Rainy Martini

March 15, 2015

Art Fair Philippines 2015 pt. 2

Hi there. So, uhmm. Hi. On to the second part. I'm surprised it didn't take me one month to finally be writing this post, although I doubt anyone really cares. Ha. I don't care. I mean for now I don't care. But I might, in the future. The second part is mainly all about the artworks I saw when I went up the staircase. See, the art fair was at the 6th and 7th floor, if I remember correctly. Basta they had two floors at The Link for the exhibit.

Bottles of soy sauce, vinegar and patis. And a painting. Sorry but I didn't take note of the artists, as I was eager to get out. If you've read the first part you'd see that I was already feeling anxious and kinda claustrophobic before I even finished viewing the entire floor.

People people. People everywhere. Nothing's sadder than feeling alone in a crowded place. Well of course there are other things, but at the time nothing could measure up. At least for me.

I found these paper boats at the Bench booth.

Oooh this is one of my favorite areas in the exhibit. The speech bubbles on the walls are actually the visitors' contribution.

I badly wanted to get my speech bubble plushie and write or draw but I was so damn shy lol.

See! They made me jealous. I lingered in the area for roughly 30 minutes, then I finally had the courage to ask one of the booth managers. I knew that they were contributions, but what I did was hahahaha. I uhhh asked her if the pieces on the walls are from the same artist. I did know they weren't but hahaha. Pasimple. Then she said "except for the actual character plush in the middle of the bubbles, no. They're from the visitors."

Then I felt my ears clapping. She offered me one of the bubbles and the rest was history.

I drew one of my hopefuls. Seeeeeee!! I even had the balls to write my blog URL at the bottom although I doubt anyone took note of it. That's actually why I was so buay paiseh when I wrote it lol. Pure balls.

More artworks from I don't know who. Which I really regret because seeing these beautiful pieces makes me want to look them up and stalk them on Instagram or something.


If I remember correctly, this is a big piece. I don't think I was able to photograph the entire painting. But then again, that wasn't the point. The point of me taking photos at the even was to document what I saw and what I was thinking at the time. So.

Reminds me of a turkey. Hey I'm doing a bad job writing the captions. Ugh.

I like this part of the exhibit too!! I heard the exhibitor talking to a woman saying his family used to build pianos, but then the business died.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

The kind of stuff that I wanna see on top of my piano.

Oh oh that bunny was so adorable!!

I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to touch it but so many people were, and the rebel in me that that same urge and dun dun dun. I waited for the guy to scram and then...

I even recorded a ten-second video of me playing something hahaha. The piano was jammed but it was nice.

I meant to take a photo of the mustache man but got her instead. Idk.

Uhmmm so there's this part of the exhibit that looked like a grocery store, complete with with shelves and shopping baskets. People were actually a bit confused as to why there were baskets. The stuff inside are quite fun to see.

Are you from the Philippines? No? Hotsilog = hotdog, sinangag, itlog. Sinangag is fried rice while itlog is tamago. I mean egg. There are tons of -silog varieties and they're a popular breakfast meal here.


Brain in a can. Interesting. There are so many more stuff but I can't post them all here.

I love this piece too.

And this would be an awesome mural.

I'm pretty sure this buddy was the last thing I saw before I ran away from the exhibit but...

I think this was Vinyl on Vinyl. I was looking for Tokwa's works but I think he wasn't there on the first day.

Gorgeous details.

That's me trying to take an OOTD. Now, see, this was the reason why I left so early. This gallery made me so upset. There was a warning and the area was a bit enclosed. They had to make sure I was legal before they let me enter lol. Kudos to them for thinking I was a high schooler. Yay.

I'm staring at it right now but it doesn't have the same effect. Seeing it on person was another story. There was something about those artworks that made me... I dunno. I didn't capture the artist name but the same media and style was used on the paintings that were on display. And they all had the same effect on me. Those masterpieces were too painful for me to look at so I took my leave.

I then rewarded myself with a red velvet cupcake and some stationery. These are the handouts that I collected. I forgot where I put them but they remain untouched to this day. One day I'll look back on this blogpost and remember how lonely it had been for me to visit a grand exhibit all by myself. Next time I'll bring a friend or my boyfriend or whoever. Or maybe I'll change. Maybe I'll want to go alone. I don't know.

March 12, 2015

Them Mushrooms

You might've read on my previous post where I mentioned how I only started drawing last November. So yup, I may have an eye for good colors but I don't think I'm naturally talented in drawing. Lol. Maybe I am if I had started sooner. Like, when I was 4 or something. But I didn't. I never liked drawing until 4 months ago. I had always been a #NORAGRETZ person but that I definitely ragretz.

I took this photo two months ago, I think. This tiny basket is almost full now though. Hurray for colors! I'm addicted to buying Holbein watercolors. Help.

This is the doodle that started it all. I wasn't really planning to use ink for my drawings. I was focused on making my watercolor stuff look like they were painted by a 21-year-old. But then this happened. It was like a phenomenon for me: I ACTUALLY DREW SOMETHING THAT I LIKED. You might not like it but blah I don't care lol. I do. I like it. I was doubtful of myself when I drew the first shroom but I found loving it even more mushroom after mushroom. I also found myself doodling during my office hours. Same mushrooms.

"Mushroom Breather"
watercolor on 5 ½"x 3 ½" Moleskine watercolor paper
Oha kunwari artist na ako
What! What's wrong with pretending to be an actual artist!? Lol
You'll see more of this as you scroll down, sadly

Then my nightshift ended and I found myself waiting for my boyfriend in a clinic's waiting area. I got bored and drew more mushrooms. The photo above was the finished product, and I daresay it was an artistic awakening for me. Or a noob artistic awakening. I'm still a beginner, after all. But it was enough to spark something in me. For the second time in a row, I did something I actually liked. You might eye your roll (see what I did there) but I don't care. For now.

"Not a Real Puzzle"
ink on paper

I was running around like a headless chicken to and from work after I painted the Breather. I didn't have much sleep and I didn't have time to paint or draw properly. When have I painted properly anyway lol. One day I flipped open a tiny notebook filled with brown unruled pages and doodled something mindlessly with a Muji pen. And voila, #hopefullydaily was born! I wanted to do a daily doodle project that would motivate me, but there was no guarantee I could do it every single day. Hence the name.

So let me show you the first set of my #hopefullydaily babies.

"You Want Mah Pokeh?"
Ink on paper

That was my way of quoting my boss. I discovered that he was hiding a box of milk-flavored Pocky inside his jacket lolol and I announced it to everyone. To which he answered, "YOU WANT MA POKEH?"

"Are You Alwrite?"
Ink on paper
Seriously I should stop this
Am I even doing it right lol

Another waiting room moment for me. I was applying for a position at a bank when I drew this. I will forever hate application forms.

"Hand Me the Strawberry"
Okay I'm stopping the "ink on paper" thingy

I'm still struggling with hands. Until now.


I remember drawing her when I was doing my crystal studies! One crystal ended up looking to phallic though.

"Act Naturally"

This was inspired by a Selena Gomez song. The pots were either inspired by Sachiko Umoto's illustration book or what my client wanted for her layout.

"The Hug"

Following the same theme as the previous. This is one of my personal favorites actually.

Okay she doesn't have a title. This is actually a WIP, but maybe I can show you the finished work on a different post.

"Star Jar"
watercolor on 300gsm cold-pressed paper
I'm still at it hahahahaha no way I'd stop
this is actually fun

Another WIP. I don't think I ever got to finish my Star Jar. Oh well. I can always pick it up and add more colors.

Hey I've been coding since 3PM and my head really hurts. I'm taking this time to let you know that you'll see more of my art in the future.

It's more of a warning actually. Breast yourselves.

I meant brace, dammit.

Brace yourselves.

March 04, 2015

Art Fair Philippines 2015 pt. 1

February was not just the month of love and Cupid babies piercing real human hearts with their arrows. Actually when I think of "arrows piercing hearts" I imagine a marshmallow being skewered. See how twisted I am! I was just gonna say "Feb was also the art month" but I got sidetracked by barbecued hearts and marshmallows. Now I'm thinking of going out tonight looking for that cupcake place where I can buy smores cupcake or something. Oh god I love me. The venue was at The Link in Makati, a car parking building. Also perfect for huge exhibits. Yep. It took me forever to figure out how to get to the floor I wanted. I entered the building complex and discovered an appliances store, but no sign of an art exhibit anywhere. So I did some sniffing and followed the scent of human beings lol and found the dun dun dun. Elevator. Yes! An elevator. Why didn't I think of that?

I was greeted by them when I entered the area. Well actually a pair of security guards greeted me first, then a stingy reception lady. Then them.

I totally want that rock on my finger. *wink wink*

Oh screw me for not taking note of the artists' names. I actually came for my local favorites like Tokwa and his colleagues. Correct me if I'm wrong but my memory says this was from a Singaporean artist, right?

Apologies for the horrible photo. I only have my humble Sony Xperia C with me. That's the only thing I can use to photograph stuff for this blog.

Okay now I'm hungry.

Screw me again for not taking note of the artist. I think this was my favorite painting in the exhibit. I think. I love looking at it now. Heehee.

Papier-mâché ? I think I'm gonna need a fuck load of "correct me if I'm wrong" here. See, I was alone when I went there. Everyone else was a complete stranger and I felt a little lonely and super awkward walking around with by myself. I was a lonely, solitary visitor and I oddly felt claustrophobic.

Lovely babies!!

I loved hanging out in this part of the exhibit actually.

These women were flicking at an album full of street animals mating.

She looks just like one of my friends. Hahaha.

Oh oh oh you'll never guess. Underneath that glare was a sharkman humping a unicorn. I think my phone can spot NSFW. Not a sorry camera phone after all, although I wouldn't have minded some of it here. Heehee.


She kinda looks like she's kissing herself or her twin or something. I actually loved the gallery she was in. I forgot the name but I'm pretty sure I have their flyers somewhere in my books cabinet. They specialize in whimsical metalwork. I took some other photos but they're horrible so. No.

I can't help but lament over the fact that I've been doing this blog for almost four years now and I still don't have a proper photo equipment.

I can't remember what they are. I may seem like I'm dishonoring these masterpieces but I'm not. This is just how I write really. And I genuinely cannot remember everything that happened in the exhibit. It was a month ago. That's not an excuse. Maybe I'm just a bad visitor.

Ahh! I love love love this gallery. Their pieces are wonderful. You'll see!!

See! I told you so! I stayed in the area for like forever.

Favorite of the bunch! This is not filtered. I'm gonna look for the artist's Instagram account so I can stalk him haha.

These pieces are to die for, too!!

So majestic! These photos don't do them any justice. I'd put more photos but I limited myself to approx 28 photos per post. There will be a second part. There's no way I'm not photospamming here. My space!!

I wanted to roll on the floor and into the darkness.

Such beautiful darlings.

I had to fight the urge to hug them all.

THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUL I CAN'T EVEN. Iya Consorio did an awesome job.

Excavated. Yep. I feel as if a group of archaeologists decided to dig inside my head. I'm so... blank. I'm so blah. I haven't been blogging about my life as it is happening but I don't work the job I friggin' hate anymore. I've been out for about a month now and yet I feel the same amount of stress. I don't know.

If you were too lazy to read the captions in between photos: there will be a second part. I'm very indecisive and it took me forever to choose the final 50-something photo to upload here. I don't think I still have any readers these days but it doesn't really matter. I'm more like writing for me these days. Actually.