Rainy Martini

March 29, 2012

Foam art #fail

It's still raining and I'm stuck at home. I don't feel like drawing or anything so I've been watching Youtube videos with little kids *pedobear sneer* all day. We watched RRCherrypie videos with pure interest and jealousy. The sound of crinkling plastic and the stirring are addicting all right. Wtf, by lunch my little bro and my cousin were making their respective mothers promise them a Whipple kit and a box of Popin' Cookin' goodie.

I wish I were still their age because I'd very much love to bully my mother into buying me more Whipple products.

Then my boredom got a firmer grip on me and I felt like challenging my art skills further by imitating latte art with my chocolate drink foam. I love my bear teaspoon.

Well uh, I was trying to come up with a heart. Close enough. But looks more like a pair of boobies without nipples or something. Nipples.


Ok no, no. I couldn't do a proper heart because I was laughing at the accidental result I got. It was shaped like a...

Wtf no I'm not telling you. But you might have seen it already if you're a friend of mine so yeah.

I'm renovating our graphic site so I'm really sorry for the mess-up. My brain isn't up to designing so there's nothing I can do. I'm type AB so yeah you'd prolly get why my moods go like that.

By the way, can anyone suggest a good online kawaii store?

Uhh yes we're using a Christmas-themed tablecloth.

March 28, 2012

Les chocolats délicieux, les bébés et le chien.

Hellooo everyone. I'm blogging normally again. I went food shopping and spent all of my money buying nomz! Meiji products of every flavor, chocolate bars, cookies, and soft drinks! Wth, I was planning to get a new haircut but the sweets were irresistibly threatening! Yes, threatening. It was like, "BUY ME OR DIE YOU BIJ. HOHOHO."

*blinks* I didn't have a choice now, did I?

Cream-filled treats that I can't not take photos of! I didn't buy the boxed ones because there were a lot of stuff I bought and I was trying to budget the little money I bought. What with two dozens of chocolate bars and a jar of Nutella searing my wallet. Still, I love these enough to get them featured! Oooh.

The rest of my uncle's family arrived two days ago! That means two more kids at home! I like kids ok.

Meet my almost one-year-old cousin/godson Caedwyn! He's a total derp, you see; and he always tries to imitate what he hears. He even screws his face up when he sees my phone! He knows I'm taking a photo I guess.

See those orchids and birds of paradise behind him? They're mine. I love plants, and I was delighted when they bloomed! I'm still waiting for my lilies to come out of their buds!

Since there's a baby inside now, Coco has been deemed off-limits inside the crap house. We never leashed Coco and he never set paws outside so this must be a brutal shock for him.

He keeps crying and crying and even tries to break free. And the only way to shut him up is when I go out and sit with him.

Poor puppy. But who knows what he's capable of right? He might suddenly attack baby Caedwyn omg. He's very jealous and possessive and dislikes it when I carry a baby. I always carry him and he likes chilling out on my tummy so I kinda get how he feels. But still. We haven't had him injected with anti-rabies yet, I got bit by him one time and I'm so fucking lucky I didn't show any symptoms! I was really scared because... what if I needed injection!? They feed my fear by making fun of it. My mother said I needed seven shots in my tummy. Or twenty-five. Or nine, according to who's trying to scare me anyway. What the actual fuck.

I do find it funny though, now that I think I'm safe.

We said goodbye to our old Fairyflosss and change our resource site's name to Cirque du Latte! Visit the Latte Cirque now!

By the way, does anyone want to request a tutorial? Do say so. I wanna know what you want to know.

Good day to you reader! I gotta go now. Bye.

March 26, 2012

Tutorial: Vintage Effect

First, I posted a new Patterns batch on Fairyfloss! Do check it out! And remember to follow for latest updates. We're trying to be active.

One of my online pals asked me how I edit my photos, and since it was tricky trying explain everything through Whatsapp, I decided to create a real tutorial.

Please do note that different photos have various elements and properties, so you can't expect to get the exact results I got. But this technique is very common, and it works for most photos. That's why I decided to do this as my first ever tutorial.

The original image. I hope you don't get sick of this kawaii plushie because I love it so much and we've been together through sick and sin!

I used Photoshop CS4, but there won't be any problem with other versions.

Step 1: Open an image then duplicate that layer.
(If you don't know how to duplicate, right click on the layer containing the image and click Duplicate Layer Hello Rainy Martini Lol Lol)

Why duplicate? You don't wanna ruin the original image, do you? Just in case.

Step 2: Create a new layer, then fill it using the paint bucket with a pale yellow color. As I have said earlier, different photos have different elements, the shade of yellow may vary depending on what properties the photo you're editing is in. In this case, I used #feff73. I think it's safe to use that, too. You could try something darker or lighter.

Set the blending options to Multiply and adjust the Opacity to 60-70%.

Step 3: Repeat step 2, but this time, fill the new layer with a dark blue color using the paint bucket. I used #1a1a6f.

Set the blending options to Exclusion, then adjust the opacity. Something between 50-70%.

You're almost done! But the photo needs some boosting, so here goes.

Step 4: On the Adjustments* panel, choose Levels, then you will see a dropdown menu with RGB written on it, select Red and move the dial to the right a little. Just a little budge or until you're satisfied with the redness of your now vintage-looking image. Adjust the Curves, too. There's no specific pattern because as I said (again), different photos have... you know what. So, just play with it, drag that damn little dot across the graph like a killer dragging a dead body, add more dots then slide em again until your heart melts with satisfaction.

*If you're using Adobe Photoshop CS3 or lower, you can find it via Layer > New Adjustment Layer. 

Step 5: Click Color Balance (also found on the Adjustment panel) and choose Shadows, adjust the Cyan-Red dial to the right a litte, about 10 will do. Next, choose Highlights, and adjust the redness, too. In this case I added +13.

Step 6: Adjust the contrast, 20-25 will do.

You can add another Curves layer if you wish but it is not necessary. I only did it to enhance the image more.


(Or in this case I am)

Go on and try it! I'll be really pleased if I had managed to share this little knowledge to my readers who are beginning to befriend Photoshop. It was a pain to printscreen every single thing I do but I guess I'll get used to it in time. Tell me what you think via comments, too.

It would be better to alter and add various adjustments to suit your liking! Have fun and don't be afraid to experiment!

My next tutorial will be about collages and blending so stay tuned! Also, the next ones will be posted on our graphic and resource site Fairyfloss, do check it out!

March 24, 2012

out of the gray... I mean blue

Moody weather. I expected nothing less than this, as March is coming to a close. But earlier it rained hard, drops of smelly rain pounded on my roof and for a moment I felt bothered. I don't understand why, normally I'd throw a party and invite myself every time it rains. Then I'll party with me. Me and I will make coffee together and drink it together, pausing only to cool our burnt tongue.

Yeah, it was really fun hanging out with me. #foreveralone

No, no. I can't do this. How am I supposed to write a proper post if Careless Whisper keeps playing in my mind!? IT JUST WON'T STOP. It plays the intro again and again. In fact it's going "toorooroorootroot" in my head as I type this. Oh, you don't know Careless Whisper? I don't believe you. At some point in your life you might have heard of it. Go search on Youtube and listen for 5 seconds!

It's a saxy music that will make you see beerhouses and strippers behind your closed eyes.

Let's just say that I've been reading again but could not concentrate because of that bloody song. I mean, okay, it's a good one. But please gerroff my head at the moment!

Another thing:

I've been receiving a few comments from anonymous people (or those who didn't leave any URL) saying that I was lying whenever I say that the photos in a certain posts are taken using my phone. Well I don't mind lol wtf. In fact, it exults me in a rather weird way. That could only mean one thing... I can haz effective denoising/sharpening skills. YES!!!

*dances nekkid*

Seriously though. You asked. I answered. You didn't get what you wanted, berated the truth I had said. Fine. (But if you're curious, the photo above was taken using a DSLR!)

But what I eternally hate is when someone uses a friend's name for some vile reason. Whether real-life or online friends I don't care. It's very uncool and flat-out irritating.

You see, Lionel's name is being used this time. Beats me why he/she/it is doing it. The IP address below belongs to the real Lionel.

I've saved a bunch of IP addresses in my sticky notes here and hopefully I'd know who they are. I do not desire getting even with them or stirring more shit. It's bad enough as it is. But I just wanna know who. So yeah I'll be paying attention to this statistics tracking site that I use. It records the IP address and geographical location and referring URL (if available) of my visitors and so much more. If I can match the time they tagged/posted a comment with the one recorded in this tracking site, I'd have a good haul.

Moving on, I made a Photoshop tutorial! I'll be teaching you how to add vintage effects to your photos. I hope you find it useful. To be posted in a few days' time I think.

Good night!

March 22, 2012

an updated update!

In case you don't know, that's my all-time favorite bag. I love it so much I often take photos of it. I've had it since I was 15, as a souvenir to our extremely fail trip to HK. As you can see, I had just chucked out my hideous pink layout and replaced it with a more comforting one. Personally I think my previous skin's an eyesore and getting a bit messy. So... what say you, reader? How's my new layout?

Aside from the unwanted tasks my homefolks had set upon me, I practically have nothing to do every day. You'd think that boredom is a very noob enemy to thwart. But wtf, it's the devil among the devils. I think I've been so busy contemplating boredom I don't even have room for humor or sarcasm anymore. Bah.

What's more? I didn't get to watch The Hunger Games today. I'm really curious about how the movie is going to turn out.

(Well, maybe next time. There's still next time, right? Right? RIGHT? Answer you spongy old fuck! *mutilates giant Teletubby plushie* Say something you ogling ball of cotton!)

*clears  throat*

The photo above was taken in a religious house while I was a part of this ceremony. Err, I don't wanna elaborate in case some devoted-and-religious start lecturing me about desecration.

I used to sneak food in class, too. Bags of chips, candies, name it! I munch on them while a teacher lectures. And no, I never did get caught everrrr. Okay maybe once or twice, but I wasn't reprimanded so that must not count for anything.

I think I should go to sleep now. Bye.

And oh btw, I might delete some affiliates. I will only leave those who I'm close with.

March 19, 2012

Dystopia and I

I'm going to say this as flat and as emotionless as possible, 'cause I don't want to convey any impression that I'm either glad or resentful with this opinion. This is merely a confession.

Hunger Games doesn't excite me, nor does any dystopian novel, for this matter.

image from here

Let's not jump into conclusion that I wholeheartedly hate the genre, because I don't; I find it interesting, to be honest. But there's something... something which I can't quite put my finger on. (For all I know it could be someone's buttcrack. What? I can't put my finger on it and I don't want to. Whatever blah I just feel like taking idioms literally.)

First, what is Dystopia? "A dystopia is the idea of a society in a repressive and controlled state." —Wikipedia

In other words, a genre where the characters are a part of a society that they don't quite believe to be just. They champion spreading freedom and equality throughout the country, which often results to rebellion, war, and revolution. Whether they achieve what they fight for and believe in I cannot say, for it solely depends upon the author's liking lol so don't expect me to write something about that.

So, back to me not fancying The Hunger Games Trilogy...

I only found out about it last 2010, when my German friend Josie suggested I read it, because her favorite author Stephenie Meyer recommended it on her site. (WHAT? Don't sneer you... you... git. Lol, as much as I hate Meyer's works, I am eternally biased and sensitive when it comes to what my friends love. My love is unconditional!!)

I forgot about it for a year until my best friend Nel's sister Janine started her book-reading mania and suggested with glee and force that we read it too. I couldn't afford a copy at the time so I just picked up their youngest sis Justine's borrowed copy from her school library. Here's the glitch, I only had like 18 hours or less to read it because she was going home the next afternoon and I was like XZCLSOKFDS. But I read it anyway—whilst fearing that I won't get to finish it—and I was done with the book hours before she had to leave.

My reaction? Hmm... so the plot is quite rich—very rich and bold, in fact. In my opinion okay? It's fast-paced and not at all mysterious, mild action and gore but that will do.

I very much adore Katniss, the main character, and her best friend Gale. I don't know why but somehow, I seem to have an unexplained distrust on Peeta. Perhaps it all comes down to the part where Katniss was wondering whether he was trustworthy or just playing a game, so I've had that impression ever since. And no freaking thing could change what I think about him anymore, no matter how gorgeous the actor who played him is.

So yeah I finished all three books in a whip... but I couldn't bring myself to spazz about it on Twitter. I tried okay, several times. But it's just not me.

Janine keeps suggesting trendy dystopians for me to read like Matched, Divergent, et cetera. I read them all right, but no matter what I do to convince myself that they are awesome reads, my heart keeps beating the same fuckboring rhythm it's made to do. No adrenaline, no goosebumps.

I read the HG trilogy again, and again. I actually know the scenes by heart now, but still. I did cry at the character's death scenes because it was so heart-wrenching and unfair. After that... nothing.

That's when I realized that my heart and brain (lol hi brain, you there?) (OH MY GOD WHERE ARE YOU BRAIN PLEASE RESPOND) were not made for that genre. I don't have a soft spot for rebellion and politics, at the very least.

Which brings me to the question... "do I care about politics at all?" I. Don't. Know. Maybe I do, but I don't see it as something I should blab about at the moment. I see it as something passive and ever-there. Automatic, and all. I don't have the excuse of being "too young" because I'm already 18 and I can now vote, come next election. But!! But. Let's not talk about this, at least at the moment.

To dumb it down:

I may care a lot about the genre, but like oil and water, I can't go around treating it as my husband. (which I apparently do to the Harry Potter series lol) (I'M MARRIED TO ROWLING'S BOOKS. FUCK YEAH.)

I hope I made it very clear. The Hunger Games is going to be shown soon! A few more days to go! I'm gonna watch it, you know. Hoho.

Done bambling. Bye. I hope I made my point though.

March 17, 2012

Galaxy Textures Pack 01

Enthralling, right? That's an image of the Carina nebula, from NASA. I took the sweet time to explore around their gallery and sure enough I was puking rainbows by the time I left the laptop. I downloaded them and decided to enhance the images using Photoshop. I've been using them as textures/backgrounds all this time, actually. So yeah, I wanna share with you the pack I made!

Password: rarara

I already uploaded this on our graphic site, Fairyfloss. But as it seems, the site is a little too silent and whatever. So yeah, I'm gonna share it again. You can visit Fairyfloss, too. My friend Izzie and I run it. Check it out okay?

March 16, 2012

pour Tqa, vous êtes merveilleux!

I don't know why but all of a sudden I created my two awesome Malaysian friends some random graphic to show how I dangerously love them. Tqa, this is for you! I hope you like this, to be honest I'm not quite confident with what I made but whatever. As long as there's love right? Hoho. And I mean, you know you truly love me to the point of throwing a freshly bought Chatime drink en route to Manila from Kuala Lumpur.

You can visit Tqa on her blog here.

I wanted to add some more gay words of endearment but my dog puked on my feet while I was writing another sentence! Argh, I love Coco, vomits and all. But on my feet!?

Other news: I'm going to upload some textures I made for you to download, yeah I think I'll be giving out resource packs now. I do hope you'll love them though, because I'm new at this! I had used those textures myself but I had never shared them before. So yeah, watch out for it.


March 15, 2012

my day so far...

Ugh, starting to believe that my life is indeed a facsimile of a sham if it wasn't for this bowl of caramel popcorn I heartily devour every day. Poor popcorn. It's the popcorn's fault though, hadn't it been so yummy, I could've saved it from the grudging dungeons that was my mouth.

Well anyway, I submitted my old layout on Blogskins. You can download it here. Okay I received a reply from the girl who ripped that layout saying she never, and did not in any damn circumstances take it from my blog with that intention whatsoever bloody blah blah. Geez. By merely viewing and copying everything in the source area, you are exercising the act of, tadaah, ripping. So why deny? *shrugs* Can't do anything about it now, can I?

Took out my old guitar yesterday morning, brought it with me to the tuition center along with my flute, without knowing why.

To my utter surprise, my *giggles* crush *giggles* was summoned (lol I like using that word, makes people feel royal or something) by my teacher and asked him to play the accompaniment. Using that guitar. Ahh, so you won't see me tweeting about changing strings anytime soon, although I had been thinking about it for months now. So it's like fate is conspiring with me to finally get to see le crush's slender and flawless hands glide across the strings. Ooh wow.

I woke up at daybreak to find the sky so... flirty. I'd call it that because well, it's pink. I didn't even edit that one. I swear, cross my heart I hope you die. Lol. And my orchids (heirloom from me gram) finally bloomed! Pic was taken two days ago. Yeay. I love plants and flowers, they're so flowery. And leafy. Bleh.

I'm thinking about changing my layout again, I don't really like the shade of pink that I used. I'm more like a raspberry pink and brown person so...

By the way, my friend Irina is the one who keeps editing my posts, leaving intended typographical and grammar errors at her wake. Can't blame her, I never knew anyone who had the heart to stop her from doing what she wants to, I do, actually. But she just won't stop. We've been friends for so long now it seems to be a normal thing. But please please Irina, stop humiliating me by doing those. You can change my banner with "I LUST ON (INSERT GUITARIST'S NAME HERE*, just stop this nonsense. Oh god I just gave you an idea, didn't I?


March 12, 2012

If you could see me now

I confined myself inside the house for heaven knows how long... until today. I went to my friend's organization headquarters to shoot photos of their members. It wasn't really fun because there's this damn annoying guy called Alex who keeps complaining about everything. Surprise dude, you're not paying me to click the fucking shutter. Idiot. Really, I wish you could see him. I don't really resent humanity, but if the likes of him swarm around me I...

Anyway, I downloaded Kakaotalk again, determined to meet more people and keep dear boredom away from my head.

If you have an account there on Kakaotalk, do add me. My ID is RainyMartini.Well obviously. Lol.

I didn't want to flash my ID but I didn't have a choice because I was too lazy to add everyone who had provided usernames of their own. But by not doing so means succumbing to the dangerous trance boredomevilshit is lulling me to. So I posted it, my damn username.

I met quite a few interesting people who study music, share the same sarcastic views I believe in, and some equally addicted fangirls. So far so far. So good. But there are creepy and suspicious looking persons so uh. Uh. That's not supposed to sound good, that "uh".

My mother and siblings are taking out some swimwears. Right now my mother is wearing a vibrant green one-piece bathing suit, dancing to some techno song of her decade or something. Not to mention my little brother (who is now wearing his sky blue swimming trunks) who is kind of soft, also dancing to the same music my mom's bouncing to. Izzie, I know I already mentioned this scenario to you earlier on Facebook chat but wth they're still at it.

They're still at it, and I can't even concentrate. Then my big brother ordered me to edit (or rewrite if severely necessary) his school blah. I think he should realize that I'm saving his life by correcting his mistakes. I'm writing this post to warm my brain up actually.

It's safe to say that today is actually the most cheerful day I've ever had in a long time. I was plagued by my inner dementors, but somehow I managed to conjure a patronus that scared them away. Or so I wish.

Have a good night, I feel really random. Random.

That photo is from my old blog, hence the different watermark.

March 10, 2012

Demonata: Lord Loss (Darren Shan)

I've been on a reading quest for a few weeks now, I meant to blog about the other stuff I had read, but I feel like writing about what I had read recently. (PS, I meant to sound stupid in this sentence on purpose)

I've had this for years, although I wasn't aware of it. I found it at the back of my books cabinet, leaves still fresh and crisp, the spine good as new. Then I remembered, it was a gift from Shawn, about 4 years ago. Haha sorry dude. As you can see, the cover is violently red, so it was kind of an eyesore for me. BUT, the words inside are what mattered the most, so I read it on the spot. I was tweeting while I was going through the first chapter, and I kept saying it was catchy. It was, is. It's catchy all right. Darren Shan, you know Darren Shan. All cool and devil-may-cry; his characters, I mean. I've spotted some similarities between Lord Loss and Cirque du Freak's main characters' points of view. It's the kind of style that will imprison your curiosity and will make you think "cool dude, cool dude." I just shrugged wtf can you believe it!? I shrugged after writing the previous previous sentence. Hahaha. I feel like an idiot. I really did shrug I swear. Maybe I wasn't sure how I'd describe the protagonists? *more shrugs* Well anyway, there's gore at the first few pages. Like, gore as in Grubbs (main dude) finds what's left of his family mutilated, mangled. His dad, head cut, hanging upside down. Big sis, cut in half. I LOVE GORE. I didn't read the synopsis at the back so when I flopped it open I was totally astonished. I expected blood (and other body parts) bath. So, as I progressed further into it, good, good, okay. And I was thinking "WHERE'S THE GORE!?" It has a soft and favorable ending, a bit mysterious. It's not really concise, it is the first book from the series, after all. The author had more time to weave the story, though. I'm really looking forward to reading the next book, because I believe that there's more to it. What I've read is nothing compared to the rest (just an assumption). The only problem is, how the F am I supposed to get the next one? Ugh.

Oh, I didn't tell you what it was about, did I? Err, it's uh, it's. It's... it's. It's about some family curse. Certain members of their family turn into werewolves. The only difference is, in this series, once you turn into a full-fledged werewolf, you will lose your sanity (and even humanity), not only during full moon. There's a chance to lift the curse, though: by defeating the demon master called Lord Loss in chess. Five boards, plus distractions. So Mr. Main Character and his uncle challenge Lord Loss. There, I don't need to tell more. I know it isn't proper to tell you the plot just now, should've done it earlier but I totally forgot okay? Typical of me.

I suggest you read this if you're into fantasy and horror. I'm not besotted with this series... yet. Who knows, maybe another book later, I'll run around screaming "werewolves!!". Right.

Oh, and yes, I got the cover image from the author's website, it was so fucking red, mind you. I had to tone it down!

March 08, 2012


Meet my infinitesimal, if not microscopic companions! I don't have time to update much because I've been busy drowning my eyes with words. Words and words from rough pages to my poor eyes. And brain. So I'm gonna bombard you with photos I took with my phone. Yayy. Not. Oh well, enjoy. By the way, the fourth photo depicts an image of the Lean-on-the-Flashlight Gang. You'll know what it is as soon as you see it.

I'm hungry. Another reason why I'm not in the mood to put words whatsoever. I would've loved to put captions on these cute photos but my freaking mind won't give me a chance to. I've had these plushies for years, bought them as keychains or windshield decorations and I slashed the annoying stringy areas and poof. Le oshom plusheez. Hohoho.

Au revoir!

March 04, 2012

Je te manque

Hi little sis. I miss you so much! When was the last time we actually saw each other? Two, three years ago? I know I've been a horrible big sis to you because I kept saying that you were a spoiled brat. (Trust me, you are. I mean, doesn't whining for three days straight for not getting what you want count for anything? Lol. But let's not go there, because this is about me missing you, annoying whines and all.) But I know I shouldn't have said that because I am, too. Minus the whining part and frequencies of course.

And I bet, I bet your ballet teacher misses you too. So how about you send me a photo of you wrapping your shoulders with your legs while I do the same? I know it would be a really horrible sight (because I'll take a photo of me fuhahaha) but let's try okay?

We're the freaking rubber sissies! Don't worry, though. I think you'll be flying here before you even say "ballet". Love you!


May I present to you, theee, uh, 8th horcrux!!

I bought this at a kawaii store. Or not, maybe from Clipper? Can't remember. But it's gone now. Gone forever! I've had it for 3 years what the fuck. This is so unfair. Why do I have to lose the cutest things/people?

Fate might be conspiring against me but I shall thwart it by staying sarcastic forever.

I'm currently reading about Norse mythology (again). If anyone knows a good book about it, please do suggest.

Wanna know what my dream scenario of the moment is?

"Oh my gooood should I buy Pentax KR or Canon EOS 50D?" *runs around in perfect circles*

Dream on. I will try and save money to buy a new camera, because I desperately need one again to keep my heart beating. I know I've said this fuck loads of times but I can't stop yapping about it. I'll try to dwindle my constant reminiscing. In retrospect, it is annoying.

March 02, 2012

Lisez et lisez...

Hopes and dreams are non-living things that die, but I have to believe that I could bring my dead wishes and reverie back to life, light them with crazy fire that will never cease to burn... even if it accidentally caught my friggin' hair. Well, I don't think I would mind having my hair singed, if that is the price to pay.

I wish I could do something about it though, my personality and negativity. Glass half-empty, glass half-full, smash the damn glass, drink the contents... oooh wtf vodka. Cranberry.

Sniggers. Sniggers.

Oh, I love that photo I took. I was reserving it for Valentine's but I kinda forgot to write a blogpost. Running a photoblog without a decent camera is starting to get the best of me. My stock photos won't last forever, and I can't always rely on editing tools to fix the shitty shots. Oh god what do I do...

I'd been reading Harry Potter backwards by the way. I bought Shadowland (first book of the Mediator series by Meg Cabot) weeks ago but I still haven't got to the point where I would furiously rape the pages, devouring every word the author had written. I don't know why I can't get past the palm trees and the leather jacket the main character was wearing. It should only take me a day or less to read it, judging by the thickness. But then again there are still numbers of unread books in my boxes and cabinets. Hmm.

And here I am wondering what to read next.

I've been trying to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, too. Actually I have copies of its sequels: The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. Written by Stieg Larsson. I finished the prologue in a zip, but I don't fucking know why I put it down. All I can remember is pressed flowers, pressed flowers. (Oh hey, I haven't seen the movie yet.) 43 frames of pressed flowers? 44? Bah.

I'd never been like this, usually when I open a book, I never put it down without turning the last page. I finished The Hunger Games in a jiffy, too. Because I didn't have all day and Nel's sister will be returning home. In my school, teachers dub me as their resident bookworm. Ahhh I don't know why I just typed that.

Shutting up, shutting up.

March 01, 2012


x x

Some of  you are going to start practicing for graduation. Some are anxiously waiting for their SPM results with nonexistent tears in their eyes and worries grinding their hearts. Some are waiting for spring flowers to finally bloom the fuck out of their buds, and some are... minding their own business.

The beat of pressure might be resonating from all angles, bouncing to and from your ears, worming its way to your hearts. Don't let it eat you. I mean, it's not that I don't want you eaten (trust me, I do), but I want to remind you that somewhere in the chaotic nonsense that is the world, is... is... a piece of chocolate that is waiting to be eaten by whoever hungry fuck is out there.

No no, I meant to say there was positivity everywhere but my mind wandered off to this awesome chocolate store where they sell (surpriseee) chocolates.

Argh. I'm trying to be inspirational and all that okay. But I can't. Not now. I'm sorry.

Happy March. And wow, yesterday was February 29th. Did anyone propose? No one? Aww.

By the way, how's my new layout? First time using something like this.

Off I go, with my steaming mug of coffee, to the nothingness that is my imagination. Bonne nuit.