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October 31, 2012


Soft colors to soothe your eyes.

I put my tagboard back! Go and message me if you drop by! I feel so lonely right now.

October 29, 2012

Inspire Monday: November Playlist

I can't afford to do anything while listening to music, not really. Except, maybe, breathing, fantasizing a scenario with what's playing as the background song and tweeting what's on. I'd grown accustomed to treating music as an individual activity that deserves full attention and focus. My first music teacher made sure it was ingrained in my brain at a very young age, and now I can't help it. Her words were "treat music with respect". Since I already knew that not listening while someone's talking is considered rude—with the exception of eavesdropping, totally wrong but fun (woooah I don't eavesdrop much ok?)—I quickly understood what she meant. I'm an instrumentalist myself, although I don't make my own music. I mostly play classical/romantic/baroque, by the way.

Once, my classmate and I were having a conversation before our exams, and she told me that she listens to her favorite singers WHILE STUDYING. And I was like, "how can you focus on the song if you're letting studies distract you!?". I know it's not a logical question but those were my actual words! Up to now I still don't understand what was up in my brain, I mean, shouldn't it be the other way around? LOL.

I'm such a lazy-ass student.

But really. I understand the notion (I'm not a fool), it's just that I can't do something like that. Ever.

"So what do you do while something is playing?"

I uh... I SIT MOTIONLESS, looking stupid and dreamy.

So uh... here are a few songs that deserve anyone's full attention no matter what.

They're all very haunting and gloomy. I hope you enjoy listening to my recommendations, most of them make a nice background music for halloween short films. If you know what I mean.

I'm going to host a giveaway next month! Stay tuned for more infos!

Ta ta for now!

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

The shape of your body should not be determined by our age. Don't believe what other people say, I mean I'm trying not to myself. Lol. I think we can all look youthful or mature, if we want to.

So... when they say "you're already 18, but you still look 12!" JUST IGNORE THEM. Some of us want to look our age, some wants to look younger... I wanna look just right.

And it won't be a problem, because as the post title says, "I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal!"

The amazing collection offers beautifying and esteem-boosting undergarments for women of all ages! Are you 35? 20? It doesn't matter. It doesn't.

Don't you just feel sexy everytime wear a flattering undergarment? I actually feel nice when I wear a nice-fitting bra, among others! I know people won't get to see it (the designs are nice, but for my eyes only loool), but it helps to know that I wear something that a) fits me perfectly and accordingly b) doesn't fail me (I actually have a bad experience with poor quality bras) c) lasts long.

It may not be obvious but the choice of your undergarment is important. Bras do not only support our breasts, they also shape our figures and help with our postures.

So here are my favorites among the 20s collection. A must-haves if you prefer half-cup bras.

The left photo, SA3221. Very sexy and looks just right for my age! I love the lacy pattern. Hee.

On the right, SA2355. It's a half-cup bra, and can be worn in so many ways! This fits me just fine because I want something dynamic for my undergarment. I love the pastel color and lovely pattern!

We can all be body beautiful if we want to. There are so many ways, and it all depends upon your choice. Hug yourself and let Wacoal hug your figures, too!

October 23, 2012

Musings of a First-time Studio Spectator

To begin, I'm not really a TV person. I'm very left out when it comes to the local TV scene and goings-on, that's why when I learned that my brother's best friend, Ira, became a contestant in a local talent search, I didn't know which channel to tune in to. LOL.

(There's a new product on my shop! Check it out!)

Gaaah I was planning to update last night, but I post-processed the photos in a public place and people gathered around me as I edited the images I took that night with a Nokia C301 wtf. And I tried so hard to remember the thoughts I was having that night in the studio! All my excitement faded away and was replaced by annoyance. As soon as they saw who was in the photos, THEY JUST KEPT GAWKING. I even tweeted something a bit nasty before their eyes. Guuuuuh. So I'll try to piece my mind together for this post.

Last Saturday night was the last "live exam" of Artista Academy, and we went to the broadway studio to support Ira! She's known as Shaira Mae, so uhh if you watch TV5, DO VOTE FOR HER. Key in AA SHAIRA and send to 5656!!

Also, it was the first time I had ever been in a studio, first time being with a live audience so everything was a surprise for me!

When we first arrived, my first thought was "smaller than I expected, SUPER NOISY". I was ushered to the place where Vin's fans stood. Then we were shooed off lmfao because we support Shaira Mae. Hahahahahahaha.

The fanchants were wild and funny actually! And I counted myself lucky because the Shaira Mae crowd was the freaking funniest. Like, one time one of the guys yelled "Go Shaira! I love you Sophie!" (Sophie is her fellow competitor) errrr IDK why I found that funny.

Honestly, the phone took better light streak images. I was high up in the stands, seated on the stairway beside Ira's grandma, who kept shushing the noisemakers. I didn't want to zoom lest I end up with horrible grainy photos. So I had to make amends by turning it into a creative-lights-kind-of-shoot night.

When the finalists came out, I kept asking "where is she omg where is she", and to my horror I was cheering the wrong person. Hahahahahaha. I swear I should get new pair of glasses.

AND CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH I SAW.... Rainy's view of the stage:


I remember this... I was willing the girl in front of me to stop shaking her balloon so I could shoot a close-up photo of it, the stage as the background.

To no avail...

The words in my head are pretty robotic, forgive. For. Give.

Designers rushing to fix the stage while the girls were stepping out for their song number, an acoustic Nobody (Wonder Girls) with some singer guy I don't recognize (no offense! I really didn't know who he was). The guys sang a bossa version of Gangnam Style with Sitti.

It was a nice performance actually, if only I had a better eyesight.....

There's Ira, on the left photo.Then retouch, retouch before the camera rolled again.

It was fun, being an audience. We got directions from the staff, and to my lower right was the sounds panel. I got to watch the music-people do their thing with young eyes!

To be honest I was more interested in watching the cameramen work. (only because I couldn't see a proper thing on stage) Ooooh, how I'd love to get my hands on their equipment!

It was hard sitting on the stairs because people kept going down during break time. But it was a nice opportunity, JUST LOOK AT THE PHOTOS I TOOK. I loooove light streaks and motion-blurred shots! And to have them together in a single photo is... heaven. There are actually more but I'm not gonna post them here. Heehee.

The show ended. Eating time. Shaira Mae was swarmed by people when we got out of the building. I wanted to take a photo of people taking photos but I couldn't get into a proper position. Plus, the lighting was horrible!!

Shaira Mae crowd wore GREEN. I don't have a single green thingy in my wardrobe so... yeah. Teal.


The sky when we were heading to the studio....

Wow. The end. Almost.

I know I could've told the story in a better way, but I'm getting a bit behind schedule lalalalala. Behind.

Apologieees. Hees. Heeeees. I have to go soon!

We then went to Ira's place and yolo-ed after eating outside the studio! We ate on the hood of her car lolololol.

So there. Bye bye bye bye I'm soooo sorry about my messy words. Really.

October 17, 2012

a little something

Good morning! Old iPhone photos, taken approximately 3 years ago somewhere in the world...

Nice. A photo spam! Weeeeeee.

I'm thinking about hosting a giveaway, and the prices at stake are the products I'm currently selling at my shop, Colors & Wishes! Check it out guys, I just redid the whole site. Anyway, I can't decide whether to go for it or not, mainly because I'm errrr afraid that errr no one will join.

HAHAHAHAHA. HOW FAIL IS THAT? I think it will be humiliating if nobody does!!

Please help me decide by answering the poll on my sidebar!

'Til then!

October 15, 2012

Inspire Monday: InstaFaves part 1

One post ago, Inspire Moonday was born! Yes, moon. Lol. A week passed and I only managed to publish two posts, one was random and pretty useless. I should update a bit more frequently, don't you think? I was planning on a hiatus so I could focus on my shop and writing, but one of my friends said nooooo, because my blog is her daily dose of comical nonsense. The other just asked me, "Where am I supposed to publicly bully you then?" it should be easy figuring out who said that. Hint: go look at my posts' comment section.

That's enough inspiration for me right?

And speaking of inspiration.... (gosh I should saying that "I" word)

Instagram favorites.

I'm not that active, but I keep coming back because of these users. Again, fall in love.

Here are my three favorites from @brittneypanda...
I love the aesthetics of her photos, it's like seeing the world in time lapse.

@_theleftside's hair. I lovelovelove her hair... sorry but I lovelovelove it omg. Her photos are fairy-like, and I just love the mood I get every time I see her shots.

Sweet and girly photos from @lldollyll! I found her gallery when I punched in #cathkidston on the search bar. Hihi.

And finally... @gabrielleassaf. Who doesn't love her works?

...and uhh... for a bit of good measure (aka just to plainly ruin the mood), here are my recent uploads! @rainymartini is my username by the way. Rise is my favorite filter because it decreases the harshness of the photos I take using my crap phone.

Pets at home...

If you want to inspire me as well, you can recommend a topic for Inspire Monday!

October 11, 2012

Boredom comes from a boring mind.

... said Metallica.

Would I like a cup of powdered melon milk drink?


I wish I could stop expecting answers to the questions I ask to myself. I also wish I could say that I felt like an idiot responding to my own curiosity and asking so many things at once. Which I know is wrong, but I don't want it to be. I want to rely on others' thoughts for once. Once.

Everything makes my head hurt.

Now I feel like an idiot.


October 08, 2012

Inspire Monday: Emily Soto

I'm going to start this segment called "Inspire Monday". Here you will find a thing or two about the people and things that inspire me. Photographers, artists, writers that I admire... beautiful things that are worth seeing... yeah.

In my opinion, it's best to start your working days with a dash of inspiration. I aim to help some aimless souls out there who have no idea what they're doing online.

Today's inspiration... Emily Soto.

Emily is a fashion photographer based in California. I discovered her works through her Deviantart account.

"Emily cites Tim Walker as an inspiration for her whimsical, dream-like images." Woooah. I lovelovelove staring at Walker's photographs, too.

Fall in love...

Above are some of the photographs that are available for all of us to see. Those are just a few of my favorites, by the way. Her dreamy works took my breath away at first sight. The photos literally shine!

I think "Glitter" is her middle name.

There you go. First inspiration in the series. Stay tuned every week because I've got a whole load of beautiful  things and talents to show you! I'm excited omg I feel like posting them ALL.

But no. We should wait. We should wait.

'Til then!

DISCLAIMER: photos featured in this post all belong to Emily Soto and I do not claim ownership.

October 06, 2012

Day Out

Ahh, after a whole month of hiding behind open windows and whining over my chicken-pox-related skin flaws, I went out again! If you're a new reader here, you ought to know how I rarely go outside. I almost never leave. I'm a certified homebird. But if you're an old one... well please don't roll your eyes because I came out with same crowd. Lol.

"Buuut Rainy!! Whatever happened to socializing?" I know right.

Met with Janine. Nearest Korean Noodle restaurant. We originally planned to go see Perks of being a Wallflower, but the plan changed abruptly. Our plans always do.

Banana milk. No carbonated drinks for me.

She lent me a couple of books to read, too! She brought three when we met, and I brought another three home after I slept over at their place. It's quite a routine, you know. Me sleeping over for a day or two after an outing. It's like, when I go out, I don't wanna go home just yet. But when I'm home... it will take three unread books to coax me out! I was getting depressed because I haven't gotten myself ANYTHING new to read in the previous month.

Popular ice cream sandwich. Love love love the vanilla ice cream and sweet bean paste inside!

She also lent me a copy of Perks. I thought I haven't read it yet, but I realized that I did... a few years before. You see, when I finish reading a book, I rarely open it again. I don't understand why I dislike revisiting those familiar pages. Maybe reading the same thing twice doesn't make me feel the same thing anymore. Shrug shrug.. Exceptions include Spinelli's Stargil and Love, Stargirl of course.

"That shirt again!?" I know right again....?

We ordered samgyupsal, odeng (fish cake), and a bowl of super spicy ramyeon for Janine. I just ate half a bowl of rice, though. That's me, by the way. I mean the red shirt. I mean I was the one... ugh never mind.

I started reading The Sky is Everywhere this morning and I'd just finished it! It's sooo, sooo good. Kinda like Fixing Delilah, but... better. I might blog about it next time!

That's it for now guys! Stay infinite!

PS, so soooo sorry for the "temporary" blog headers. Been changing every now and then. I can't seem to create "the one". If you know what I mean.