Rainy Martini

January 27, 2013

"Either way you're screwed, these's nothing you could do" - Dia

(I just created an ask.fm account. Ask away!)

Some photos that you might or might not have seen before... I don't know.

Approximately four years old.

My first photoblog was called "tyrotoxicism", I don't know why but I kind of fancied that word. Next, I realized that "love and berry" sounded cooler so screw "tyro". Then... I don't know.

Also, I realized that I haven't been updating my shop and Blogskins account lately. Forget about the latter, the community is pretty dead anyway. But my shop... eh.

I'm thinking about moving to a new domain, too.

And some people are bugging me about the giveaway. Just give me more time, okay? And why bother bugging me, I mean, it's not like you're gonna win for sure. I mean, the winner(s) will obviously be picked at random. So why bother.

What I'm saying is, give me more time.

January 23, 2013

I can't think of a title

Hello! I haven't been updating much lately, so I figured I owe you guys a photospam. This is a long overdue post. But then again, most of my photos took years before they get published here so bah.

These were taken last December.

I used to work in an office, I was the admin assistant and I also doubled as the graphic designer. So yeah, I designed stuff. And stuff I designed. It wasn't fulfilling, for some reason.

So yeah, I resigned.

So yeah, I kept saying so yeah.

Anyway, these were from our Tagaytay trip. Yeah, the zipline blah blah.

Before leaving Makati. My "designer" eyebags say hi. So do Miss Tina and Miss Lyzette... that's what I think anyway.

I acquired that tiny milk plushie about four years ago! It's practically the mascot of my life. And oooh, sweets.

Now this... is... a tweaked coconut shell. *bored smile*

I didn't even know I took this photo. You fishies, you wanna be here ah?


After taking this photo, the one on the left just took off and went after me.

Everyone was laughing. It was so damn scary I swear.

I never mentioned that to anyone before. Not until... well, now. Or a few seconds earlier. Go ahead, laugh at Rainy if you want to. Isn't that what you always do? Lol. Kidding.

Souvenir shop. Crazy prices if you ask me.

Yes!! This is my new header! This is my first time using an actual photo of me.

Not a pretty shot...

This bunny was pretty aggressive as well! You see, I bought the carrot for ten Pesos. It was on a stick, mind you. I was like, "come hereeee bunneeeeh and eat your geeeft" and it ran from the other side of the cage and pulled hard.

"Hiyeees, I can haz carrot." Damn it.

Some birdies...

...to which the ostrich said, "hmph!"

Ah, I decided to post this for the main purpose of disturbing you. No? You're not disturbed? Fine. I hate you ok.



And finally, a half-group shot. Yeap, I was the office baby.

So there you have it.

Yes, I was chased by a pair of flightless birds. I can't help but wonder what their intentions were, what were they thinking? And why the fuck did it have to be the two of them. Mind readers? Mind readers? I almost had an asthma attack. Kudos to the zookeeper who saved me. Hahahaha!

Yes, I can't get over that incident.


January 18, 2013

Dark are the patches

dark are the patches
that cover the scars;
long forgotten
skin and bones and
wishful thinking
and blood
rushing through
the veins.
"shadows are light,
shadows that dare to follow"
and the contour of
the face;
dye it maroon.
colorless skin and
no veins.
no life that rushes and
no one at all.
dark are the patches
that cover your
name, dark are
the voices that
call it a game.

January 13, 2013

Where are you Rainy

These photos were taken some four years ago. Or less.

Now, I want you to think of them as the speakers while reading the rest of this post... starting... now: Just think that I'm uhh.... them. Heehee. Just uh... imagine the books flapping in motion. Like a real mouth or something. Now, go.

The whole week literally dragged me. I was dragged by something invisible; my head hurt, my body ached. I made two hugeass decisions that will hugeassly affect my future. I shifted from one career to another, although I'm pretty much idle at home... until next week. Next week! What am I to do for the rest of the days then? You see, I've been running around fixing paperworks. Time pressure.

Also, I just wasted money yesterday. Stupid "medical consultation". So much for being... fomal.

I wasted money that could be used to buy a new novel, a new pair of slippers, a box of chocolates or a new top!

I've been in front of the computer all day. Well, not really. I mean half of it was spent playing Harvest Moon. I was lying down, occasionally texting and munching on some snacks. Admittedly, I haven't even showered yet! And I'm hungry. So much for being productive.

Halfway through the post... I'm getting lazy. I haven't eaten anything since lunch. It's 6 PM. I've been listening to Asian music, too.

Now I want to run outside... maybe take my dog with me. Ok, not a good idea because he'd just whine and run back inside.

As dry as my emotions seem to sound like, I'm pretty much stuffed with... with... hmm, that one thing we all vie for. Enough reason to smile and cry at the same time.

Also, I might change my URL and use this current one as my shop's default one.

OK THIS IS LAME AND PATHETIC. BUT WHO CARES. CARE BEARS. Ohoho. Care bears. I like the Grumpy one. Same with the seven dwarfs. I like the grumpy one best. His name is Grumpy, right?

I feel grumpy. I didn't run some errands today because the weather dusted some sleep powder onto me. I feel sleepy but I don't want to nap.

Now, I may or may not have a sense of humor.

January 08, 2013

January Playlist

Here are the songs that I've been enjoying this past few weeks. These are the songs that give me the dreamiest images in my head. I associate numbers and sounds with colors. I'm not sure if my case is a legit synesthesia though. Sigh.

I'm pretty stressed, and all I want is to hear as much music as I can.

Today I'm resigning from my current work position because on Monday I will start my training as a... CSR. Well. I know, I know. I just wanna try myself out. So goodbye Makati. I learned quite a lot during my stay here. Like, how horrible your superiors can get, how scary MRT is in the morning, how the Ayala Triangle Gardens witnessed the actual new chapter of my life. Also, it is nice to know that some of my colleagues are both happy and sorry to see me leave. It's been fun here despite my vicious tweets.


January 03, 2013

And I dangled...

I thought there wouldn't be any party. At all. But there was.

Last December 29, the errr... company I'm currently working for held a... err, company after-Christmas party and I came along. The call time was 5:30, I think. I arrived at 6:45, fearing that I'd been left behind already. To my horror no one was there! I. Was. The. First. To. Arrive... or not. To be completely honest, I hate being an earlybird.

We brought gifts and food, food. Then food. Me, I brought myself and my annoying thoughts.

I honestly need to have my hair restyled and treated.

We went to dundundundun Tagaytay! Blah, if you're from the Philippines you've probably been there. I've been there a lot of times already but so what. A party's a party.

Went to this place called Paradizoo, which wasn't very impressive... save for the fact that an ostrich photobombed me while I took some selcas. Problem though: I haven't gotten the images yet from my colleague's camera. Well. That'll have to wait.

The errr paradise zoo has this botanical section. There wasn't much to do there to be honest. Nothing new. The sun was glaring, and I had pastillas de leche inside my pocket, a not-so-heavy camera dangling on my neck, and my phone inside my pocket that occasionally vibrated. Heehee.

Lunch time!

Zipline!! Yeah, we ate lunch before ziplining wtf.

...and I dangled.

Yeah well, kind of. I was looking forward to zipline-ing that day actually. It was a tough decision though. You see, it started raining—a showery kind of rain—just after lunchtime. And ziplining wasn't actually a good idea... unless we wanted to experience an actual aerial bath.

Which is fine. I mean free water, you just have to dangle mid-air and just exist. Free water, you don't even have to turn any shower knobs or whatever. What, I'm attempting a lame, sarcastic joke.


No, I meant to type a whole bunch of "hahahaha" but oh well.

I know right. My face.

There you have it. That's how I spent the last Saturday of 2012.

I still haven't eaten dinner yet. I'm hungry but I don't wanna stand up. HELP ME.

Anyway, I'm now an official contributor of earthings!. I wrote a review and it will be posted on the... 10th. I think. I'm gonna write about Classical music there for one whole week so please stay tuned.

Good night!