Rainy Martini

June 30, 2012

i wub you

This is where I write my current poems. I had neglected my relationship with pen and paper, and I'm trying my best to get it back. At first it was a tough job. It had been a while since I last wrote for real, after all.

On my previous post, I had mentioned that Caedwyn kept messing around with the stuff I was trying to photograph.

When I took the charm away from his hand.

My heart ached; I felt so guilty and so evil. So I gave it back.... only to find it inside his mouth.

Sorry for the bad quality. The phone I used can take good photos but only with natural light. And my editing was bad lol I used the same curve and didn't bother adjusting anything.

It's so stressing at home. July tomorrow.

June 27, 2012

a few minutes ago

Hi guys! Sorry I've been absent for days, I just scheduled the posts to remain activity in this blog.

As you might know already, I've been watching over my 14-month-old cousin Caedwyn. We're so close now he follows me everywhere. Yes, he'd watch me bathe given the chance. Not that I would mind, I never really had an audience during showertime. JUSTKIDDINGOK. I'm serious about him chasing me to the bathroom though.

I'm practicing how to juggle too! I know-ish about the basics because I used to know jugglers and acrobats during my performer days. I hope I remember well! The balls differ in size and weight though. It greatly affects my rhythm but with an audience of one (Caedwyn, who else), it's hardly an issue.

There's the baby boy. He kept prancing on the stuff I was photographing. You will see his hand or two on the future photos I'm gonna post. I think it kinda looked good though.

I had also finished Caroline's Journal. I bought it at a surplus bookshop for just Php99 some three years ago. I didn't even know I had it until I checked the deeper parts of my book cabinet. That Ribblestrop copy is Carle's, by the way. I haven't read it yet.

My old copy of Nat Geo's illustrated world mythology book! My siblings are now obsessed with it.

This is Caedwyn! He does this face every time his dad tells him No. Despite the squishy face (oh god I swear it's funny when he does it), he's very obedient and well-disciplined, even for a one-year-old! Well uh, his dad has a very scary voice imo. I am scared of his dad's voice.

Woah. The baby's trying to pound on the keys. I gotta go before you read "asdkjklzjcvzx" on this post. LOL.

And oh, I'm still busy with hatching more plans! I had decided to push the project I was planning to do last year, and you'll learn more about the business I was talking about when it's final. Clue: it's like a magazine.

I'm gonna do an affiliate clean-up!

Also, I'm going to post my poems in a separate blog so I could flood the page with new posts without worries.

See you soon!

June 26, 2012

For "J"

When you finally turned
away from the sun
and stopped believing
when you started singing
to the murky
when you ceased to wish
for the rain to pour and
dared the stars to follow
I stood still
and did not grab your
waiting hand
I stood back and let
your own radiating glow
light up your rocky
I believed that all was never
that what you really needed
was the sliver of hope
beneath the sky
and the waves of pink water
turned black
by the darkness that had once
hugged your very

June 23, 2012

give me a pen and I'll...

...show you my messy handwriting.

I had a very weird dream. It had rabbits like Miffy and bigger, uglier ones who were invading the forest. Miffies ran and uglies took over. But an apple tree grew. I sprung from it. Uglies went to ride the roller coaster I built and died.

New ideas are invading my head. At the moment I'm planning to create stuff and build my own online business. Who knows, who knows.

Finally, I recommend this book called Kira-kira by Cynthia Kadohata. If you have a dream, and a loved one.

June 20, 2012


Let these lights take you someplace no one but you had ever wandered in: your imagination. You can refuse to. But these lights, these streaks of screaming colors will surely find a way under your eyes (literally) to reach and taste the air at the back of your mind.

Nothing but a cluster of... well, colors.

June 19, 2012

out of the loop

I CAN HAZ A DOMAIN NAME. Bwahahahahahahahaha. A big thank you (and non-pervy hugs) to Nadine! Thank you, thank you sis! I was so surprised!

Thank you!

What was previously rainymartini.blogspot is now wishfortherain.com! I still have to revamp my blog and everything, but I'm still busy with baby-watching my super adorable cousin and other stuff at home. I can't even check on my blog and other online accounts. The layout is also temporary. I had less than 2 hours to code and I actually started from scratch, which was stupid because it ended up looking like my previous one.

I miss visiting your blogs and reading your posts. Oh gooood.

I promise I'll be back soon! I still need to organize this messy blog.

June 16, 2012

Hold My Summer III

I'm here again, all tired and sleepy. This is the last part. Wanna read the previous? First, second.

I've got something to clarify.

To my relatives: Yes, I did point out that I find some of you annoying and I was gonna ban a few. I did so a few days ago and if you can still read this that means it doesn't go out to you. Now, if you're still offended.... hahahahahahahahahahhahaha.


Janine and I walked around, bought stuff, talked so much and ate a lot. We crossed over to watch the sunset at the Manila Bay, too. I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking.

Food after food after food, we pleased our tummies. As if they were gods. As if we did something so horrible that needed making up for. We bought snacks at the supermarket for the ride home, and we stepped out of the bus a little early because we both had to go and needed to find a comfort room ASAP. Oh god why am I telling you this. Loool. The result is another meal of hot goto. (similar to congee, poridge)

Overall, it was a very fulfilling and tiring day. It was worth the sweat, though. I never thought I would get to see Ian Somerhalder. I never thought I'd have so much fun that I deserve either.

I rarely get to hang out with my friends these days. Usually we would see each other's tweets in our timelines and just.... not talk. It's not the same as ignoring though. It's kinda weird, because once we agreed to meet up, we would hang out and laugh aloud as usual as if we just had a chatter on the phone the other night.

I find that kind of relationship very comforting.

It's like, by default, we are friends. And no, I don't think we take each other for granted because that's not how I see things. Losing communication is just a piece of shit we decided not to step on; we don't really falter after weeks or months of silence and I am very grateful for it.

I rarely stay online these days and I miss my cyber friends already! Omg guyssss I'm sorry lol you know you love me lmfaolmfaolmfao I'm just busy you know you love me. I lost le phone too.

Good night!

June 12, 2012

weekend blues and greens

Last Saturday night, I went home! I had really been homesick this past few weeks. But 'nuff said! I'm gonna leave soon though.

My relatives are super annoying by the way.

I've been taking photos with Instagram lately! I don't know a lot of people there yet so if you want to, you can give me your username and I'll follow you.

Yesterday we took Caedwyn out, he's just 1 year old but already I can feel that we are truly cousins. HE'S A TOTAL DERP. If you scold him and he thinks it's not scary enough, he'll just squish his face and carry on crawling towards the stairs or whatever it is he's doing. We ate at Tony Roma's, our fave.

When we arrived, the baby was still asleep and we couldn't wake him up no matter what.

Then we walked around and bought some stuff. I was drinking my favorite carrot, pineapple, apple, and mango smoothie from Fruitas. You should totally try that mix. So yummy and the texture was perfect. I also bought a Rilakkuma plushie!

The photos here were taken during the weekend. Yes, I like taking light streaks. I wanna advance to light painting once I get my own SLR. I've got gajillions of light photos that are waiting to be posted actually! And yeah, some free light textures that are ready to be posted on our resource site. I'm not sure when though.

My saturday morning was spent organizing my tiny plushies. You see, there's the popular milk ones with my cereal drink, and my current muse, Scrump. They're both three years old already!

And here's Caedwyn!

I'm actually quite busy and there are so many problems at home. And then there's my health, my RBC count is so fucking low. I look pale so thank cherries I currently have tanned skin. Who knows what I might look like if I hated the sun? I think dark skin looks good on me to be completely honest.

My friend asked me stuff over the weekend. She also ranted about me, told me I look crap already and should try to renew my hair. She thinks my hair condition is lovely but the styling might as well have been done by a crying chimpanzee. I didn't mention that I trimmed my own hair lmfao. I'M A FUCKING CHIMPANZEE OMG. "Why did you stop writing sense?" By sense she meant controversial articles or essays. "I was certain you would rant about the protest against Lady Gaga's concert in your country." Oh yeah I did, didn't post it though. "Where are your country assessments?" He. Hehehehehehe I don't watch the news anymore.

Really, Xinyi. Why don't we swap bodies instead? I'd love to be back in SG with everybody else and just hang out. Also, I think ranting about someone else is a good idea too so I'd really love to be in your shoes and complain about me.

Truth is I'm kinda shy about my new writings.

Where had the old me gone? Why in the name of pasta did I grow backwards? I used to win writing competitions during my younger days. Two years ago I was certain I wanted to be a journalist. Now I am aimless.

I'm getting crappier!???!?!?!

We'll see.


June 08, 2012

Hold My Summer II


This is the second part of my outing with Janine! You can read the first post here.

So, after seeing and touching Mr. Somerholder's flesh (I don't wanna start with the story because I'll feel all giggly and fangirly again but I don't feel like annoying you right now so...) we ate at some restaurant (where else!). I didn't get to take a photo of the food we demolished because we immediately wolfed it down but I'm telling you...

It was a lot.

I ate five servings of rice, a HUMONGOUS piece of chicken and five glasses of coke. Dream come true for me. The coke part, I mean. The weather was sweltering hot of course. I've read somewhere that ladies tend to eat more when they're in a group. I'm not a big eater. Wow.

The two of us walked around and browsed through different bookstores. We also bought a few books and ate while we were at it.

Innocent-looking Scrump posing on a Fully Booked shelf. Cameras aren't allowed inside, are they? I remember when my friends and I went to Powerbooks on my 15th birthday and the security guard had forbidden us to take photos. He never said anything about not taking it out though.

It tickles me to think that I had somehow broken some rules. I took a photo of Scrump and no one noticed. I think back to all the lightly rebellious stuff I did at school...

Once I had superglued a ten peso coin on the girl's bathroom floor and someone broke a nail. They never found the culprit but I felt guilty afterwards because that girl was a fellow pianist and we used to hang out after our music classes.

I timed my suspension so I would miss the dreaded Physics long exam. In our school, if you get late for... oh wait I can't remember. But yeah I've been late for more than 15 times... or, I think it was less. 5? Wait let me ask Marion.

Oh god he's not responding. Well anyway, you'll get suspended. Sadly, suspension in my old school meant community service. So we watered the plants and took care of the prom stuff like invitations, decorations while my freaking classmates suffered under our Physics teacher. I used to pass by our classroom and taunt my best friends. And when I made their invitation, I GLUED THE ENVELOPE.

I'm so awesome omg. I'm not saying you should do the stuff I did because trust me, it's not right. But sometimes, when you think back to all the idiotic stuff you subconsciously committed, it's worth a laugh. And what's better than saving memories that you can use every time you feel like the world is throwing you off like a stone?

I like glue ok.

I had always wanted to read this. I'm a huge fan of Ahern! This has been out for years. Omg embarrassing.

Ghostgirl!! Pretty book, haven't read yet. Will read soon. Saving for later. I'm a fast reader.

LOL this. Janine bought a March(?) issue of Vanity Fair because Jennifer Lawrence was in the cover. She was excited until the pages were flipped. There were only like 2 pages that showed a small photo of her and Janine was probably expecting an article/interview. I forgot to tell her that it was Vanity Fair. You know, Vanity Fair.

I'M AN ELF TOO. Since 2008! I only knew Siwon then because I'm more of a girl group fan until Nel also became one and introduced me to the rest of the members.

A yuri manga. I remembered Ryuzaki when I saw this!

(Ryu: LMFAO ALTHOUGH IT WAS A YAOI, WASN'T IT? Oh god I love private jokes.)

AND THE FUNNIEST OF ALL... (for the two of us)

A Tagalog version of Twilight.

What's funny? WE HONESTLY THOUGHT EDWARD WAS GOING TO BE EDWARDO! if you're a Filipino, you get the humor behind it. And we were lol-ing and trolling. I was relieved when I saw that it was in Taglish and the name was safe. Edward. One less reason to mock. I'm actually tired of taunting the Twilight series.

The best-ish photos are reserved for part 3!

344 followers! I'm quite happy to know that people read me and my messed-up words. Thank you guys ♥

LMFAO my Facebook page has only 60 likes. I created it so I can put it under my Work area. So my profile says "Your Highness at Rainy Martini" or other shit.

And yeah, if you wanna talk to me, you can. On twitter! I like talking to people.

Why am I promoting my accounts though... -.-

See ya soon!