Rainy Martini

April 29, 2012

Out, avec le sourire!

I goooot a new haircut! No, uhh, not really new new, but since I just had my hair chopped (approx. 3 days ago) I'll call it that. New. Or even better, shorter. I still don't know whether or not to regret what I did. You see, my hair growth is a notch slower than a snail crossing a tree trunk! My hair falls just above my shouders, and it will probably take three months for it to reach the "wings" on my back. That bad eh? My little sister and little cousins have long, flowy hair. But me?


End of story.

Two days ago, Kate (not in the photos because she went home early. BOO KATE. BOO) and Carle went to this house to pick me up and we didn't know where to go lol because we were all broke. So we went to the nearest walking-distance mall and got a bucket of cheese-flavored popcorn. We bought the popcorn at the cinema complex and since we didn't have money (summer vacation, no allowance!), I suggested that we watch the movie posters and coming-soons instead! WHAT, WE GOT POPCORN. WHAT ELSE COULD WE WISH FOR? Looool. Popcorn all the waaaay.

Then Kate had to go (boooooo!) (loljk. I LOVE YOU KATE) so we asked Nel out! She didn't want to, at first. What with her slow motion preparing skills and all that. But she missed me (loljk, she missed Carle) and had to jump walls and eat eyeballs. If you know what I mean.

And as usual we had nothing to do at the stupid mall. Why did money have to be an issue that day!?

But all was well. We invaded Carle's new home and ate Ruffles, oreos and drank milk. My friends and I are contented with the smallest things. Being with each other was enough that night. I know because I was there, I was all they needed...



Seriously though, it's more fun staying in an air-conditioned room laughing and telling stupid stories than walking around the mall imo. We rarely see each other so you get the idea.

April's almost over. Omg. It just passed by in a blur! I feel like I'm in some kind of a time lapsed hollow at the heart of le universe.

258 followers! It only means one thing: I'VE GOT READERS! Yeayyyy. Thank you guys. I'm thinking about hosting a giveaway. I don't know when. Hmm, maybe if I reach 300? On this blog's first anniversary? BUT THAT'S ON SEPTEMBER. Woah. I still can't decide but I'll let you know ok?

Have a good day!

Nooo don't. Just cry. Stay in your room and cry.

Dafuq did I just say? o.O

April 27, 2012

what my heart wants

No more intro, this post is about my long-time obsession!


I don't have these kits at the moment, so they only lurk in my wishlist. But if I get the chance, I'll definitely buy one! I swear. I'm desperate omg.

Note: I do not own any photos in this post. Credits will be at the bottom, placed respectively.

This is called Decotti, a créme toy. I've had this one before! It basically comes in blank desserts bases (like cupcakes, tarts, macarons) with a bag of silicon cream. It imitates whipped cream perfectly and they look so realistic! Just see for yourself!

Now this one is Decotti's rival (in my opinion) and more popular among the netizens (there are more Whipple videos on Youtube, it's hard to find a good Decotti tutorial tbh).


Compared to Decotti, it gives off a more childlike vibe. Decotti, on the other hand, looks more sophisticated for me. WHICH IS PERFECT. But but I still love Whipple, it's sooo available in my country.


If you wanna see how to design a Whipple charm, watch this RRcherrypie video: dugstungdududud.

Next on my I'm-desperate-to-have-one-right-now list is clay. Polymer, paper.

These charms here are made using polymer clay!

Pretty right? And they look so real, too! Kudos to the maker. Omggg how I wish I could have her materials right now and mold myself a martini charm! Here's a tutorial for you to watch.


Heaven. Just pure heaven!

Another form of prettifying-till-Rainy-dies is Decoden! To dumb it down, decoden is basically the art of decorating the tops of your boxes, phone cases, or anything else. Nope, that's not the official definition of Decoden but that's how I see it! LOL.

Take these phone cases, for example.

The whipped cream was made using silicon (same material for Whipple and Decotti) and you can buy them on your local hardware! Just get an icing tip and you can go put trollfake whipped cream everywhere! Hohohoho.


Give me a moment, will you?

Noooooooo! I WANNA BUY ANY OF THEM. I wanna create something that looks yummy but inedible. Why? Because I hate seeing sweets that look too good to eat (can't let them swirl in my freaking intestines wtf). That's why I prefer seeing nyummy-looking inedible desserts so I can free myself of frustrations!

I'm sleepy.

I wish an angel or fairy or Santa hears my audacious pleas and decides to send me a kit of something. LOOOL. Please fairy, if you give me a macaron Whipple set I'll never say "fuuuu" every midnight.


I'm so sleepy. It's 12:33 A.M. already. I normally stay up until 4, but IDK lah my body clock suddenly adjusted itself again. Like a boss.

Photo credits:
breatheday, talty, kawaiifriendscafe, and Google image for the Decotti and Whipple set preview image.

If I get to craft a charm, I'll take photos of it and drench my eyes with pure unicorn-quality fake sweets. Lol.

Good mornight!

April 24, 2012

Last Monday Night

I just got home! Last night, Nel asked me to meet up with her because she was obviously longing for me. Lol. But seriously though, the last time we hung out was like, on February. So we went to Sam's, and had a really good time laughing aloud like hyenas (although IMO we sounded more like elephants; oh well, we should stick to the popular idiom) and talking about stuff. Touchy stuff, funny stuff, gossipy stuff, more funny stuff. Then we tweeted/reblogged in between. Nel and I will never survive without Twitter/Tumblr. I'm tired, can't type much and my brain refuses to brew creative ideas. I'm so lame.

The last time I went to that place was two years ago! Click if you wanna read the post about my high school life. That's the second part btw, you can go search the first and third.

Photos were taken with Instagram, I just made an account last night. Wanna follow me? My username is rainymartini. Order of captions will be from left to right, so there'll be no confusions.

My tired eye saying "hi" or "I am oshom omg". Sam's dream catcher, and Aaron giving Nel her shot.

A selca with Nel. Sam and Nel gossiping, oooh look at my hairband. The boys kept wearing it in turn. I lost it today when some stranger gave us a lift. I might have subconsciously placed it on the seat beside me. We were abruptly dropped off and boom. I only noticed it when I was at Nel's already. Wtf Rainy, IT WASN'T YOUR FUCKING CAR. It was my favorite hairband! My pink hanky was left, too. Not gonna put a caption for the last photo because.... idk.

Those are uh... my blanket-covered legs. ArmslegsyellowshortstealshirtiPad on the second photo. NelandSamonthelastphoto. I'm feeling so lazy I already consider pressing the spacebar a chore.

Some stuff. I don't feel like writing about them anymore so just look at them and think for yourself, okay? Mwah.

We camped in that same room for the night and since we were like siblings, it was okay for both the boys and girls to be in one room. But we didn't sleep until 8 A.M.! Nel kept burping for hours and we didn't know why. It was funny... YOU FROGGY NEL. Hahahaha!

I feel like trying to annoy you by showing you a ginormous Earlybird-ed photo of some fake roses.

You annoyed now ah?


-.- I seriously feel so sleepy but I wanna update. I'll be meeting up with Nel tomorrow! Not sure when my adventures will stop (hopefully a week later) so yeah.

Gonna go sleep now. See ya!

April 19, 2012


I've been growing more and more obsessed with the summer sky.

My previous post was a mess. Hell, I didn't even use my own photo. (╯3╰) Thinking about deleting that post but what's the point?

I firmly believe I should cover that post up instead. So what should I talk about?

Hmm, I finished reading the Handmaid's Tale (Margaret Atwood). There'll be a review coming up! I promise. I bought it three years ago but every time I flip it open, I just can't seem to know why I should continue. So I just stashed it in my books cabinet and forgot about it.

And now I finished it.


I'm not going to say what I think of it, not in this post, no.

LOLJK I'M TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW. I LOVED IT. I LOOOVE IT. It made me realize what I've been trying to ponder for so long: why I can't stand dystopian novels. Wow. But it's so open-ended I am left with my imagination to decide what will happen to Offred (╥_╥) I wish to stop typing "wow".

I'm going to change and change my layout until it finally feels right. So yeah, expect a girly layout soon. I don't know when soon is. Maybe later?

MAYBE NEVER? Nooooooo. My life is still in shambles, mind you. I wish I could tell you why.

By the way, friends of my mother/uncles/aunts/big brother or other relatives: PLEASE STOP BLABBERING ABOUT WHAT I PUT HERE. I mean it's okay for you to read this blog or whatever, but I don't think it will do any good if you report what you see to my mother or whoever. There are reasons why I'm hiding my real name, and this is one of it. I made the mistake of showing you my new blog. I wish I could change my URL. I'm currently an angst-filled teenager so if you don't mind, just let me rant.

There's this writing contest I wanna join, too. But writing a children's story is so hard, I don't know if I can make it. Maybe I should find someone to critique my piece before I submit it.

Where should my head go?

I noticed how I use my sky photos when I write a post about random things.

Oooooh, my favorite Korean girl groups are making their comeback! Maybe I should busy myself with that. Yeah, I fangirl over female artists more, IDK why ok. It always feels nice to hear fresh tracks.

Gonna end this nonsensical wordy post now. Bye.

I'm so random.

April 17, 2012

I can't take it

Photo from gryfon

I'm having a bad time. I wish I could start this post with a better word wizardry but I can't. I don't feel at ease. I'm sorry for not being able to respond to your queries/tags/e-mails on time, I rarely go online.

Let's say the events that occur right now is a layered cake.

First layer:
My dog is dying. *cries* I just got him about a few months ago, he's only like 4 months old. I won't go into details because it makes me cry so yeah. Coco is dying. I feel so alone and unloved.

Second layer:
Lara (my friend/music center schoolmate) is ignoring me. She kept complaining how we didn't see each other for about a month and that I should go out. I told her I can't because there are problems at home and it's so stressing.

A few days ago, she asked me out to the bookstore or somewhere. I told her I can't promise anything. The day passed and boom. She doesn't even respond to my IMs. Ugggh Lara you...!

Then she told me how I broke my promise. Never mind that we talked through MSN and there's a fucking archive. Never mind that I never said I'd make it.


So most of my real life friends are ignoring me. Wow. Wow. Just because I can't go out.

Third layer:
Some fucking reptile bit my ankle. I was in the middle of the rice field AND IT JUST BIT ME. Wtf. I was lucky its fangs didn't go deeper into my flesh. It was just some kind of scratch. I won't go into details again. I'm not in danger of anything but I can't walk properly though.

Fourth later:
As you probably know, my two siblings who have been away from us for years flew home about a week ago. They're just not the same, it's hard to keep up with their brand new personality which is altogether demanding and really inconsiderate.

The cherry on top:


I didn't wanna tell you all this.

PS: I do enjoy having like 7 kids at home at the moment. But sometimes they fight and it's like, reaaaally annoying.

April 16, 2012

big and blue

It's summer all right, and I can't seem to get over it. Bright, blue skies. Sometimes with birds hovering, sometimes without. Pretty peaceful if not for the sweltering heat. The only glitch is the inside of my head isn't like that at all. You'd  think, with all the peacefulness around me I could sap it up and stay lalala fucking calm.

It's getting out of control.

This is a scheduled post though, the previous two or three all are. I don't seem to know where I am but when I do find out, I'll let you know. Ta-ta!

April 13, 2012

Tutorial: Simple Photoblend

Ever wondered how I do my collages/photoblends? Now here's a tutorial for all of you! I'm going to teach you guys how I made the very simple graphic above using Adobe Photoshop.

This tutorial will feature simple methods and tricks for the completely clueless, as I once was.

The thing is, you need not do the exact things I'm going to do here, but just to give you an idea. Practice with this first and get creating next time!

1.) Open a new Photoshop document (CTRL + N) and set the image size to 600x400. Or you can choose how big or small you want it to be. I only put 600px because that's my blog's standard image size.

2.) Open an image you want to include in your blend. In this case I used a photo of the pink-haired blogger Audrey Kitching. I got the image from her blog a long time ago, but I can send it to you. Just ask. You can use your own image if you like.

3.) Using the Pen Tool (just press P), click around the edges of the image until you get everything covered. Once you closed the anchor point, right click and choose Make Selection. Of course you can use the Lasso tools but in my opinion, Pen gives less pain in the ass. Lol.

4.) After making a selection, press SHIFT+CTRL+I (or Select Inverse). Then clear out the clutter behind by pressing Delete. Your image now has a transparent background!

5.) Open a texture you desire and drag it onto the first new document you did. I got my texture from here.

6.) Drag your main image to the new document. (Loool this is so obvious IDK why I even included this)

7.) After you positioned and resized your main image, do some light editing by adjust the levels, contrast or curves. I just changed the curves settings here. (CTRL+M for the curves)

8.) Open your second texture and drag it onto the document you're working on. Position it behind your main image. You can get the same texture here.

9.) After positioning your second texture, change the blending option to Overlay.

10.) It will now look like this (see below). As you can see, the second texture has some geometric edges that doesn't look good. So we're gonna remove the pink edge on the right by using a soft-edged eraser. Just erase the rightmost part of the second texture.

11.) It will now look like this...

12.) We're almost done! Make a new layer, and position that layer below the layer that contains our main image (see the blue part on the image). Then, using the brush tool, put some decorations. Ok I honestly don't know how to put it, just...

I used the brush set from 99mockingbirds.

You can download brushes from the sites I had included on my FAQ section. And if you don't know how to install brushes on Photoshop, just google it.

13.) Put some text! You can put anything you like. I suggest a curly font for a graphic like this. (See my FAQ for sites that offer free fonts)

14.) Change the text layer's fill to 60% and you're done!!

Easy-peasy right? Errr, if you wanna see the final result, GO BACK TO THE TOP OF THIS POST. Lol.

This is really simple and I hope I gave you a hint on how we do those graphics. Be creative and resourceful, try designing in your own terms and see how it goes!

And if you've done something with the help of this tutorial, you can show it to me! I'd really love to know how much I helped. I'm still getting the hang of this writing-a-tutorial thingy.

If you're annoyed at the difficulty of the work done here, don't worry, I'm going to do a more complex tutorial next time! As you can see, I've been banned from using the laptop (the one with Photoshop) and I currently don't have my own (IT FUCKING BROKE!).

You can ask questions on my tagboard, I'm not one of those bloggers who doesn't allow inquiries on their tagboards because there's Formspring. But I don't check my Formspring so yeah, go do it on my tagboard. 

April 09, 2012

The wheel breaks the butterfly

Yesterday went from "urrgggh" to "aaaaaaah" to "klaklaklakla". To cut things short, as this is an image-heavy post, I was very pissed from the moment I woke up. It was so humid and I felt inexplicably frantic from all the commotion. Not that I'm doing anything, I'm a lazy ass and didn't help at all. But still. It was hard to laze around, contemplating my annoyance and whatnots. I'm not even kidding. So yeah, it was Caedwyn's birthday yesterday.


It wasn't a DSLR though. But that Cybershot of hers did lift me up in some ways, and I was thankful for the good lighting the sun had provided. I still don't know whether I should put captions at the bottom of every photo or... argh. Let's just see how it goes. To be honest I still feel lazy. There's no Photoshop here and I just resized the images. In my opinion they'd look better with a warmer tone or something. Blah. One other thing, I'm allergic to alcohol and my skin itches at the slightest touch right now so typing this post is a real pain. I'm doing this for you!

That should be enough reason for you to want to steal my bra and keep it under your pillow or something.

*blinks* Dafuq did I just say? Fxkcnasldjsfklopwe here goes...

Here's our birthday boy. He's a derp, even for a baby! He likes being passed around and never really cries unless he wanted the drink you're drinking or something. I bet he got that from me. He just laughs every hour  . I laugh every hour, too. But I don't know if that's normal for an... an.. FUCK I DON'T WANNA TYPE THAT WORD. Okay, adult. *blinks*

The slice of cake I took overturned and buried my sugar sun!

Lalalalooove that satin ribbon.

My perfume, my hairbands. Oh yeah, I mostly wear brown. DON'T ASK ME WHY.

I think I took this when I was tipsy because I remember me and my aunt laughing really hard at this photo.


I found it very funny that time because when I zoomed on the photo, the craft turned out to have been painted dark blue and yellow (lower belly).


Then I got really drunk I laughed at every single thing. I was also tweeting that time and every tweet I read was hilarious.

Ending this post with a rice photo.

I was playing Coldplay's Paradise while writing this post and it feels like I'm in a trance or something. Like, every time the song hits its chorus I feel like typing in slow motion. Para... para....... paradise.

Paradise. The only paradise I'll ever know is the inside of my head.

Good night.

April 07, 2012


Meet Porky the porcupine and Rocky the raccoon. Porky is Rocky's biological parent. Don't believe me eh? I've got proof you loser.

Porky while in labor...


Now, on to the real thing(s)...

Pounding with headache...

A few days ago, they (home elders) took my phone. Just as I was having fun in Kakaotalk.... AND A DAY LATER INSTAGRAM FOR ANDROID WAS RELEASED. I was royally pissed.

Then tonight I've been forbidden to use the laptop. I don't know why. It's like getting jailed for something you did not do.

Why reprimand me for something I'm not even aware of? To top it off, every single person at home complained.

Like, my mom who screamed with fury because my dog peed on the carpet. WHAT. It's not its fault it couldn't hold his damn pee any longer. He's a freaking dog wtf. And why did you leash him inside anyway? I let him go for a few minutes to let him do his business, but the other people at home want him tied. For life.

Then other shit.

So I've been crying since 8 PM. Then I heard a really good news; which is probably the real cause of my headache. The sudden roller coaster ride I put myself in. Wow.

My two siblings are going home! We last saw each other on 2010. And now they're here. Now they're here. They're here...

So now I'm on a rocky boat, I don't fucking know whether to feel bad or happy and my head hurts. I can't write a poem because I don't have a pen (WTF I HATE LIFE) so I'm cheering myself up by writing a post.

To dumb it down:

No laptop (loool I'm sneaking to write this), which could also mean no tutorials and the headers I haven't sent you yet will have to wait. I'm so sorry guys.

I feel like shit, can't sleep.

Good night!