Rainy Martini

March 12, 2012

If you could see me now

I confined myself inside the house for heaven knows how long... until today. I went to my friend's organization headquarters to shoot photos of their members. It wasn't really fun because there's this damn annoying guy called Alex who keeps complaining about everything. Surprise dude, you're not paying me to click the fucking shutter. Idiot. Really, I wish you could see him. I don't really resent humanity, but if the likes of him swarm around me I...

Anyway, I downloaded Kakaotalk again, determined to meet more people and keep dear boredom away from my head.

If you have an account there on Kakaotalk, do add me. My ID is RainyMartini.Well obviously. Lol.

I didn't want to flash my ID but I didn't have a choice because I was too lazy to add everyone who had provided usernames of their own. But by not doing so means succumbing to the dangerous trance boredomevilshit is lulling me to. So I posted it, my damn username.

I met quite a few interesting people who study music, share the same sarcastic views I believe in, and some equally addicted fangirls. So far so far. So good. But there are creepy and suspicious looking persons so uh. Uh. That's not supposed to sound good, that "uh".

My mother and siblings are taking out some swimwears. Right now my mother is wearing a vibrant green one-piece bathing suit, dancing to some techno song of her decade or something. Not to mention my little brother (who is now wearing his sky blue swimming trunks) who is kind of soft, also dancing to the same music my mom's bouncing to. Izzie, I know I already mentioned this scenario to you earlier on Facebook chat but wth they're still at it.

They're still at it, and I can't even concentrate. Then my big brother ordered me to edit (or rewrite if severely necessary) his school blah. I think he should realize that I'm saving his life by correcting his mistakes. I'm writing this post to warm my brain up actually.

It's safe to say that today is actually the most cheerful day I've ever had in a long time. I was plagued by my inner dementors, but somehow I managed to conjure a patronus that scared them away. Or so I wish.

Have a good night, I feel really random. Random.

That photo is from my old blog, hence the different watermark.


  1. how can you leave out the part that you now have a new crush and you feel so happy about it? and how come you never told me his name. tell me babe tell meeee

  2. What, you haven't even told her his name? ;O

    Anyway, like I said, go grab your bathing suit and join them haha. Totally random, but I suddenly wonder if you could cast a patronus, what shape will it take? Haha.

  3. Lol I didn't want to because she will plague me! She'll proly add him and talk to him whatever. But last night I didnt care so.

    And I want her to stop putting grammar errors and typos on my posts. Like this one. She put additional s's on some words , making me look stupid. Lol


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