Rainy Martini

March 08, 2012


Meet my infinitesimal, if not microscopic companions! I don't have time to update much because I've been busy drowning my eyes with words. Words and words from rough pages to my poor eyes. And brain. So I'm gonna bombard you with photos I took with my phone. Yayy. Not. Oh well, enjoy. By the way, the fourth photo depicts an image of the Lean-on-the-Flashlight Gang. You'll know what it is as soon as you see it.

I'm hungry. Another reason why I'm not in the mood to put words whatsoever. I would've loved to put captions on these cute photos but my freaking mind won't give me a chance to. I've had these plushies for years, bought them as keychains or windshield decorations and I slashed the annoying stringy areas and poof. Le oshom plusheez. Hohoho.

Au revoir!


  1. those are some really cute plushies! :)

  2. Seriously, those were taken by your phone?????? Wow! :">

    I like your theme, I always do. Take care!! :D

  3. @Gail Yes! the area where I shot them was the perfect position for the sun to illuminate the subjects while casting a shadow! the black "background" is really dark because it's the underside of our chairs. lol. thanks btw.

    @Elilea thank you!

  4. Well obviously you have framed photos of each possession you prize. :P

  5. Hey yo! I'm back from hiatus :D
    Your photography skills are really cool! Specially love the first picture for some reason :O
    What phone are you using?? The photos are really clear!

  6. I'm not sure how many times I clicked publish but the comment box didn't seem like it was functioning since the status bar below had the message "waiting for blogger.com" plastered to it. If there's plenty of the same comment, I apologize and feel free to delete them LOL. I didn't spam on purpose, it was unintentional :x

  7. @Cynthia hi there! welcome back! nope, you didn't accidentally spam me! fuhahaha. I used samsung galaxy mini. the camera is only clear when you use the sun as your lighting. sucks in fluorescent lights -.-


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