Rainy Martini

October 30, 2011

livre gros et angoissant

His surname serves his reputation well. In my opinion, Stephen King is king of one of the horror-and-thriller-themed kingdoms in the planet where only authors exist.

This short and fat book is actually his first short story collection since Skeleton Crew. Oh, that information came from Google. Been reading this for a while, since tomorrow would be the day for the alleged zombies and witches to come back to life, I'd decided to snap photos of it and post it, ta-da!, here. Oh, you should really read it.

My favorites are Suffer the Little Children, Chattery Teeth, Sneakers and that story about the two brothers who discovered something called The Calmative. I forgot the title of that piece, I'm so sorry.

Suffer the Little Children is creepy. Have a happy halloween, and good luck to your loot bags if you're going out trick-or-treating. One more reminder, don't read Stephen King before going out tonight. Just saying.

October 27, 2011

oh s'il vous plaît

Sharing some old photos of mine. Yada yada, nice day eh?

(For those who knew what really was written in here, please forget about it. I don't want it chronicled in this blog. Such bad vibes.)

October 26, 2011

aimez les animaux

They may have souls, they may not. But does it matter? Animals have feelings, too. If they could recite Shakespeare: "If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?"

I don't know what I'm going to do. It's just that animal abuse has always been a popular worldwide issue and yet not a big change has been done... yet. It just won't stop.

As a kid, I'd always watched documentaries featuring animal abused and stuff you might not want your future kids to see because they're sometimes considered morbid. I may not look like it but I actually support animal causes and organizations by donating/spreading the word.

Lixin here from wildecade.net shares the same compassion I have for abused animals.

Recently, she blogged about the inhumane cullings of stray dogs in Singapore. (Click here to read the story.) But it doesn't only happen there. Dogs are being mutilated worldwide for God knows why. It's sad to say that here in the Philippines, strays (or what discriminatory "dog-lovers" like to call them: mongrels) aren't being treated properly and a few people are sending them to shelters and rescue organizations like PAWS and PETA. A fewer number of compassionate people are willing to adopt the poor dogs who badly needed love and care.

Some stray dogs even end up in the stomachs of men who hang outside drinking beer with their pals. It's just too sickening!

Please help me make a difference signing this petition Lixin made and by liking this facebook page. I want to support her in what she does. And I hope by blogging about this a few of my readers would consider. It's just a few clicks.

Also, you might want to read this other post she wrote about the dolphins. By putting this somewhere on your blog, you're spreading the word.

October 19, 2011

le fait de se soûler?

New layout. I wanted to make it appropriate for the season but I'm in a great hurry. Stuck with a painfully simple layout instead.

I was browsing through my brother's "from iPhone" folder in his laptop when I found these...

Oooh ze bar. I think they were taken during his friend's 18th birthday party. Awesome venue. The last time I'd been in one was about a year ago. When I was 16. The first time I went inside one? 15 years of age, I was with my party girl of a mother, brother, and his girl friends. And now I'm turning 18, I can't even go near one. Ironic. Huff.

I can't help but add that three nights ago I got so tipsy while playing cards I laughed my head off the whole time. It was Kate's big sister's birthday. Nel and I stayed there for two nights. Trust me, I didn't want to go home but... oh well.

PS, I know it's confusing. I mean, I said the last time I went to a bar was when I was 16. My birthday's falls on November so...

October 15, 2011

le chiot bête

This is my twelfth post and I think it's about time I introduce my (surviving) pet to you. Meet my ginormous Sushi! Loljk. He's only a few centimetres taller than an average chihuahua. I can pretty much tell you he's in much better shape this past few days. He was so depressed and hadn't been eating lately because Kimbap (his sibling) died. He didn't even play! Before Kimbap's death, Sushi has always been the first one to greet me every morning, then I will cower down on the floor and he would attack my pretend-terrified face. He's the loafer. Most days when I call out to him he'll just glance at my direction and run the other way. What. The. Heavens.

And when I refuse to put his bowl down during meal times he'd roll on his back and wag his arms, as if craving for a tummy rub. Once I'd succumbed in his puppy-ish charms he'd claw my arms and let out an annoying whine. Haha.

Kimbap's different. Unlike lazytail Sushi, he's obedient, attentive and very active.

Sorry for the crappy shots. They were taken using Nintendo DSi.

October 12, 2011

au revoir valentin

Goodbye Valentine - Maybee
I can't get it off my head.

If you weren’t listening to another song then you wouldn’t have paused the track right away. And if you did, I don’t mind lol. It’s your life and I’m just a blogger writing a post. The opening melody is an invitation to mystery and a lullaby rolled into one, and to think that the music engineers added the legendary ringing phone sound in the background, it really doesn’t give out what the song was about until the violins come in. It won't be five more seconds before the beat breaks out. The sound that really caught my breath was the accordion playing in staccato. Oookay I'm not really sure if it's an accordion playing.

It. Was. Just. So. Creepy. And Maybee's voice in the first verse had an old transistor radio effect. I don't know but it makes me think of... circus. As I don't understand the lyrics and I have no intention to read an English translation, it innocently gives me the vibe of an unbearable circus life. Makes me think of some freak living in a red-and-yellow traveling tent all her life, going here and there trying to please people. Then at night she cries herself to sleep, wishing she had the face of a normal girl. She wakes up to the sound of a whip cracking, instead of the annoying bleep an alarm clock makes. Tries to escape but to no avail. I'm really finding it hard to voice out how the song bit me. It's just... creepy. I know it wasn't meant to be taken like that, it was entitled Goodbye Valentine after all. But the way I perceive music is beyond my control.

Albeit I told you not to give it a try on my last post, here's the link for the MV. (click)

By the way, I’ve been tagged by Mary. I’m going to be frank: I didn’t really want to repost it as I have no one to tag. But oh well. Ha ha. She's my online friend and wouldn't that be rude?


1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly, with all honesty)have to tag 11 people.

11 Things About Me.
I. I am a Filipino-Chinese.
II. Books are my best friends. They just won't leave my side no matter how much I tell them to. They just won't move. (lol?)
III. I play the piano and the flute. Been a pianist since childhood. Only learned the flute when I was like, 10. No, I don't play the guitar because I can't play the F chord. Embarrassing.
IV. AB Journalism is the college course I so badly want to take up, given the chance.
V. I'm a very studious person, albeit the stuff I study won't seem to appear anywhere in the school syllabus.
VI. I'm actually halfway through my Asian literature "studies". I'm doing my own research and even wrote papers. Who cares if there's no teacher to pass them to? I won't be graded and that's the thing.
VII. The people I interact with never cease to tell me that I'm really weird.
VIII. I'm finding this very hard to fill up.
IX. Though I don't look like it (says Clarissa), I'm a very picky eater. I fuss a lot about what I don't eat.
X. I listen to all music genres. Check my iTunes library. But my favorites would always be Classical and Asian pop.
XI. I dance ballet.

Mary's Questions:

1. What is your favourite hobbies?
I love to read, dance ballet, play the piano and the flute.
2. What do you buy the most when you are going to shopping mall?
Books and expensive food. If I don't have money I won't go to the mall at all.
3. What do you do when you are free at home?
Mourn about life.
4. Badminton or Cycling?
Javelin-and-discus-throwing was my only proper sport ever. Haha
5. What is your favourite pet?
I have a dog named Sushi. Not sure about its breed. But it's only like, 8 inches high. A toy dog.
6. Do you like to take picture of yourself? Why?
No, I don't really think I'm pretty so I prefer to stay behind the camera. But I love taking photos with my friends
7. What is your favourite desert?
Anything sweet.
8. Do you like to eat chocolate?
9. Are you single or in a relationship? If yes, what's your boyfriend/girlfriend's name?
I'm single and #foreveralone
10. Do you interesting reading my blog? Why?
Yeah, because I get to know more about you
11. How many followers do you have?
Err, 45 and counting since I started blogging last month.

I know you have rules but I don't have many people to tag. And this is my blog anyway.

I'm tagging Izzie, Clarissa, Jamie, Irina, Shawn, Marion, Janelle, Xinyi...

I even doubt they'll post this. Hahahahaha.

Oh lolol I forgot to post my questions until Clarissa mentioned. Here goes:

1. What can you say about your music taste?
2. Are you the most hateful person you know?
3. If you are to die 10 minutes later, whose photo would you like to see last?
4. Chocolate or milk?
5. How much do you love your Dad?
6. Are you aware of your beauty?
7. Do you think I'm insane for asking such questions?
8. Are you nocturnal or a daylight person?
9. What do you look for in a bookstore?
10. Is Xiaoyan a good friend or what?
11. Do you think my blog is worth reading?

October 11, 2011

belle journée

Basically, it's an hour after midnight. So how are we to know that today is in fact a beautiful, beautiful day? The sun isn't even ready to face us. I guess you should give it more time.

I wasn't really intending to post, but I aimlessly produced a graphic unworthy of a second glance. And plain as it is there should something I should do about it. So I'm putting it here; this is a great opportunity to rant about nothing, too.

I've read through my previous posts. They're all... I don't know. It's like the writer did not think at all. I wish I could take it more seriously. But I'm eternally drowsy due to lack of sleep. At this rate, you won't juice out a nice post from me so I guess you should just bear with it. I'll try to sound worthy next time.

But hey, it could be an enthralling day for us today. This day could end up unforgotten in your diaries forever provided you do something productive. Like getting water-gunned mercilessly by your garden sprinklers. Or having your lazy pet gnaw at your favorite purple lacy bra.

I'm running out of wit because there's this sweet and creepy song playing in my head. It just won't stop. Makes me think of broken marionette and... circus. The way the instruments were arranged; creepy. Called Goodbye Valentine by Maybee. I'm not telling you to give it a try though.

(credit: weheartit)

October 08, 2011

pieds heureux... non!

My favorite pair of Havaianas. Bought it two years ago and I still have them. They're yellow.

The thing is, I'm that kind of person. I don't really like changing routines (albeit I change my blog layout almost every week... but that does not count, does it?). Like, when I keep things, I only put my stuff in the same place and I never, never place them anywhere else until I get tired of it. Which takes months or even years. I don't know what lead me to that kind of behavior, I'm a pack rat and I always hold on to the stuff I love for dear life.

It may well be caused by sudden err... deaths. Come on, seriously. I hate it when someone I know dies. No, not hate I think, it's a feeling colder and purer than that; like a blue iceberg refusing to melt after all those years.

(and speaking of iceberg... ohai ice cream!)

In case you're wondering why the innocent-looking pair of yellow* sandals had piqued me into talking about death: the photo was taken in the cemetery.

PS, I still haven't gotten over my pet's sudden death. And Sushi (my surviving puppy) has not either. He hasn't been eating for days and it kind of worries me too†. I think we'll always remember the member who had been dismembered on September..... *drifts off* *clears throat*

I think we'll always remember the most obedient alpha puppy I had ever had. (Sushi is just the laziest.)

* I know it's pretending not to be yellow in the photo.
† Like hell I care Sushi, you're already bloated. And I know who ate my mini Milky Way bar. Don't you know it's poisonous? You might have done it on purpose for all I know. (I sound like I don't about him at all because... he can't read. Meaning he won't know about this.)

Bwahahahahaha. I'm insane. Bye bye.

October 05, 2011

danna anniversaire

Last August 20th, Danna celebrated her 18th birthday. In the Philippines, a girl's 18th birthday should be the biggest (or one of the biggest) birthday celebrations she'll ever have. That includes 18 roses and stuff. And some choose the bar or the ballroom as a venue. I don't know why but we call it "debut". A debut to womanhood? Maybe. One thing's for sure, I won't be celebrating mine. I wanna break traditions and have a big party on my 19th. Shit I feel old.

There are photobooths of course. I'm with the same folks! Marion, Kate, Denese, Nel, and Carle. I should've posted this weeks ago but the photos laid forgotten in my folder. And there I was trying to think of what to post. Sheesh. I am not myself.


Just... scroll!

This post sucks in the writing department I know I know.

October 03, 2011

la ciel

I wish I were as clear as that. As far as I know, I'm practically on edge. Sheesh, but as long as mother nature blazes at her finest, I'm going to be fine... I think.