Rainy Martini

February 26, 2015

Love-hate Relationship with Watercolor

You might have noticed on my previous previous post that I've gotten interested in the traditional art. Again. Yes, I actually have. I'll take you back 5 years. We were assigned a group project in high school, and we had to pass an artwork. I think it was also a school-wide competition. My other groupmates did the drawing and I did the coloring. Thing was, at the time, I had no fucking clue how to paint. But I did have a quite famous (among the people I know, of course) history of staring at art pieces so I had a tiny idea what I had to do. I liked art but I never really did it myself. I was hopeless at it. At drawing, specifically. So I was actually surprised when the first project we did (a painting of trees with kawaii faces hugging the earth) was colored well. In my opinion at the time. There was also a second, bigger project and I was in it, too. We painted with a set of Pentel watercolor tubes at the time.

(And yes I did say "at the time" twice in a row. But I didn't mean to. Ehem. No really I didn't omg stop looking at me like that. Like I'm hahaha lying or something hahaha. No way in hell I'm correcting that. No-correction-Rainy is in full force. But I'm not hahaha lying. What. Oh god.)

The thing was, I didn't use the set correctly. Well, you could argue that it was my first time lololol. And that I wasn't reading labels. I used them without water. Like poster or acrylic paint lmfao. Really! It wasn't that hard, the Pentel colors were so pigmented and we didn't notice. I can't also remember why the group members used them the same way I did.

Anyway, after realizing my awesome mistake. Call it a mistake if you will, we did a pretty awesome job anyway. Anyway anyway anyway, I panicked after the awesome mistake. Because it was awesome. No, really. Hehehe. I knew what watercolors are for. It's just that I didn't know how to use use them. We used them as a kid. And I had long ago given up on it because it didn't make sense to me. I always muddied my palette and paper. So I stuck with crayons. Anyway, I contacted my go-to person at the time and he became my sensei. Shawn isn't really good with colors imo HAHAHA but he's a skilled line artist. His sketches are awesome. Didn't my constant "anyway" annoy you, by the way?

I've been listening to Ariana Grande's "The Way" so there's no way I'll stop saying "way" in this post. I just don't stop torturing my readers eh don't I?

That was pretty much my background in wet media. My sensei was a very informative dork, though. And I remembered everything I was taught. Down to the recommended brands! Around November last year, the inspiration to actually create watercolor pieces came back when my sister asked about materials. My former officemate Ellia was doing the same thing at the same time. I may not be a traditional artist but I had always loved digital art. Collages, photoblending, digital artsy stuff have been pretty much my life as a teenager. So I am artsy. I'm just terrible at drawing with my actual hands. See I'm wordy today. I dunno why I'm sorry but I'm wordy today. Today.

I first bought a cheap Lil Hands pan set. The small one with square cakes and did the above artwork. I used to put white texts on it and distributed it online as a wallpaper. It looked pretty nice. The brand has a chalky finish, as expected with student cakes but it is quite vibrant for the price it's offered. I also used Afterlight to edit these images because I used to run a tumblr blog with these works. And I'm just realizing how badly edited they are but oh well. No-correction-Rainy still full-on.

Jellehfesh!! Second painting! The stuff here are arranged chronologically, starting from November 2014 until January 2015.

Attempting to do some hand lettering and failed. I gave this to my boyfriend anyway because he loves me hahaha no matter what hahahaha.

I then decided that the pan set I had wasn't enough, that my interest was growing and growing and growing. I then purchased the same Pentel set I used years prior. The tubes have changed, though.

Ellia and I had our first watercolor crafternoon at her house. I painted the one on the left on a Berkley watercolor sketchpad. I'm pretty sure it's the paper itself, because everything I painted ended up a little chalky, despite the paint brand. Ellia did the one on the right. I meant to paint a Pocky stick but the first stick was too fat. And it looked as if it just peed lololol. Peeing chocolate-dipped bread stick lolol.

Then I had this discontinued painting project I called "coffeeneko". I stopped because ... I'll tell you about it later.

Cookieth!! I think the color I used the most at the time was yellow ocher.

This was a MAD Fest tribute. My boyfriend loves Kimbra and we saw her live! Yay! I got myself a Prang set that day, too. Yay!

My friend emailed me a how-to-draw-a-cat eBook and I got motivated... well, until I messed up one of the forelegs. Hahaha. And the hind leg right there. There were many other drawings in this notebook but that was about the time when I grew depressed and decided I wasn't any good, that I had no talent and chance in this thing. I stopped practicing for several days. Well, I'm not naturally good at drawing. I wasn't born that way. Until now, I still consider myself bad at it. But it's different if it's something you love. I love watercolors, I used to stare at the few pieces I could find inside the mall. I used to look for watercolor-themed PNG set on deviantart, etc.

Then, then Niko bought me a Moleskine watercolor notebook. It was the last one we could find. I've been trying to find one ever since but I never saw any. I doubt the bookstores are even restocking their Moleskine racks. Well, the stores I visited, at least.

Trying to get a feel.

First ever piece painted on my Moleskine. This was based on something I saw on Pinterest. Or maybe WeHeartIt. Can't remember.

More tiny drawings. That's my nephew's belly right there. He was the one flipping the sketchbook. See? Tiny hand. Heh.

I tried coloring in the sketch Bella did. We were supposed to work on a piece for our team but it never happened. And it's too late for that.

That's me and Niko. He's the one wearing the dress lololol.

A cuppy cake!!

This was my dirty paper. I used this to test how much paint I got on my brush before I let it touch the piece I worked on. Party paper.

That's Bunbun and I think she hates you.

Upgraded Bunbun. See, I cut her hands off because I'm so fucking I'm afraid of drawing hands. I still don't trust myself when it comes to drawing. I have zero self-confidence lolol despite the way I write. Well, you know Rainy lives with sarcasm. Anyway.

Hahahaha I remember this! I sketched her. Well duh obviously. I mean I based her on Kaoru Hasegawa's artwork. I drew her in the middle of the night and I remembered feeling triumphant... until I started coloring her in.

I'm not just bad with drawing hands, I'm also terrible at drawings eyes. See, I'm a very spontaneous person. So every stroke, every line I draw is spontaneous, and there's no way I can replicate what I just did. I dunno it's just how I work. That's why I always have a hard time working on eyes. I always give up in the end and look for excuses to cover them up. Hehe.

I sketched this under the guidance of a designer friend. Gelo used to be an officemate too but he resigned and went back to designing dresses. Oh just look at her eyes! Hahaha.

I got my first tube of Cotman in Rose Madder Hue and a no 6 Daler Rowney Graduate brush during my outing with Gelo.

Me trying to be all dreamy and shit. Hahaha. I remember stopping for about a week thinking how horrible I was, hating myself even. I so badly want to be good at this. I know I'm not naturally talented and I hate it. I should be kind to myself, I keep telling me that. It wasn't until my boyfriend pointed out that I had only been drawing and painting for roughly 3 months; I shouldn't be that frustrated with my works. Thing is, I'm already 21 and yeah I started late. This is something I should've done with I was 10 or younger. But I wasn't interested. Oh well. *cries*

Fast forward to Miss Cupcake, the only thing I'm pretty much proud of these days. Her body is based off a drawing I saw on tumblr but I didn't have the image and couldn't find it anymore so I had to do it from memory. And since I consider myself horrible at drawing faces, I painted a cupcake instead!

I stopped for roughly two weeks after painting her, and I never did anything like Miss Cupcake. Maybe I will again, one day. I just gotta work hard on forgiving and not being very hard on myself.

I'm working on a daily doodle project called "Hopefully Daily", which hasn't been a daily thing. Yet. That's why there's "hopefully" on it! Hohoho. I post my doodles on my Instagram account, and you can see most of the stuff I work on there, too. If there's any feedback you can give I'd very much appreciate it. Yeah, long post. Yeah, photospam.

February 12, 2015


If we're Facebook or Instagram friends, you might have already noticed that a glittery pink ukulele had suddenly surfaced on my photos. That's right! I got me a ukulele not too long ago.

Ever since I got it, though, my baby nephew wouldn't shut up until he gets it on his hands. That adorable blob!!

First ever photo taken when I was buying it impulsively. Best. Impulse. Purchase. Ever. Mostly because it's pink! Just kidding. It's a Mahalo U2K. The only complaint I have is sometimes I wish I got a brown one and that the tuning keys don't hold much. I know this is a basic thing with string instruments but I have to tune my strings more often. Other than that I'm happy with it.

And so is my nephew.

I taught him how to strum one day so he wouldn't bang my uke on the floor or sit on it or kiss it or whatever it is he does to his pillows. Because he did all of those. But the moment I played it in front of him, he stopped and grabbed it like a real badass baby. Of course he cannot play but at least he knows how to work the wrists and everything. Badass.

See! I told you! And look at that concentrating face. That blobby one-year-old!

Did I mention he likes to pluck my guitar strings too? Oh yes he does.

One night at a park-ish place in Cubao. I was with Janine and she had her guitar with her.

Chococro x Uke

After-shift drinks. My workmates didn't care about me playing at all lol. Ouch ouch but oh well.

I was playing the Moon Song in this photo.

There's a tiny cafe in Cubao X (or Cubao Expo) that's dedicated to these tiny stringy babies. It's a very intimate cafe that also sells ukulele, ukulele strings, ukulele bags, ukulele straps, ukulele tuners. Lolololol. Not to mention some Manic Panic products. Now I know where to get one when I want to get a crazy haircolor.

And btw the photo above was captioned "1SEME" on Ellia's facebook post HAHAHAHA. Naughty naughty.

They also host a free workshop where you gather with everyone else you likely don't know (that's what happened to me, except I was with Ellia. But hey I got there first and I was feeling so awkward). The place was packed and it was, again, intimate. Skin-to-skin. We weren't getting naked or something lol. The place was so tiny but that was hardly a problem back then. All we needed was our wrists, after all.

I'm planning to get the concert or long-neck soprano uke I'm saving for from that place. They're locally-made and they use good wood. I support local stuff.

I told you the place is packed.

Idk how he got my paintbrush but there he was. Thanks for the free cleaning babeh,

Nephew and auntie bonding. I hope he grows up musically-inclined. Hoping against hope his young parents will make good decisions for him. Sign him up for private music lessons, I say!

You should expect my pink uke to pop up every now and then on my blogposts. Unless I get a new one, which would be suhweeeeet.

February 01, 2015

Life After Workshop

Yesterday I attended Alessa's watercolor for beginners workshop. She's the woman behind the super artsy blog lifeafterbreakfast.ph! Alessa started holding workshops since she was 16. The venue was located in Mother Ignacia St., which I wasn't very familiar with lol. Anyway, I still got there an hour early and realized how hungry I was. The street was... I dunno. I was frantically looking for stores or even a carinderia because my stomach was already cursing me. Thank goodness for the Family Mart branch I discovered after 15 minutes of walking.

Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar is apparently inside a garden center, which was nice because nature was calling me lmao and there I was, one with them. Lololjk. Just kidding. Although it was tempting to try  and cover myself behind those leaves while I take the phone call from nature, I shouldn't. And I didn't feel like it anyway I'm just really kidding.

She's one of the workshop participants, and although I didn't capture her name, I know she's from UP studying Graphic Design or something. Correct me if I'm wrong. Hahaha. Oh god I should be more stalkery.

I entered the cafe and was greeted by these handouts and the star of the day: A 24-COLOR SAKURA KOI WATERCOLOR SET. I live in a place where Sakura Koi isn't widely available, that's why I was thrilled. And I was expecting an 18-color set. Instead we got 24!! Awesome right. I realized how much funds I waste buying artist colors that I don't really need yet. So having this set is a really great help for me. It's academic grade but it's not like I get commissions anyway.

Only catch was my seating. I chose a seat that was a bit far from the window, hence the bad lighting for most of my shots. Anyway.

I didn't get to photograph the first segment where we do basic washes and glazes. You can see my dirty work in this photo, on the upper right corner. Then Alessa gave us yet another photocopied handout and had us paint our own mushrooms. Me being me, I didn't listen and ignored the reference she provided (that's her own work up there, the set of mushrooms you see). She also printed some Google-imaged mushroom photos at the back, which I ignored with flying colors too. Slap me. I didn't know I was ignoring them until I realized that my mushroom looked nothing like them haha. But it's not like she required us to copy the references down to the very tiny shadow anyway. Of course. That's what I like about art instructors, they give you enough freedom.

I was watching my paint dry. Literally.

Aaaand my work! Should I be proud of it? Lol. I needed more time gooosh I'm such a slow painter. I didn't get to finish it and I should be working on it now that I'm home but I'm not. I'll keep that piece forever to remind me of my beginner days once I'm famous and being interviewed by publications LMFAO. I'm kidding. A girl can dream, can't she? Hahahahahahahaha seriously just ignore my daydreams.

That's Zianne's work. She's a 13-year-old letterer.

Next activity was to go out, photograph any plan you like and to use them as a reference for your next painting.

But me being me for the nth time, I lolled around and snapped whatever, thinking of how I was gonna edit them with VSCO Cam and Afterlight and do I post them on Instagram or not?

If I had an SLR I would've taken a stunning photo of this flower.

Ooooh guys what is this called? Sooo pretty.

Baby plants!

Succulents! THEY'RE SO PRETTY.

I seriously want to buy a pot wtf. I regret not getting one. I want succulents!!! I might drop by again and get those babies. They're so beautiful.

Uhm, I seriously don't know what this is called. Is this rosal? I'm so bad at this. I need another botany lesson.

Baby sunflower!

Everyone else was looking for something to paint.

Hi there. I don't know what to type here uggh. Seriously.

We only had 5 minutes (for real) to take those photographs so imagine how fast Rainy was. Awesome. I went back and was greeted with a plate of heaven. I love their buttery veggies and organic chicken wings! And the pasta!!

Alessa also started taping our finished works to the wall.

The pair of friends who giggled at the mushroom photos. I know it was them two. Nothing wrong with it but that's what I remember about them two. I enver got to see their works though. I'm so jealous of their seats. LOOK AT THE NATURAL LIGHT HUHUHU.

Yummy-looking juices. I didn't get to taste their vanilla creamsicle.

Everybody's! Look for mine! My favorites are the 5th and 6th from left and the one below the 6th (the red-umbrella mushroom). Niko's favorite is obviously the second last from the first row HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

This is Tin's final work. We only had 15 minutes to paint our last activity before we were sent home. Three hours was not enough! I wanted to stay longer. Seriously 15 minutes is just paint-drying time for the most part. I wanted to learn more!! So if she does hold a level-2 watercolor workshop, I might join again! If I had the funds, that is. I hope I do by the time she makes her announcement. I'm also looking out for Valerie Chua's workshop. I hope she holds a level 2 or something that isn't for beginners and I hope I see the announcement on time.

So uhhh the lolling around gave me a problem: I didn't know what to paint so I ended up sketching some succulents. This is the reference photo which should've been in this post because it's pretty but it wasn't uploaded for some reason and now I don't have the time to.

The iced tea was weirdly refreshing. I couldn't pinpoint what it tasted like. It had calamansi, but somehow it made me expect that there was sago in it too.

Zianne trying to habol her piece.

Then I suggested we ask Alessa for photos and here it is. HAHAHAHAHA.

I'm just kidding hahaha here's the real, decent photo. Well not so decent because I look weird. Wait, I am weird.

I sadly had to go home and I sadly didn't know how to so I ended up going to Cubao Expo and bought some cheap postcards.

Then I spent some time inside Krispy Kreme, because I take forever to eat. I painted while I was at it. The Sakura Koi set we were given includes a waterbrush which is FANTASTIC. I can now paint anywhere! Yay yay. Only catch is you can't really do the drybrush technique for details because the water keeps coming out even if you don't push it. But still! Yay.

So I totally missed the part where I should've said how interested I have been in arts for the past few months. I mean I had always admired watercolor pieces and I did paint once but I never thought of doing it myself because I totally suck at drawing. But I don't have to not suck at drawing, I think I'm okay with colors. I might be good at it so who knows. I'll just practice more. I will do a post about my rediscovered love for watercolors. Soon.