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March 19, 2012

Dystopia and I

I'm going to say this as flat and as emotionless as possible, 'cause I don't want to convey any impression that I'm either glad or resentful with this opinion. This is merely a confession.

Hunger Games doesn't excite me, nor does any dystopian novel, for this matter.

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Let's not jump into conclusion that I wholeheartedly hate the genre, because I don't; I find it interesting, to be honest. But there's something... something which I can't quite put my finger on. (For all I know it could be someone's buttcrack. What? I can't put my finger on it and I don't want to. Whatever blah I just feel like taking idioms literally.)

First, what is Dystopia? "A dystopia is the idea of a society in a repressive and controlled state." —Wikipedia

In other words, a genre where the characters are a part of a society that they don't quite believe to be just. They champion spreading freedom and equality throughout the country, which often results to rebellion, war, and revolution. Whether they achieve what they fight for and believe in I cannot say, for it solely depends upon the author's liking lol so don't expect me to write something about that.

So, back to me not fancying The Hunger Games Trilogy...

I only found out about it last 2010, when my German friend Josie suggested I read it, because her favorite author Stephenie Meyer recommended it on her site. (WHAT? Don't sneer you... you... git. Lol, as much as I hate Meyer's works, I am eternally biased and sensitive when it comes to what my friends love. My love is unconditional!!)

I forgot about it for a year until my best friend Nel's sister Janine started her book-reading mania and suggested with glee and force that we read it too. I couldn't afford a copy at the time so I just picked up their youngest sis Justine's borrowed copy from her school library. Here's the glitch, I only had like 18 hours or less to read it because she was going home the next afternoon and I was like XZCLSOKFDS. But I read it anyway—whilst fearing that I won't get to finish it—and I was done with the book hours before she had to leave.

My reaction? Hmm... so the plot is quite rich—very rich and bold, in fact. In my opinion okay? It's fast-paced and not at all mysterious, mild action and gore but that will do.

I very much adore Katniss, the main character, and her best friend Gale. I don't know why but somehow, I seem to have an unexplained distrust on Peeta. Perhaps it all comes down to the part where Katniss was wondering whether he was trustworthy or just playing a game, so I've had that impression ever since. And no freaking thing could change what I think about him anymore, no matter how gorgeous the actor who played him is.

So yeah I finished all three books in a whip... but I couldn't bring myself to spazz about it on Twitter. I tried okay, several times. But it's just not me.

Janine keeps suggesting trendy dystopians for me to read like Matched, Divergent, et cetera. I read them all right, but no matter what I do to convince myself that they are awesome reads, my heart keeps beating the same fuckboring rhythm it's made to do. No adrenaline, no goosebumps.

I read the HG trilogy again, and again. I actually know the scenes by heart now, but still. I did cry at the character's death scenes because it was so heart-wrenching and unfair. After that... nothing.

That's when I realized that my heart and brain (lol hi brain, you there?) (OH MY GOD WHERE ARE YOU BRAIN PLEASE RESPOND) were not made for that genre. I don't have a soft spot for rebellion and politics, at the very least.

Which brings me to the question... "do I care about politics at all?" I. Don't. Know. Maybe I do, but I don't see it as something I should blab about at the moment. I see it as something passive and ever-there. Automatic, and all. I don't have the excuse of being "too young" because I'm already 18 and I can now vote, come next election. But!! But. Let's not talk about this, at least at the moment.

To dumb it down:

I may care a lot about the genre, but like oil and water, I can't go around treating it as my husband. (which I apparently do to the Harry Potter series lol) (I'M MARRIED TO ROWLING'S BOOKS. FUCK YEAH.)

I hope I made it very clear. The Hunger Games is going to be shown soon! A few more days to go! I'm gonna watch it, you know. Hoho.

Done bambling. Bye. I hope I made my point though.


  1. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. how can u, of all people, not LOVE hunger games!?

    I HATE U I HATE U :((((

  2. that is nonsense lol.

  3. Another catfight isit? Go, I love drama.

  4. Truth to be told, I only found out about Hunger Games just this March. HAHA! I'm not much of an avid reader. I prefer movies. But I kind of liked Stephenie Meyer's book. I've only finished reading two books which are Twilight and New Moon. I didn't proceed with Eclipse because I'm starting to not like the flow of story. HAHA!


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