Rainy Martini

February 27, 2012


A week and some dreadful days ago, Nel and I randomly went to a mall. I dunno, we just agreed to meet up somewhere because she missed me a lot and was desperate to inhale my ever-so-sweet musk again. Hahaha.Ssssh wtf, if she reads this she'll bombard me with "FOK U SHUT UP BITCH" on Twitter. Pfhchchfchkpchf!! I can't stop giggling while typing.

Oh god Nel you know you love me. Well anyway, we went because a) we could watch Harry Potter's new film—no, he's not Daniel, he's Harry forever, at least in my heart—and letter b as in bitch, her awesome little sister was doing some money-making stint there. So we went out of the blue after some sundae (spaghetti for her).

That's her wearing a red shirt exclaiming her forever alone relationship status. Aaand that's me of course, looking stupid as always, carrying my favorite raspberry handbag. Fashion police don't arrest me and my mismatched clothes, I had not prepared for that trip!

Heading there was a mistake, as soon as we got to meet Janine (her sis), she and her group was kinda leaving. So. Yeah.

We ended up with the hardest question life that time had offered: what do we do now? Okay, doing something wasn't an issue, I mean it's a mall wtf, anything is possible. (By that I mean getting raped in the utility room by a fanged and drooling file cabinet could happen.)

So we went on a shopping spree! We spoiled ourselves generously with everything we could buy. Loljk, how the fuck could we afford to buy anything at that time?

We didn't have money with us. Besides, who would've known we would end up a spender's paradise? We didn't even know how to get there. She kept asking me "is this the right way wtf is this the right way are you sure?" Naturally I said yes with an air of coolness and sheer confidence only beauty queens could give off. But inside I was like "FUUUUU". I don't fucking commute, I just kinda figured the whole getting-to-the-damn-mall thing right there and then.

Etude House!! She saw a life-sized Minho (from SHINee) standee and immediately her pervy alter-ego took over. Of course the store had loads of cute cosmetics I want to take photos of. I swear I would sell my soul for those! The music playing inside the boutique was Fat Cat's "Is Being Pretty Everything?", my current favorite. So fuck yeah I was walking in dreamland, while puking rainbows.

Until.... I saw this strawberry-flavored body wash that I desperately wanted to drink. I WAS DEVASTATED because I could not, in any damn circumstances, afford the damn thing. (I bought it yesterday though. Loool)

Then we went to Toy Kingdom, and again I puked out the last of the rainbows left inside me.


There was a miniature refrigerator and equally mini vegetable, milk cartons and food. Did you know about my refrigerator obsession? My most prized toy when I was a kid was a 9-inch mini refrigerator, complete with groceries as little as my earrings. I am obsessed with tiny stuff.

So yeah I wanted to slit my neck right then and there. Or not. But I sure as hell would ask my soul back from Etude House Devil and gratefully hand it to Re-Ment Devil.

Next was... our luxury dinner. What? I wanna call it luxury wtf. Shut up.

The best option was to get home, at that point. We then decided to go to ours and get drunk.

Before going out we watched this harpist play. *cries*

I want a harp.

So there. I easily get drunk, after a few shots of gin I was floating in cloud 9. Got bored in cloud 9 so I went to look for cloud 10, only to find out there isn't any.

I was tweeting that time, too. Haha.

I'm tired now. Time for lunch. I hope you enjoyed my telltale tale.

So how have you been? What's up?

February 25, 2012

Coco et Chopin

I made this a few weeks ago. I love Coco Rocha to the point of worshiping every single photo of her.

x x x x

This is uh, me playing a Grand Valse Brillante, op 18 (in E flat major) by Chopin for about a minute. Just ignore Lara's giggles.

I know I played it in Presto (or in a fast tempo). And if you're going to lecture that it isn't the right way to play, save it. We were just having fun and I had no intention to desecrate the legendary piece.

Excuses for the poor quality: the recording device (my phone lol) was on top of the grand, Lara was seated next to me. Ohhh why am I telling you this anyway?

February 22, 2012

Amour défendu.

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As the title says, "forbidden love". I'm feeling (bored) silly and (bored) stupid right now so might as well write an equally imbecilic post. This may well be a photodump, too. Actually there are so many photos in my folder right now and I have no inkling what to do with any of them. I mean, I can't just bombard this blog with stupid photos, can I?

Can I?

Of course I can.

This is my tiny Patrick plushie. Originally, it was a keychain. But I snipped the metal ring bits so there. I can haz tiny plush.

Victoria's Secret Noir Tease gift set I had received from an auntie. Tiny bottle of eau de toilette and a sexy tube of lotion. I don't think I'll ever get to use this because it looks so chic. Kidding. I had already used them all up. Hoho. But they'll forever live in this photo, all blurry and blurry.

Patrick thinks the lotion tube is sexy. It's pink, after all.

In case you're wondering, yes, that's Patrick's back. And no, the plushie has no mouth and eyes. No face at all. So this couldn't be really Patrick, could it?

Patrick taking advice from Cecelia Ahern's novels.

Patrick: just hang in there Lotion honey. I'm coming to get chu. *sobs violently*


I got you now dear, I got you, I got you, Aaaay got you now honey. Sssh. Sssh.

WHAT. Perfume is your sister!? But. But I thought... I thought... *stupid Patrick AHIHI giggle* Nooooo. I guess I just have to live with it then.

End of story.

That's my favorite dark blue Juicy Couture handbag by the way. Still alive but not as pretty as I first bought it. Unlike others. Juicy products are so stylish but I don't think they'd last long. My other light pink velvet shoulder bag withered after about a year. I like keeping bags eh. BUT STILL. JUICY IS SO SEXY. Who cares if it doesn't last long? I do, but that's not always the point. Maybe I should hand them down.

Seeee. I told you I was bored.

February 19, 2012

Je suis... Je suis...

Just got home! I always wake up at about 5 A.M., although I never knew why. I mean it's not like I'm busy or have schedules. I have all the time in the universe at the moment, and it's not cool. I miss the thrill of meeting deadlines and dead peacocks. If you know what I mean.

I went to UP Diliman campus to jog, wearing my old varsity uniform. Gah, it's the shade of blue that will never ever ever capture my eyes, or heart. Or any other parts of my body because I loathe it. The only excuses I have for wearing it... well, comfort and memories.

I had to squeeze my arms forward, the forward-est I could get them. I hate my arms ok.

The next photo was taken last 2008. It was so fucking memorable because I had an epic fail moment while running. I don't even know how to start. Or if I ever will start. Hoho.

That day I suddenly got the painters in *winks*. So there. I've had menstrual cramps and weird bullshit that wasn't supposed to be there. Sigh. Of all days right?

What I found funny that time was when one of my teammates joked that my opponents would all break their legs because there'd be an alarming blood-spill on the track and everybody behind me could slip and easily die. For good.

Yuck. Yuck yuck ew. Sorry guys but it's kinda normal for us girls to talk about that stuff so casually. If you can't take it then scram away.

Yes, I'm nostalgic. I reminisce a million more times than expected. It has something to do with me having superhuman (loool) memory. I always remember what my friends last wore when we went to this place and when we went to that place. If we're online buddies I still remember the conversations we had, especially if we haven't had that many. I always freak people out, too. On the other side of the coin, it's kind of annoying because I get to remember unpleasant conversations and detailed painful memories.

If I had my way I'd get a brain reformat. Oh oh I think I know how that could be done. I once watched an autopsy video and the pathologist pointed out an area on the brain. If it gets shaken or something you could easily lose memories. SO ALL I HAVE TO DO IS POUND SOME NAIL ON THE RIGHT SPOT.

Speaking of nailing nails into someone's head, I briefly watched a documentary on Nat Geo last year about a sacrificial rite. The participants (using that word kinda makes it sound like a contest doesn't it?) (it kinda is, like, Who Gets To Be Taken By God First or something) dance and while they're at it, do some self-mutilating stunts like driving OHFUCK-inched nails into their heads. They slowly hammer it deeper and deeper until the nail-head is leveled with the skin.

I regret not watching the whole docu. I am now forever curious what happened to the old man. I wonder how that must feel, physically and spiritually.

Before I reach a spiritual topic I must stop. My beliefs should be written in a whole new post and how the fuck did I arrive at this topic? I was just thinking about my varsity times. What the.

Oh oh. I'm browsing this tumblelog called hellyeahhorrormanga so I'm kinda morbid. Also, I'm trying to finish a Gerritsen novel.

I LOVE BLOOD OH GOD. I'm fascinated with blood. Random, okay. Okay I shut up now.

I bombard you with parentheses yes, I'm too lazy to use em-dash eh. I'm not sorry for anything. Fuuu.

So this is what happens when I actually blog about my thoughts. Truth is I've read about how writing your thoughts down can lower your hostility level.

I'M NOT HOSTILE. Okay maybe I am but I am against physical violence okay? Morbid literature, ooooh. Oh god blooooood.

February 17, 2012

Mon animaux de compagnie belle.

Some of my readers commented and tagged that they want to see my newly-adopted baby pets. So here they are! Yes, they're from the streets, so I gave them a home.

I don't give a shit whether an animal is a mongrel or pure-breed. I love them okay? I don't practice racism anywhere. I'm not an animal racist. If you don't discriminate people according to their race, I don't think you should do the same with animals. I'm not lecturing you, you should be able to land on your own mindset and way of thinking. Just trying to share mine.

Note: The captions are in Weedle's point of view, and in a different accent (somewhere between British and French). "The eeveel keetee; do not forget," he added icily as he snaked his way beside me. Ok I think it's funny. A cat snaking. See it? Looool. How can a cat, which is a cat of course, snake? Loool I know okay. Snake is a verb and cat is a noun, at least in the sentence's usage. But what if, what if I switch their places? "A snake catted beside me." Wtf how can a snake, ssssss, cat? Pffchfchfhfhfh I can't even. I mean they don't have legs so... Am I confusing you? *le troll face* I lurrve my logic.

Lo and behold, le almighty Weedle, paws up, eyes dilated. Purrrfect.

(What Weedle probably thought) No. NO. Hunooooooooo I do not want any of my photographs powsted in your stchupid blug. I. Will. Not. Let. You click that annoying camera phone you have there... oooh! No.


*twenty eight minutes of bloody catfight later*

So I have hud (heard) yew want to see mey? It is I, le Weedle le great, who had conceded in this "I dun wunnu take le fotozzz huhuhu game". Only because my alleged mastuh wishes to.

I can haz squeaky toy keetee. And an equally dumb, annoying (in my opinion, Rainy *ehem* Martinee thinks he ees the smartest beecause he can seet and take out dirty clothes, I beg tew differ) chienne. Yes, I chose to call him a chienne (French for female dog, aka bitch) beecause he loves cuddleeng with mee.

He is a girl. In my opinion.

Don't I look gorgeous and extra royal on this exquisite carpet? You say.

Don't I look dasheeng and smart and incredibly eeveel, claws alreadee out and eyes set for the keel. Oh, I love my cruelty.

You don't say?

How can my master's little seebling adore the brainless git? But but I sleep next to master. And and I always lie on her left leg. So I must be loved more.

I must bee.

********************I can't take it anymore. I feel stupid writing like that.

Please do realize that taking photos of them was toilsome. They just wouldn't go steady for 2 freaking seconds!

Well it is true what Weedle said, he kind of hates Coco. The puppy adores the kitty, but the kitty... sigh. So they always end up playing-fighting. Weedle wins everytime of course. But when it comes to cuddling beside me while I watch The Vampire Diaries or HIMYM (or New Girl), they seem to be in some kind of a truce because Weedle's always on my left leg, and Coco, by my right.

And last night, the stupidest thing happened to me. My dog ate my money. Literally. I was trying to starve him a little because he doesn't finish his food and it always goes to waste. Lol. So I guess trying to make him go hungrier wasn't a good idea after all eh?

Now I'm out of cash for the next few days. I was planning to go to Nel's to pig out and just hang, watch movies.

February 13, 2012

Regardez et écoutez.

Recorded 2 years ago. First movement of Mozart's sonata in G Major K283. That's my favorite Mozart sonata okay. You might wanna turn up your headphones/speakers because the volume was kinda low. That is, if you wanna listen. Lol. And that humming sound, the air conditioner I think. Sorry for the poor quality, I only used my old old laptop mic. I love Mozart. I think I also recorded Chopin waltzes and etudes. I'll sift through my even older files and post them up here!

Now, back to the semi-present, because I made these last month. Not exactly cool but yeah.

Credits: x x x x x

I kind of hate the Bruno Mars collage I did for some reason. It just doesn't feel right. I'm not proud of these works but it's mine so I think they deserve to be here. Tell me what you think, I need to get my old touch back. And also the need to improve my craft abounds.

February 11, 2012

D'hier repas.

My brother while we were riding the LRT. We went to Quiapo church because it was a Friday yesterday. His prayer schedule.

Then we went to Makati to meet le boss. I really, really like taking photos of my mother without her knowing. She looks more relaxed.

We ate at Tony Roma's with my mother's friend Carol. I ordered Cajun pasta and Mojitos. The pasta was tasty, though a little spicy for my taste. But the Mojitos. Wowww. What the f was I thinking? I'm familiar with the taste... but the effect wtf. Normally I just frown at everybody I know, but when I drink, I can't stop smiling. So yeah I was walking around the mall with a cheesy smile plastered on my face. I even said "hi" to the security guard when he checked my bag at the entrance. And the mint leaves look so sexy.

My brother's order. How he chomped all of it I've no idea.

That's him, my big bro. Eldest brother actually. He is, as expected, bossy and speaks with authority. I hate it sometimes because I always lose when I argue with him. Logic-wise, I'm epic win of course. But it's the authority that prevails in the end. Unfair.

I'm blogging again but I don't know why. Normally I don't update soon but what with all the photos I have with nowhere to post on. Sigh.

But but but later, I'm going out with my best friend Nel. The last time I saw her was last month I think. She said she missed getting drunk so...


What? I'm 18 okay. Legal age. Legal age. Legal age. Legal age. Being old isn't always a bad thing.

February 09, 2012

Jour ennuyeux à.

Bonne soirée (or Bonsoir, if you prefer) mon lecteurs! I'm just about to celebrate how I almost passed the day without doing anything but tweeting. Oooh. Sounds fun.

Well it's not. Maybe if you've been working on your thesis for 99 hours straight it is. But for me it isn't, because being idle is the last thing I'd vie for.

Yesterday my mother, younger bro and I went to the nearest mall to check out this hot pink Pentax DSLR that my mom apparently wants. We didn't buy it yet lol. I mean, before diving for a camera you should contemplate on just about anything from focal points to colors. Blah. I want it anyway. Actually any camera with a high definition would do for me.

Yes, even if it's covered with hangman drawings or a giraffe pattern I'd accept it.

As long as it could freeze a moment. Or a second. Or a minute. Or a fuck. Fuuu.

All photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy. Sorry for the low quality and the bad editing. I only used Pixlr and some photo editing phone apps.

My mother browsing some shoes. She didn't get to buy any pair at this store because they only have one stock per pair and you know her, superstitious. "I wouldn't walk on shoes other people already stepped on! It's bad vibes." Well it's just that my mom's a bit New Age-y and stuff.

First time I wore the heels Shawn sent me. They're quite high but I don't mind. It gave me a few extra inches! My height is 5'2''. I'm already 18, so yeah I'm kind of short. I always wished I could grow a few more inches so I won't have difficulties reaching a guy's mouth or something. Ok kidding. I just wanna grow taller, that's all. But yesterday I saw some women a few inches shorter than me and thought "Thank Kitkats I  even reached 5 feet."

The pair I wanted to buy. I just love the beige rose because it's uh... rosy. And the strap, oh god I love straps.

Got a bit sian waiting for my mom to finish her shoe shopping so I went to Chatime. Then fuuu the queue was as long as the longest anaconda I'd ever seen wtf. So I had to wait and endure another wave of boredom.

That's my favorite bag. I've had it for almost 3 years now. It's quite a prize! Err yes, that's Lilo's doll.

My Mickey Mouse tote played Matryoshka and housed another bag. Why I'm carrying two bags? The larger one's for stashing the shopping/plastic bags lol. I don't really like carrying stuff with my hands.

Choco banana (or the other way around idk) smoothie with pudding add-on!

Then the boss went out of the mall for some coffee. I like photographing people while they talk. It gives off some sense of movement.

My brother while drinking his hated cup of cappuccino. I didn't get to capture the second he made a sour look. He says the coffee was too strong and he despise it. All I can say is, HOW DARE HE DESPISE SOMETHING SO HEAVENLY? So there. Took a photo of you while drinking as a revenge.

You'd think I'd get away from what I did unscathed. But fuuu lil bro managed to take stolen shots of me while I was checking my lips. I didn't even notice because he turned the sound off.

I think I was applying more lip gloss or peeling off some dry skin. Yuck.

I think he meant to embarrass me by taking stolen shots but he took a rather okay shot.

I'm going to eat dinner now. Bye.

February 07, 2012

Je suis toujours très bien.

I am okay. I feel fine. For once, I didn't have to force myself to think about anything but being okay. I mean I almost got to the point where I would rather picture myself burning my own brothers, or imagine two girls (or even men) make out. Yuck. Honestly though, anything but wishing to gain something non-existent.

But I did not get there. I mean I almost got to that road when the ground gave way two centimeters away and I fell in what I wanted to believe to be a rabbit hole. There were no rabbits though. What's a rabbit hole without rabbits rabbiting anyway!? The rabbit hole in question must have felt the pain of lacking its purpose.

It spat me out and bam. My face then had a nice, sweet skin to skin conversation with the mummy cow's udder who happened to be feeding on some yucky grass.

That's how I came back, to reality. To the reaaaal okay feeling.

Haha, I'm lying.

We're grocery shopping later so I guess that's something to be glad about. Buy ALL the Kitkat!!

Aaaand my life is currently at an intersection where the traffic is heavy and no fucking car could pass through. Pedestrians, either. The traffic better get me anywhere, because I sure as hell don't know where to go. I know, douchy and drama queen-y but that's what's happening to me right now. Trust me I'd always wanted to post something positive. Sigh.

I'm so confused.

But we're grocery shopping later. Food, Rainy, food. Food? FOOOOOOOOOD. Food is good.

Food is good.

February 04, 2012

Faim extrême

Strawberry cream, anyone?

Random pine needles, anyone?

I'm so hungry I could devour your whole refrigerator in one sitting. I'm so hungry I could devour this book I just bought in one glance. My stomach screams for food, my mind screams for words. My mouth, well, my mouth can't scream for anything because I shut it up for good. I should paint it green and sew it shut for 2 minutes and remove the stitches. Then sew it ten seconds later because I would realize there's nothing else to do with it.

Rainy you siao ah?

February 01, 2012


x x

Happy February everyone! 'Tis the month of hearts. 'Tis the month of farts. It's safe to say that I'll be celebrating Valentine's Day alone (again). Oh wait, I have my pets! So I guess I'll be rollin' in the deep with furry critters then. Oooh nice. I wish you all a good month and hopefully you can find someone to lust on. I'm not even kidding.

And sorry, sorry. I know some of you wanted to see photos of Coco and Weedle, but I don't have a camera on hand at the moment. I swear I'll post them here. I do have photos, but the quality is unforgivably low and you know what that means.

I shall now commence my foreveralone-ing!