Rainy Martini

May 09, 2015


Remember when I didn't have any equipment but I did anything just to keep this blog running? I don't think even Pepperidge farm remembers because I don't either. Well, I didn't. Up until I found myself looking through my archives for any photos that are relevant to my current part-time job. My posts are excruciatingly long photo-wise, so I didn't have any excuse to skip any of them because I was freaking waiting for them to load. Now I'm a bit nostalgic and sad that I let decay creep into this blog despite my keeping it alive. I also know how much it sucks for me to open every single post with me complaining about how I rarely blog anymore, and repeat. And repeat. Vicious cycle eh?

But this post is relevant, in spite of the redundant opening. Well. I often ask myself, "to whom do I blog for?" which was so wrong, because I had also forgotten that I used to blog for me. Even before this blog was getting so many daily hits. I didn't care before, so why should I now?

So, what have I been up to?

Well I just decided that the question above is errr narcissistic so I'm not going to answer that.

I got another full-time job and it will definitely affect my blogging vow(?) so errrr. Earlier than expected, yes. I wasn't even planning on applying. See, I have this writing gig so I wanted to be done with it first before fetching new responsibilities like a pail of water or fresh cow's milk. My former officemate, Mommy Carmen, referred me to one of the companies she was applying for. So I got a call from said company I nicknamed "Udder". I mean, it was in the name. So don't blame me. So yeeaaah, I got a call from the freaking company and I said I would go the next day.

I could've easily ignored my promise but I am a Stark and a Stark is honorable. So the bottomline is, I easily got a job offer from them but lolol ended up signing for another company. I would very much like to write about my previous experience but it deserves a blogpost on its own. So yeah.

Hey, these photos aren't chronologically arranged. I just found them in my VSCO Cam folder and shrugged and uploaded them here because YEAAAH. I deleted my photo and social apps because I kinda quit social media for two weeks I think,

That sign literally means "you can't pee here" or "put your dick back in your pants you can't pee on this wall motherfucker".

Ooooh this floral crown cost us a lot. My sister made it for me, and pretty as it may be, I'd rather buy from someone who's mass-producing them because dang, artificial flowers are fucking expensive.

Some Cubao Expo hauls. I was out exploring Cubao with my boyfriend. Actually it was just him exploring Cubao. I grew up in Quezon City so harhar. That is an original watercolor painting by Denver Garza. I follow him on IG and I didn't know he was having a popup that day. I kinda creeped him out on purpose by telling him that I follow him on Instagram and that he follows me back. To which he crumpled his face in astonishment. Or maybe even fear.

What! I'm pretty sure he followed me back when I followed him. Hahahahahahhahahaha I swear. Anyway. I have yet to have the piece framed but I absolutely love it. He's such a talented man, isn't he?

That's my boyfriend holding up my #UpperDecade tribute. See, his blog turned ten years old last March! I'm not sure if he liked it though.

I'm using her as my all-around avatar now for some reason.

Nothing better than a plate of red velvet cupcake to reward myself for being such a spendthrift. I accidentally squandered half of my remaining allowance when I purchased those Holbein watercolors hahaha. I didn't mean it though. I swear it was an accident.

This was taken at UP College of... Many Cats? I can't remember what the college is called but I do remember her saying that because there was a lot of (hostile) cats around that area.

I bought cheap lunch and waited for her. I also worked on this macaron study.

I rarely see this type of candy these days! But oh swit childhood.

We then went to a milkshake bar in Maginhawa just to try it out. See, I hadn't made much progress on my macaron study LOLOLOL.

But wait! I actually finished the painting inside the milkshake bar! Yay macarons!!

That's my boyf's contribution to my (now finished) Hopefully Daily project.

This beauty right here is Himari. She's my high school classmate's kitty cat. Pretty eh?

Behold, a work-in-progress and my brown legs having goosebumps!

My favorite fineliner brands. I tried some other names like Artline and Kuretake ZIG. I genuinely hated the Kuretake liner I bought. Maybe I should do a post reviewing fineliners....

I was walking up and down Maginhawa street for my writing gig. I live right nearby.

How I celebrated my Easter. It wasn't easy drawing on an egg btw!

And this is a photo of my cat giving birth. We named her baby Matcha, but she died when a huge rat tried to steal her from her mum.

Final photo! Whew. I wasn't sure I could finish this post but I did. Quick goodbye because I gotta go! Byers. And remember, you're not allowed to pee anywhere. Yes you've read it right.