Rainy Martini

May 29, 2014

Rainy drives to Zambales II

Nighttime. My workmates and I are people of the night, and I have always loved swimming at night. I feel like myself, bathing in both seawater and moonlight at the same time. No better way to charge your spirit.

Aaand you won't get sunburned. But make sure you're not drunk lol or else you might be found sometime in the morning, floating facedown on the water with one of your eyes missing because some hungry fish swam by and decided that hey, what yummy numnum. And it might come back for more.

By the way, you can read the first part by clickity clicking here. Or if you're not lazy you can just scroll down wtf.

It was really funny. I mean that night was. One of the people I was with did something in the waters and it was so fucking gross. No he/she didn't pee. WORSE. I couldn't freaking believe it omg it's so funny and gross at the same time and to think that I bathed in those waters under the guidance of the moonlight. THE MOONLIGHT DIDN'T GUIDE ME AT ALL. And I thought it loved me and my spirit. No it didn't. Or maybe it did, maybe it does. "You're swimming in the water," the moonlight might have told me. "Somebody crapped in the water. The crap is mixing in with the water. You're swimming in water filled with crap. You're swimming in crap. Your life is crap. Crappy crappy crap."

My greatest fear is of me being poked in the shoulder while swimming. Being poked by A PIECE OF CRAP.

Anyway, enough with my crazies. We buried our drunk and sleepy boss in the sand. It was harder than I thought.

Funny thing was, we were all laughing and it was as if we were in a hurry for something. I don't know. I was laughing the whole time and it wasn't easy.

But the girls did it. We did it.

Cocoon. Or sandy sarcophagus if you will. Of course I got tired and since I wanted to hog the bathroom first, I ran back to our room. The others did too. Haha.

This is Pickle! He's so cute isn't he omg omg I miss him!! I slept beside him heehee sho cute.

Not sure if this was taken during the sunset or sunrise but whatever.

Okay maybe that photo was taken the afternoon before, because the sky was pink and going back to my last post made me realize that. Crap.

Yawn Pickle yawn. It's not his real name ok.

Lovely, isn't it? I just realized yesterday that I should've taken fuck loads of sea photos. Who knows when it might happen again. Like it took me more than three years to get to the beach before this trip.

Mr. Crabs with a C. Because he's a sir.

Well to be honest with you, we found that crab dead. I just flipped it upside down to make it look alive. And this is one of its home I think. I actually tried poking the whole and nothing came out. Tried seawater and nada. Then for some reason and this is embarrassing, I spat at it like a 7-year-old and out came a tiny crab. We call it talangka. And no I didn't catch it. I just wanted to take a photo but it ran to the nearest (shit)hole. Bummer.

Those stray dogs came from nowhere! I think they were from the deeper parts and it was awesome and cute. They rolled on the sand after and proceeded playing with their friends.

Nasty sun insisting to rise.

And rise, it did.


Megaman slash Pickle.

Then we decided to walk. It was a long walk and we ended up at the edge of the errrr, it wasn't an island. Hahaha. But yeah. We were at the edge, where the freshwater met with the sea.

It wasn't a pretty place though.

Someone's boat. Too bad I didn't get to sit on it. What. I just want to. Hahaha.

So, we're almost done. I have a part three coming up. And my next series of posts will have prettier pictures than this one!

May 26, 2014

Rainy drives to Zambales I

It has been more than a month since I last posted here. I was yes, busy, but I would've found the time to write something here if I wanted to. To be completely honest, I had no desire to blog. At all. Partly because I don't think anyone visits, or not. I just didn't feel like it anymore, and it's like I have to make up reasons why not to.

Of course, I managed to get a new phone. It's just a Sony Xperia C. I originally wanted to get the Lenovo S820 but for some reason I bought that instead. If you have careful hands, the camera is great. The only downside is it always takes a few extra seconds after pressing the shutter button before it captures the image, resulting in blurry pictures for the most part. Other than that I think the phone is fine.

Funny how I always start my entries musing on how long it has been since my last post. As I'd been saying, I should change that habit. Or not. I dunno.

I had not one, not two, but three major outings for the month of May. A hell of an improvement for the borderline antisocial. I went to Zambales with my co-workers. Or hahaha I wanna call them colleagues to make it sound like we're like big professionals. Not that we aren't. But considering our age we might as well just be a pack of college friends going out for the summer.

The sand is beautiful, and the waters are clear. Not bad right?

That's my immediate boss. The ugggh thing about the whole trip is, of course, our off days. The company I work for does not give such holidays so we could only afford to go out during our days off. Which gives us a grand total of one day and a half on the beach, including travel time. That fucking sucks right? And to think that I would rather sleeeeep at home or go out on a date with my boyfriend... eh. I didn't want to go but I had to. That's why I surprised myself so much when I realized how fun it was. It was genuine fun I felt. Very doge. Much fun. Wow. HAHAHA. I love that meme sorry. I love doge.

The journey wasn't very comfortable. We had to cram ourselves inside a 21-seater van. But the people I sat with are the funniest! I didn't mind the longish trip at all.

My teammate Lorenza and her lovely dress. I love that print. Really.

Good weather.

I didn't take pictures inside the room because... I don't know why! That kid peddler had an awesome-looking faux hawk. He was laughing with his companions beside our cottage and I found myself staring at. That. Hair. Then I realized I had to take a photo. "HEY BLONDIE I'LL TAKE A PIC OK!" Blondie turned out to be the shy-type so he gave me that photo instead. Not bad still.

Yes, I think it's my fault the number 4 karaoke button got busted. I dunno. If it was then HEHEHEHEHEHE. What?

"Steady... steady claws... steady... YOU BITCH!!"

Another grumpy photo subject. This kitty cat clawed my phone a nanosecond after this shot was taken. I was unharmed though, to its horror. Ha!

Doughnut floating rings trying to get a tan.

I didn't have a picture of me wearing a retro-style bikini because every single person I asked failed to! They ended up recording seconds-long videos of us so hahahaha. But you can take a look at our attempt to have ourselves photographed in this instavideo hahaha. That was so BTS.

That might also happen to you if you're in a long-distance relationship.

I was also in a sort-of long-distance relationship at the time. We were technically hundreds of miles apart so I had to do this too. Hahahaha.

Me trying to bury the hatchet.

Beach paraphernalia.

I forgot what they were laughing about already! Oh oh I'm still thinking of this post's title and here are the stuff I came up with so far: Rainy goes to Zambales, Zambalesbians (but no we're not lezzies)... oh god. STOP BRAIN STOP. Ok just kidding I don't wanna die yet don't stop please. I mean it's ok for me to die but not now ok. So. Don't. Fucking. Stop.

The afternoon sun then wasn't very nasty.

Love love love love the skies.

And an obligatory sleepy selca from yours truly!

Just me tryna be like Jesus with no one to carry but the world. Ok that's a lame joke. Sorry.

Obligatory group shot. Ok, here's the thing. I like taking pictures. But taking an organized group shot is another thing for me. I DON'T LIKE IT. Unless I tell my subjects to, I wouldn't wish for them to pose. But they freaking did. And hey these people are kinda awesome. So there.

Don't you just love those colorful flags making the photograph even more colorful, bringing more colors by just being colorful. Hahahaha.

More and more of my people were running to the sea as the sun set.

*tries not to cry*

*breaks down crying because HAHAHA belly*

*tries not to cry again*

*breaks down crying again but these are genuine legit tears of joy because the sky was so beautiful*

Lovely, isn't it?

More photos are coming up. I wish I posted this sooner. Now I have like three posts in line.

Some online friends asked me to post a review of new phone's camera, but I'm too lazy I think you guys should just check my posts and see them for yourselves. The camera is horrible under low light, which is a bummer. But then again I experienced far worse, so I shouldn't complain. Tune in for part two, and possibly three!