Rainy Martini

June 28, 2013

"We all get the slip sometimes everyday..."

"...I'll just keep it to myself! In the sun, in the sun." That's a She & Him song called In The Sun by the way. I've been listening to it for so long and I still love it; especially the intro! Wo hen love!

This is a long overdue post, well, most of my posts are weeks late anyway. Like, I think I have a great set of photos taken when my workmates and I went to an outing. I believe there are somewhat good photos there. It happened on the 6th of June and I still haven't gotten my hands on those photos. Crap.

Well, no hurry. No hurry. I'm gonna sit around like my Shappo dust cap, looking pink and... fat.

Wow. Awholebodyshotofme!! Like I rarely post a full photo of my face. I mean who wants to see my face lol. And to think that I still have fresh scars from last year's chicken pox!

Not sure if I look taller or shorter in this photo. But for the record, I think I'm 5'1" or something.

I was walking around some mall's park with someone's boyfriend (okay he's actually mine hahaha) and...

MOTHERDUCKER IT'S A DUCKING DUCK! Sooo cute so cuute I wanted to hug them lol. And those ducks were so mean too! Bottomline is I got bullied by a duck. I think the write term should be "duckied". Geddit? Geddit? Why do I have to be the person who makes the lamest "jokes".

There's like a cave between my boobs lol. I look fatter in this shot but then again, who cares? I think Kuma does. Oh, oh. There's a whole LOT of Kuma Chronicle videos to come in the next weeks and months!

Oh right. Yeah, the purpose of that day's short outing was... okay there wasn't a real purpose. I mean, I didn't originally plan to like, be there. So I had no purpose but Niko did. You see, he was meeting up with his friend Ericka. It was my day off from work and I was headed to the mall to do some shopping by myself (I bought some dresses heehee and yes I like shopping alone) when he suggested we meet up as well. There. That's how I pinned myself into the scenario. Wait, it sounds mean. But yeah.

Another bottomline is I got to meet her as well! She's this lady in black with an orangeish hair. Waah I had to leave the laptop for a few minutes because my mom's friend's baby was crying heehee and I had to carry her to her momma. Sho cuuuute.

You might be asking yourself, "why does she have to include that in the post!?"

Well I don't know. I blog what's in my mind and I don't don't edit. Basically.

Kuma takes a selca.

He then bended over in an attempt to kiss me to no avail...


G-Dragon: whysosee-rious?

It looked as if she was trying to say something serious, a matter of life and death and there I was trying not to laugh.

A group shot.

And my plushies actually stole our drinks. Gah. Ah yes, I love tiny plushies!

Another round of nonsense brought to you by none other than Nonsense herself, Rainy.

June 21, 2013

Kuma Chronicles pt. 2

NOTE FROM RAINY: This was written in Kuma's POV and his voice should enter your head once you read this post. This is all Kuma's. Kuma's kuma's kuma's.


NOTE FROM RAINY: I did try to sever his head from his body. But only because he was trying to do something evil to me! I have this video to prove it!




Guys guys. This is Rainy again. Please excuse Kuma. When I left to buy a chocolate he just went to the laptop and blogged on his own. He keeps hacking into my Blogger account and I do not like it. Well most of the time. Anyway he's safe inside my bag now. Safe from... himself. Lol.

Watch out for more Kuma Chronicle videos in the coming days!! Also, I have included Kuma's profile on my sidebar to avoid confusion. You will learn more about him in the future.

Also guys, dont' forget to join my giveaway! Stand a chance to win $35 worth of Photoshop presets that I sell on my shop!!

June 15, 2013

Colors & Wishes Giveaway!!

YES! Rainy Martini is hosting her first giveaway ever!! I mean my first giveaway ever. Why am I talking about myself as if I'm another person? Why is Rainy like that? Anyway enough about her... I mean, me. Enough about me. Today is the day I evolve. I'm hosting my first. Ever. Giveaway! I didn't really want to host one because... hahaha because WHAT IF NO ONE JOINS? That's the ultimate epic fail man. But then I thought, whatever. So anyway, two lucky readers will win $35 worth of colors from my shop, Colors & Wishes!!

First things first, "What are Photoshop colors?"

"Colors" are photo-editing presets that give some kind of desired effect. It's like an Instagram filter, only better because you have more control with these. Now, my store specializes in dreamy and vintage-y colors that most netizens love these days.

See for yourself. These photos are my own, taken using different cameras in different times.

Those are my best-sellers by the way. You can see more by visiting my shop. And oh yes I will upload more curves as the time goes by.

I've been uploading actions and presets for years on Deviantart (ha. Some of you even recognized me from there omg) and I just opened my online store last year. This is a way of thanking my readers for still being there always.

Everyone can join and this is open internationally. (Exception: those people who I've sent some colors to for reviews are not eligible to join... I mean you already have them lol)

Just enter by following the mechanics on the Rafflecopter widget below. You can gain points by:

Following this blog. You will automatically get 10 entries and this is mandatory.
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...and many other options to choose from.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You should provide accurate information because you will be automatically disqualified. I will monitor the entries.

The winners should respond within 24 hours or else I will pick new ones.

Again, thank you thank you so much for being there. Good luck!

June 10, 2013

Curren...cy. Currency. No, current.

Aloha! Aloha ha ha ha! What I miss the most about blogging is getting to post about the current events, but since I haven't had any free time in the past three months, I had no choice but to show you my old stocks. I didn't go to work today because I had to bring my mom to the hospital, so yes it's *Lily Allen voice* 4 o'clock in the morning, conversation got boring... hahaha. If you don't know that song then blah. Screw you. Or me. Nuuuuu. Just kidding, just kidding. Anyway it's 4 in the morning and I photoshopped for like ugh 30 minutes. Then I spent another 5 minutes sequencing these photos and another 10 to fix the codes. I am quite stingy when it comes to img codes, I want my images consistent. So here they are, my current shots!

Think I own le cam isit? No. It's my workmate's. I bought a Lenovo phone a week after getting my beloved Samsung stolen at my workplace. Now, a lot of people have been asking me if Lenovo phones are good or blah. Thing is, I don't wanna say anything. Yes, I'm not too happy about my purchase.

The camera is... well. The camera will be okay if you shoot under the sun or a similar lighting. If not then boo, keep the phone because you will get the noisiest photos. With a 5MP camera specification I had expected something akin to iPhone 4's, but blaaah.

Something is always better than nothing though. Usually.

This is from my first ever OOTD post hahahahaha. I'm not the type who would take vain selcas and outfit photos then post post. I'd rather take a photo of something in front of me. Anything. Anything but myself. If you're calling me a hypocrite because you're seeing selcas below then go... to 7/11 and buy yourself a hotdog sandwich! (I was gonna say "then go fuck yourself" but that's ruuuude.) I was taking photos of... I WAS TAKING PHOTOS OF THE MIRROR. SEE!! Mwahahahahahaha!!

Seriously though. I take pictures of myself every now and then. What? I'm a teenager. Mwahaha.

I'm a lover of blurry shots. If you're into the same thing as me, you'll love the Lenovo P700i I just bought. One good thing about low-quality cameras is that they take good light shots. Does it have something to do with the lens being unable to pick up light quickly then babablah? Of course it does. I can answer my own question. I'm a freaking genius!!

"I'm preeetty!!!!"

This is I'm Pretty's archived copy of Archie. I think it's her friend's. Not sure. Anyway, the cupcake in the background was really scary. It's like a smores cupcake. Thing is, it kinda made me gag because it was too sweet!

This is I'm Pretty and this is Nuuuuuuuuuu.


I think I just got lazy. The photos below are random randoms.

I see this poor kitty every morning on my way home from work. I feel a pang in my chest every. Single. Time! Like what normal master would actually leash their cat!? This baby kept jumping around and stuff. Of course I had the urge to release it and maybe bring it to the shelter. But it was just an urge.

Poke my Pockys!! I bring these to work. Usually.

A huge check mark for Rainy Martini because she's finally posting about recent times.

My desserts! Classic apple pie from McD's and... and you won't believe it. The other is actually a red velvet cupcake that my friend Ellia baked hahahaha. It had a chocolate-flavored frosting that (for some reason) hardened in no time so we had to remove the top and eat the cake itself. Hahahaha. Niko said it looked like a chunk of roast beef. Meh. I still love Ellia's baking.

So there. I miss doing this thing. And you know me, when it comes to the end of the post, I literally fall flat on my keyboard typing non...lasjdk. Nonsense.

I posted a new color on my shop called Falling Petal. I've been using this one for sooo many months now and I really didn't want to sell this but... shop.rainymartini.com/2013/06/falling-petal-curves-6.html

I have quite a few plans for myself. Either I would save up and purchase a DSLR (I know I've been saving for it since I started my shop but hahahaha) or an iPhone. Buying a camera means I can attend more pictorials and get commissioned more. But getting an iPhone will allow me to bequeath my new Lenovo phone to someone and play games and awesome photography apps.

There were days when I'd give everything to go back and not be financially independent. But meh.

Rainy swag on. Heehee.

June 04, 2013

this is to...

Well I'm still here. You might have forgotten about me already. Nuuu. So yeah. Here's me.

I'm still busy with work as usual. Of course you're curious about my job. Well. It's pretty difficult if you ask me. Metrics. Numbers. You always have to keep up with your numbers. Pretty much like maintaining your grades. But I want 100%. Always. Well, every job is a numbers game so... ugh. So much for trying to escape math. Anyway I've been doing so well. Hee. Numbers-wise.

One day I will blog full-force about what I do. About the tough training and the daily pressure I go through. Well, maybe one day when I'm finally out. I am quite fond of my current boss (unlike my previous one who was so BLAAAAH I don't wanna talk about it) and my workmates. So basically, the first job I had was easy-peasy because I do office and designing work fast but I hated my officemates. Kind of. I mean, oh god. I shouldn't have used "hated". They're fine. It's just that my boss and his subordinate were.... blah I don't wanna talk about it. Hahahaha. Right now I love the people I work with. But the work itself is tough. Crap.

Kuma said "ME WANT APPEAR. BLOG. BLOOOOOOOG." He's uncontrollable. Now if you're quite into him you'll see more Kuma posts in the future. If I have the time to post. Otherwise I'll just let him know what my Blogger credentials are and I'll justl let him post. God knows what he'll be up to but me. Better than a dead blog.

I have so many plans for this blog but I apparently can't do anything about them (giveaway, new colors) because uggh. No time. So maybe I should do it one step at a time. Like maybe a post this week, a new color next. Or whatever. I don't know.

So yeah. This is to remind you that I'm still here.