Rainy Martini

October 11, 2013


It was September a month ago. You didn't need to wake Green Day up but you did anyway so they told you to shut up on Twitter, the rumors said. I checked their Twitter page and I couldn't find the tweet. It would've been awesome though. Today's October. The eleventh. And I was gone for a month. I didn't expect it'd be that long, but for some reason I just didn't have it in me. I didn't know what to tell you guys. I mean I did have stories and some annoying stuff to share but I just couldn't. So, as per classic Rainy tradition, I'm gonna rant about how time flies. And bam I just changed my mind. No I won't.

So I just went home from an outing. It was actually a surprise baby shower for Bella. You all don't know who the hell Bella is but yeah. I found an amazing pocket watch inside my officemate's room and the rest is history. I want you to scroll back up. I WAS WEARING A DRESS!! Gahd. It was a bad idea! Going home, I had to cross scary streets with my short skirt and wedges under the rain. I felt stupid because everybody else was wearing shorts or pants. So it was me and my mini dress. The print was pretty though.

I just realized that hipstery words would've suited this post. Like, maybe I should type something like "I was there and then I wasn't anymore. I didn't want to go but I had to. I didn't know I was going, and where I was headed. I do now, though. I was future bound. And here I am, in what was previously the future, slowly turning into the past... funny how those moments rename themselves. I am envious because they actually have an identity, and I don't think I do," yeah something like that. Cheesy stuff, ya know? Would've been pretty I guess. But! Lazy ass Rainy doesn't want to retype everything so there. You know you love me and I love you too.

Speaking of time passing... den den den!!! NO I DID NOT GIVE BIRTH WTF. I am now officially an aunt! AND OH LOOK AT MY NEPHEW, MARTINI POSING IS HIS FUTURE! BWAHAHAHAHA. NICE POSE NEPHY. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE CUPCAKE COSTUME I ORDERED HAS ALREADY BEEN SHIPPED? He's only a month old. A big champ, if you ask me. Born eleven pounds, and he was longer than my footlong sandwich. A nice champ, if you ask me. Doesn't cry unless he's hungry. Which makes meeee an evil aunt because I always go like "CREY BABY BOY CREY. SHOW AUNTIE HOW TO CREY" hahahaha.

I bought two pairs of contacts! After years of hardship, I am now glasses-free!! It was amazing, my headache went away in a zap.

Pocket watch says good night. I need to eat dinner bye bye. Ok I'm lying. I don't need to eat until 3AM (re screwed up body clock due to work). But yeah. I'm pulling off a classic "stupid blogpost ending" like always.