Rainy Martini

October 24, 2014

Rainy x Ilocos: I See the Sea

So this blog was on a hiatus. Or a slump. It's more like a slump, definitely. It's almost November and I'm almost 21. I'm almost a woman-woman now although to be quite frank nothing much has changed in my life. My job is as stressful as it is redundant. And the superfluity of pressure it brings sickens me down to my bones, to the core of my humanity. That is, if I really am a human being. I still have doubts.

I'm sorry I had you guys waiting. I didn't expect anyone would "wait" for the next set of photos but here you are. Thank you for the nudge.

We went to the windmills of Bangui, one of the most popular filming settings in our country. Like if you wanna make a cheesy romance, your characters should get married here. I have a scene in mind, like, yeah, wedding. And then all of a sudden everyone attending gets struck by a very strong gust of wind for like three seconds, sending the bride's veil up, up into the sky. One of the blades catches the veil. Then boom, then boom. One by one the windmills fall down, blades roaring and smoky. Like a domino. But nobody dies; the marriage resumes because I'm crap like that. See, what a crappy tale. Craplord. I guess all I wanna say is STOP FUCKING FILMING IN BANGUI. I'm looking at you, film-major friends. Nothing's wrong with it but I just...

As usual I am spouting nonsense.

See I'm trying out some paid photography apps to see if they're worth it, I can have them refunded anyway if I don't like them. That's what I'm doing while blogging.

See, one of their tourism people's marketing juju was the moustache thingy. As a hyperactive netizen, it is a thing of the past.

This is where the wedding would be. But nobody dies, so nothing exciting right?

Anyway, back to the main point, we travelled to the Bangui windmills right after our Kapurpurawan expedition(?). I didn't last that long, and I was unlucky the blades weren't moving. It was not a very windy day. Hence the disastrous no-death wedding scene on my "film". Went to lunch at some beach in Pagudpud, although we didn't swim there. I was itching to! The only thing that mattered to my body at the time was the touch of seawater. Which I will never get, by the way.

The Patapat bridge. More ocean, more sea and saltwater. None for me! So close yet so far.

I regret not having photos of me taken here though.

Drip drip drop.

And to the blue lagoon! We went to this Hannah's beach resort something. This was taken on our way to the restaurant where our seafood dinner would be. Sea. Food.

That cloud reminds me of the Little Mermaid's father. Idk why.

My "beach" stuff. Socloseyetsofar, still no seawater for me.

Walk walk walk.

My boyfriend was wearing a "where's Wally" shirt. All he needed was a little less fat and there you go.

Why did I take a photo of this?

To the marshland!

Still no saltwater for me.

Ah this shot. I think we have a little behind-the-scenes here. What an unflattering couple.

Little Mermaid dada retreating.

My "marshland" is so cool. I'm not sure why the beach was like that but maybe it was because of the tide? Eh?

Once upon a time, a pair of lovers find a love-shaped rock near the errrr seawater. That never touched their skin. And so they wrote their names above and under it.