconds after entering, we were approached by a "charismatic" salesman. "Charismatic" because, yes, his performance was very rehearsed and he looked confident.... but I didn't feel it.

Like, the way his voice sounded, no, not very convincing. He looked sincere although he wasn't. He thought he was being sincere. But... weird. Voice. Yeah, I think his voice gave it away. I felt repelled from the moment he made us wait while he took some samples. I thought, "Shit I don't like this." And I didn't. There was something odd about his presentation... the insincerity, his persistent attempts to delude us by pointing out that a celebrity uses that same Ferragamo perfume... voice.

So there, to cut things short, I told Niko "nooo" don't checkout. I COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT HE BOUGHT IT, I MEAN THE SALESMAN'S PRESENTATION. Or.. IDK, did you buy it Niko? Hahaha. I expected him to argue and make a face somehow, but he didn't. He was a freaking yes man. Disbelief clouded my face, I cannot stress that enough. Haha. Thank me for saving you, but then again, it was my idea.  Waaah I forgot to cut things short. So uh, to cut things short, we tried to escape, but we were swarmed by more salespeople. I'm not new to buying expensive perfumes because my mother is addicted to them, but I was never swarmed, not even close, before. My eyes landed to my mother's Burberry bag and it dawned on me.

Holy guacamole. I looked rich. Hahahaha.

Photos taken while walking from my office (hint hint, near GT Tower) to Greenbelt.

Of course there was another torture session, talks and a lot of laughs. I entered a Clipper store and...


Oh, oh, have I mentioned that we had a second dopey encounter with another salesperson? A woman, we were going to buy a Parker pen (my second Dad gift option) but she made us wait for so long wtf. We didn't buy anything from her, I was adamant that we go to another branch because helloooo, she didn't deserve more sales. So unaccommodating, inconsiderate and rude.

I was about to rant more but errrr the image below is distracting me. No more rants!

Fries again! We looove fries.

Uhh, I have to cut this post short. I'm so sleepy na kasi. So sorry guys!

Someone invaded my Instagram account. Heehee.

Good night. Good night. I want you go have nightmares tonight. Please?


November 22, 2012

I got fried, like a french fry

I met up with a male online friend! Male. It's kind of a big deal because I don't usually agree to meet up with guys. See, I've been talking nonstop to Niko ever since I got a job, mainly because he works in an office, too and/or he thinks I'm awesome (which is totally true hohoho). Some of my readers who are in the area actually messaged me and asked me out to lunch! I agreed to meet some (hi there Ate Bam!) and we had fun. What's weird is they called me Rainy, which is, again, not my real name.

But here's my number, so call me Rainy *suicide*

It's my fault! So I have to learn how to respond to my public name. I'm still not prepared to come out using my real one, and won't it be weird if all your life you've known me as Rainy, then one day I tell you to stop calling me that because I'm actually [toooooot].

You can read his version of the story on his blog, it's like we're doing a collab post or something. In my opinion, he made the night sound boring. What actually happened was a lot of laughs... and torture!


He treated me some fast food though, which makes up for the two-hour martyrdom that I had to endure.

Oh god I changed my mind! Don't read his version of the events, he used the same photo above and it was unedited! Haha. And uhhh, his writing is definitely better than mine (he calls it historical revisionism), SO NO DON'T READ NIKO'S BLOG. HAHA!

My out-time was 6:30 PM, he was in the area since morning because he had to attend some sort of media or political event in a hotel, twenty minutes' walk from my office.

What's cool is he spent around four hours waiting for me. That is just so nice, because if it were me, I would've texted "HEY YOOO I'M GOING HOME LOLOL YOU'RE TAKING SO LONG BAI".

Or not, but I probably would. Judging from his post, he was getting pretty bored already, and to think that I requested that we meet outside Forever 21! Hey Niko, not my fault you got stuck in a girl's heaven, never did tell you to come in or roam around. Your mind, your fault. Ha.

On a serious note, I felt guilty and touched. But, again, it all changed once the torture started. Hahaha.

I don't think I should say what kind of torture I had to go through lmao.

I didn't get to take much photos because the camera he brought was, from his own words, shitty. It's not entirely true. The photos are only bad because of the light! And the colorings are actually compatible with my presets. I had to gasp upon seeing the transformation. Another reason, HE WALKS SO FAST. As expected from someone who is 5'11. And I'm only 5'2.

Once, via Skype, he told me that when we take a photo together, we should cover our eyes, a la rape victims shown on the news. LOL. I answered something like "can you CTRL+SHIFT+I so only my eyes can be seen and not my face?"

You didn't laugh, did you? It's actually a joke! It's a joke ok, like a joke only my readers and fellow photoshopers can understand. (Re: my selca poses, I cover everything with my hair except for my eyes)

Walk, walk.

Arrgh I forgot to take a photo of the Andrew Collins book that he lent me. We agreed to exchange books yesterday. I lent him my all-time favorite Spinelli: Stargirl. I don't usually read a book twice, but Stargirl broke my heart and made me cry so much I had to read it again. And again. I only stopped last year, and my copy was buried among my other treasured favorites on my bookcase.

Two hours later we were heading home, it was getting late. He dropped me at the train station.

Train again! I hate MRT ok.

I'm going to sleep now, I'm so so tired.

Good night.

PS, don't read Niko's version.

November 18, 2012


Greetings!! Today's a Sunday and I should be taking a rest. Well, I am... kind of. It's amazing how time flies so fast... this blog is more than one year old already, I've been employed for about one week, and it's... Sunday again! And it's my rest day again! And you're here again! And I'm here again! And.


Hmm, so how do I tell you about my week?

I wanna say it was half a disaster. Life in the office had gotten a bit easier, at least. It was hell on my first day because I was sick. Maybe that was why. I was just sick. I won't tell you about the train, though. Bet you're so sick of my MRT anecdotes. I just can't get over how hard it is to ride ok?

The highlight of my week is... hahahahaha omg wait. It makes me laugh just thinking about it. You see, I've been talking to Niko for days on end, and last November... wait, gonna check. And last November 15, he called me for the first time because he wanted to hear my duck voice (I was still sick). He called first, but I was still inside McD's, finishing the last of my meal while staring at the chubby little girl in front of me (and trying to spot the super cute manager to no avail). I couldn't hear a thing, so we ended the call and I went outside. Then I called him.

I am a reaaaal beverage fanatic, and I can't last a day without drinking juice or chocolate or whatever. So before heading back to the office, I stopped by at a Mini Stop branch (Mini Stop is a 24-hour convenience store like 7-11). We were still on the phone. I picked my drink, it was a can of Milkis. As I was paying for it at the cashier, I told him to "wait". Apparently, he didn't hear it. So he just hahahaha kept yapping at the other end of the line while I put the phone away from my ear hahahahahahahaha.

His voice sounded so animated I wondered what he was talking about. Or who he was talking to. Hahahahahahahaha omg.

When I put the phone back to my ear he was still at it hahahahahahahaha. I dunno it's just so funny for me.

Then I remembered, "CHOCOLATE!" and headed to the chocolates aisle. I talked a little, and tried to stifle my laugh because I didn't want to offend him. And that's when I fell flat. On. My. Knee.


I swear everyone froze. They froze! I was shocked but my smile was frozen on my freaking face. Got up immediately and went out. I whined, and tried to blame him for what he didn't do. Then he laughed at me. It was a funny laugh so I laughed as well.

But my mind was going "HOLY SHIT. HOOW. LEE. SHIT." It was just so humiliating! And to think that I looked as if I was proposing marriage to the standee!! A few minutes later, he blogged about it. A la journalist! LOL.

Shit dude. My knee went purple and my officemates laughed at me, too. So much for moral support. Anyway, my knee doesn't hurt anymore. Walking hurt in the next few days though.

Photo spam ahead! Yesterday after office, I went out with my usual friends! I was so sad the day before because I thought they weren't going to make it. And I was expecting them to come for so many days! I was so surprised when they texted "tuloy tayo!" Mwahahahahahaha.

Mustache face. Fail.

Rainy Martini, 19, snaps a selca with her best friend's sister, Janine, 17.

Loljk. Feeling magazine.

Of course we went to a Powerbooks branch. I uh, secretly snapped some photos of the books I wanna check out in the future. See that children's lit at the lower right? It was one of my childhood favorites! I was so surprised to see it there!

Then a few macarons at The French Baker. What's funny is I only bought two, and it took five minutes before my order arrived.

Two of me! Surprised to see a selca? Hehehe. I don't usually take photos of my face because I'm not photogenic.

Food time was... ugh. I hadn't eaten anything since morning, so it was my first meal. I ordered from Tokyo Tokyo while the rest of the girls bought Korean food. Kimbp, japche and bibimbap.

Ugh. I never never never want to eat Korean again! Talk about trauma. I felt sick after eating. Ugh.

We went to the park! The lights were so beautiful omg. This is actually a photo of Nel and her online friend Izy (ok IDK how to spell her name help!) I blurred it on purpose because... because bokeh.


"Hehehehehe" is my version of evil laugh ok?

I've been asked a lot of times how I create bokeh with digicams. Well uh it's simple. If your camera has an intelligent auto function or something similar, then you can do it too. All you have to do is shake the camera a little while hitting the shutter button. I do it to confuse the lens while it adjusts, hence the blur. I'm so brilliant omg. LOLJK. It's a chance-shot by the way, because most of the time you might end up with light streaks.

We walked for soooo many minutes. The park was dark because they put the lights out WHEN WE GOT THERE. You trolls! Ugh. So yeah, it was dark... and scary. So we joked. Not for children. LOL.

"There might be a rapist here."
"Or a killer."
"If someone rapes me I won't scream."
"Let's sleep here."

I won't tell you who said what. We reached Jupiter street, Janine knows how to get there because of the Korean restaurans. LOL. At the Wang Mart, Izy treated us some ice cream sandwiches! Guess which one's mine.


A group shot!

From left: Izy, Janine, Nobody, Janelle and Justine. Yeah, the three J's are sisters.


I'm sorry for the spam. Oh wait, this blog is mine. I take the apology back.

I hope it took so minutes before the photos loaded. I hope your browser slowed down upon opening my page.

Kidding. Or... maybe not. LOL.

Thank you so much for reading yet another crappy post by the way!


November 14, 2012

to ask oneself

Before I went home from work, I've been seeing funny tweets from my friends with #Amalayer hash tags. Another gay lingo gone famous, I thought. Went home to hear everyone yelling "amalayer! amadovegirl!" and I was like please stop already you freaking idiots. To my horror, a very humiliating video of a girl not older than me had gone viral. I don't want to link the video here but...

No. Go find it yourself. Ha.

I checked the hashtag page on Twitter and to be honest the tweets were surprisingly hilarious. Curiosity got the better of me and I found myself watching the video.


The star of the night was, yeah, the college girl with long hair and a crisp white top. Something happened between her and the lady guard, whatever that was, we'll never know. Now, while watching the video, so many thoughts were swirling inside my head. I wondered how the girl is feeling right now, I wonder if the lady guard felt triumphant or humiliated. I wondered if the gawkers were enjoying the scene. I also wonder if the person who recorded and even uploaded the whole thing feels a bit scared right now. I wonder about so many stuff. At once. By the way, I'm not here to blog about it.

I'm here to blog about my thoughts. My alarmingly hilarious thoughts. My alarmingly disturbing musings that are best kept private. Out of your eyes, out of your mind. They occur mainly when I ride the train every morning, I still can't get over the fact that I stand with fellow females chest to chest (I wanted to put boob to boob lol), elbow to elbow. And sometimes hair to hair. Gaaah I fear for my hair actually! Lice! Arrrgh.

One of the things I thought during the past few days was...

"If I were a pervy lesbo I'd enjoy this," with regards to the extremely cramped space inside the train car. Abominable eh?

To redeem myselft, here's another "Have they eaten breakfast already?"

I've been thinking more and more about other's welfare to be honest. I hate getting off the train because there are so many sidewalk vendors and my own thoughts cloud my judgment. If I see a man selling footwear, I would immediately speculate whether his family had eaten or not, how much had he earned already? Will it be enough for tomorrow? Is it cruel no to buy?

Not to mention the beggars. Then everything just crashes on me and my head would cry. By crying I meant headache. Haaaate headaches.

I'm a deep-thinker, and I muse about the most unexpected stuff. Also, I tend to ask questions that are usually the furthest thing from one's mind.

"I texted you while standing in the queue, why didn't you reply?" a friend once asked.

Then I answered his question with the question ''did the person next to you tried to discreetly read what you were typing?'

I know right.

Here is a collection of essays from my very-much-worshiped writer. I felt so alone until I found out about his works about five years ago.

What, did you think I'd list down his works? Looool. I meant to say "here are the photos" or something similar but my train of thought got, once again, derailed. Actually I was thinking about whether or not to continue blogging.

Sorry for delaying my upcoming giveaway! I meant to write about it today! Maybe tomorrow... I don't know. I'm so busy.

And tired. Good night everybody!

November 12, 2012

Inspire Monday: Artworks by An Lai

I realized how I've been neglecting this Inspire Monday thingy. So here's another one for the week:

An Lai of sketchone.net! I discovered her works through Tumblr. I was glad when she gave me permission to save the images of her artworks and post them here! Thank you An, I really love seeing them on my own page.

Read a little about her... I actually copy-pasted this from her About area. Lol.
You can call me by my name An, or Sketch. I am the best of both worlds. I take the form of a shy girl however, on the inside; a cynical person. I like long walks on the beach and strolling in the meadow. That is where I often find unicorns of many colors…As you can see below, I am a very photogenic person. I enjoy friends and company, but I also like to have time for myself because I am fond of calm and quiet environments. I am a neat and tidy person and sometimes I can be very lazy even when it comes to art, sadly. Drawing is something I like to do while listening to music or when I am in a happy or bad mood. Drawing for me is like writing. It helps relieve my stress and emotional build up.
She's from the USA, and her artworks are looooove. I especially admire the traditional paintings because....

BECAUSE TEYDADDY! I was so thrilled when I found her blog because she drew the Korean artists that I love!

Bae Suzy of Miss A, and Gain of Brown Eyed Girls.

There's sexy G-Dragon, and Tablo.

I don't know much about her, but judging from her choice of artkwors, she seems to be YG-biased. Heehee. An accepts commissions, do check it out! The prices are really really reasonable and worth every... uhm, paintbrush stroke?

She also does digital painting.

Ahhh maybe when I receive my first pay I could commission her to do some artkwork for me, too. I want I want.

You can all see her works when you visit her blog by the way!

I gotta go now, thank you for reading and don't forget to comment!

November 11, 2012

How to Save a Life

OH MY GOSH. Ooooooh my goodness.

One minute I was complaining of having too much time in my hands, of boredom, of having nothing to deal with. And now... and now I barely have time for myself! I work Mondays-Saturdays, 8:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. I leave home at around 6 because I'm so scared of the MRT passengers! The lines are so thick and people are ALL rushing to get in. For some reasons, though, I always manage to slip in. Heehee. So damn afraid of wearing flats, though. My poor feet might get trampled! When I ventured the train station on my first day of work, it was steamy and everyone was starting to get irritated. A spacey train wasn't just coming. But it did. I rushed forward, just like everybody else. I always didn't make it because one woman shoved me out of the door!! Like she really pushed. Me. Out.

Rainy Martini was appalled, Rainy Martini said "FUCK you" to her face and stepped in, my wedges barely missing her feet.

And the worst thing was I lost my allowance for that day! I'm not sure if I dropped it or someone slipped her hand in my pocket inside the train. I was starving during lunch break, and Niko even offered to give me fifty pesos LOL. I felt so touched and a bit shy loooool. Thank chocolates my boss lent me lunch money. He's a really nice old man.

I'm still contemplating whether or not to tell you this.... uhm... ok fine. Last Friday was the same as every other weekdays in the MRT. Not for me though. The train accelerates, yes? People standing in the isles try to defy the force that beckons lest they fall, yes? One girl fails. Anyway, we stood face to face, and as the train lurched, she jerked forward and accidentally gave me the first girl kiss of my life.


"Shit," was all I could say. I mean it wasn't a full peck on the lips, just a few centimeters on the left. BUT STILL. We were both very embarrassed and she was apologizing again and again and again.

What can I say about work? Hmm. Not much, I mean it's too early isn't it?

One thing, though. I was culture shocked. I'm not new to being a new girl. I transferred like six times during my school years. But this is different. For one, I am the youngest inside the office and my workmates are like 30 plus or something. I feel awkward because I don't know the goings-on inside... (original parts of this bit was removed!)

Another thing, I'm sick as hell. My throat hurts and I've been having fevers since the interview.

I was desperate for a laugh because I never did smile since Thursday so I met with Janine yesterday after work! I nearly danced when I found out that we only work half-days every weekend! Yeayyy.

Christmastime is coming. The giant Christmas tree at the Araneta Center had been erected already! It's standing tall and proud, probably thinking "Eenie meenie miney mow, when I fall who will I kill".

Ok corny.

Met at this restaurant called Karate Kid. Ordered chicken teriyaki, unlimited rice. I think I ate 4 cups because I didn't eat anything that day.

Shopped a few books from the thrift store!

I know right?


Final meal before we went home, McD's.

My friends are my saving grace.

I really really apologize for the lack of updates and replies! I'm quite surprised to see that my follower count had risen, though. Coooool. Thank you so much guys!

I don't have any idea how I'll keep things running here, since I reach home at around 9 or 10 and go straight to sleep.

I'll post the giveaway on Wednesday or Thursday. Meanwhile, you can browse through my shop to know what you're going to get if you ever win. Heehee.

My voice sounds like a duck right now.


November 07, 2012

new job and a "photoshoot"

Change of plans. I'm supposed to write about so many stuffs this week, including the giveaway that I will  host soon, but I just got hired yesterday! It was the first time I went to a job interview, but I wasn't scared. And my new boss is quite nice, although I must admit that the work I've been given is pretty overwhelming.

But Rainy strong Rainy strong. I need to earn for my new camera! So Rainy do it. Heehee.

I can't help but admire the fact that although my mind was going "HOLY COW. OH MY GOODNESS. OH. MY. GOODNESS", my exterior demeanor was terribly calm! I know because I sat across a long mirror.

November will be a verrry busy month for me! What with all the commissions I've been receiving, my new job, my color shop.. and this blog. I only have Sundays off now. Adjusting for me will be tricky, because I've been idle for two years. My body is so used to lazing around all day.

The only problem is... I'm sick right now, and I'm starting work tomorrow. Sorry for sounding lameweaksadsick.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me tweet a photo regarding the "photoshoot" I had with my little sister. You see, my big bro keeps smirking at me every time I talk about photography. Either he thinks I have zero talent or errr idk, he just wants to. You know how big brothers can get. Anyway, he dared me to shoot photos of our little sis to prove that the equipment doesn't matter. Photos taken using a... OK don't laugh! Nokia C3-01.

It was soooooooooo hard photographing her! Her face and body was so stiff, she was feeling so conscious and very mindful of the people who were passing. Ugggh. I felt a wee bit annoyed, then guilt... guily... the guilt I felt made the pit of my stomach turn. How dare I feel such a thing when someone so young was trying very hard to overcome her nervousness? So stupid. Stupid. When I was a kid I felt very conscious when my parents watched me perform onstage. Of course I understood why she was being like that. So I told myself to be a good sister and tolerate the stiffness. Hence, more hand shots. LOL.

I was careful not to show a hint of laughter though. My face was so taut, businesslike. I wanted her to know that she wasn't being ridiculous, because I was sure that's what she was afraid of.

At least she learned a few things. That's what counts.


Upcoming posts:

My first giveaway!
A closer look: Colors from C&W
On Making Layouts

November 05, 2012

A Special Day

My birthday celebration was amazing. I mean there was nothing big, just some horrifying amount of lunch and hanging out afterwards.

You call me friendless because I don't go out. Wrong. I actually have a few very special ones, and what about the people I constantly talk to online? Aren't they considered "friends" at all? Of course there's a fine line between real-life friends and online buddies, you even drew one for me. They are people, they have feelings and they talk. And sometimes they're amazing! We exchange a few laughs and thoughts among each other, and I think that's what counts. They live somewhere out there, yes. But I don't care, really. I'm not a picky person and although I have no socializing problems, I am better off talking to a few. ;) And there's no need for you to busy yourself analyzing my social life because to be completely honest, I don't do it myself.

Anyway, I met with the girls and we had a HORRIFYING Korean buffet. See, there's this new place nearby, a self-service eat-all-you-can Korean restobar. EAYCs are a real treat, especially if you're starving. But if you're picky (like me lol) then there'll be problems. You see, most of them have this no-leftover rules. WHICH TOTALLY SUCKS. because they set a huge fine for those who break it.

Before you draw a conclusion, I did not break any fucking rules. LOL.

When we entered the restaurant, we were thrilled because Big Bang videos were playing! We watched a few before getting our meals. The buffet had so many sorts of Korean delicacies, but the best ones are at the grill station! We ordered everything, but I was disappointed because the bulgogi only had a few servings.

You know when you get excited, you tend to overdo things? That's what we did. WE TOOK SA MANY FOOD WTF. I'm not well-versed in the Korean food whatnots because I'm not fond of veggies and seafood so I took the safe-looking ones: chickens, fruits, jelly. Janelle and Janine ordered kimbap (something like California maki, but Korean. Hehe), a freaking ginormous bowl of bibimbap, and errr samgyupsal.

If you don't know yet, there's this way of eating samgyupsal. You wrap the thin meat in lettuce leaves and... and you have to stuff the whole thing in your mouth. It is considered rude and disrespectful if you eat it bite by bite. No matter how huge it is, you have to chew it whole and swallow. Swallow.

Since I was the birthday girl, they made a large one on purpose and STUFFED IT IN MY MOUTH! Eugggh! They even slipped a clove of garlic and spicy bean paste! Ugh you guys. LOL. I told myself to push push it down my throat  because an elderly Korean couple was watching me from the other table. At least that's what I thought. Haha.

The dishes you see in the photos are only a third of what we actually ate.

We were full in no time, and there was still a lot to finish. Nel ate the plate of kimchi and kimbap that she took, and I ate everything I could: the chickens, the meat, sweet almond jelly, miso soup, some strange meats. Even Janine, who is a big-eater (LOOOL I'M SORRY HAHAHA) couldn't finish everything.

We were so full; we rested for an hour, watching kPop music videos.

Then on we went again, fearing the expensive fine.. I swear I nearly puked. And my stomach was weeping. The huge bowl of bibimbap was the scariest. We simply didn't have the stomach to eat it. And of course they couldn't look at me, the veggies in the rice meal made me gag.

So I had an idea. I told them to stuff huge spoonfuls in their mouth, try not to look suspicious and spit it in the toilet. Hehehehehe.

It was so fucking funny.

"What's funny? *rolles eyes" Nooooo you have to be there to know how funny it was. It was so freaking funny. Ha. Ha.

Okay. This is the part when I should clear my throat and compose myself, isn't it?

After four hours, we finally finished everything. By we I meant Janine, Janelle, myself, the toilet bowl and the trash bin.

Who would've thought that the allegedly germy thingies would be our accomplices!? I wanna thank the shiny toilet bowl and the hard-to-open trash bin for helping us escape what we thought was heaven. Thank you so much for saving us. We wouldn't have done it without you. And I'm sorry for spitting on you guys, I knew you'd understand. But still, I'm so sorry.

We headed straight to Kate's and had some drinks. We slept over... no, we didn't actually sleep.... we watched some movies and kept laughing. I swear the Pineapple Express was so freaking funny. You should try seeing it, too! I'm not sure if it's available in the local video stores but it's worth finding one!

American Psycho was the last film we watched before everyone tried to sleep. And I, being me, didn't get to sleep at all. Instead I surfed the internet and read some eBooks.

I was tweeting then, and that was the time when my followers kept greeting me!

Thank you so much guys for making my day pleasant. I appreciate all the greetings and gifts you gave me. *cries* Thank you thank you.

Thank you so much guys omg you are so sweet. You know who you are.

Thank you of course to my friends who were there, and those who weren't but greeted me anyway. Everything means so much to me.