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March 10, 2012

Demonata: Lord Loss (Darren Shan)

I've been on a reading quest for a few weeks now, I meant to blog about the other stuff I had read, but I feel like writing about what I had read recently. (PS, I meant to sound stupid in this sentence on purpose)

I've had this for years, although I wasn't aware of it. I found it at the back of my books cabinet, leaves still fresh and crisp, the spine good as new. Then I remembered, it was a gift from Shawn, about 4 years ago. Haha sorry dude. As you can see, the cover is violently red, so it was kind of an eyesore for me. BUT, the words inside are what mattered the most, so I read it on the spot. I was tweeting while I was going through the first chapter, and I kept saying it was catchy. It was, is. It's catchy all right. Darren Shan, you know Darren Shan. All cool and devil-may-cry; his characters, I mean. I've spotted some similarities between Lord Loss and Cirque du Freak's main characters' points of view. It's the kind of style that will imprison your curiosity and will make you think "cool dude, cool dude." I just shrugged wtf can you believe it!? I shrugged after writing the previous previous sentence. Hahaha. I feel like an idiot. I really did shrug I swear. Maybe I wasn't sure how I'd describe the protagonists? *more shrugs* Well anyway, there's gore at the first few pages. Like, gore as in Grubbs (main dude) finds what's left of his family mutilated, mangled. His dad, head cut, hanging upside down. Big sis, cut in half. I LOVE GORE. I didn't read the synopsis at the back so when I flopped it open I was totally astonished. I expected blood (and other body parts) bath. So, as I progressed further into it, good, good, okay. And I was thinking "WHERE'S THE GORE!?" It has a soft and favorable ending, a bit mysterious. It's not really concise, it is the first book from the series, after all. The author had more time to weave the story, though. I'm really looking forward to reading the next book, because I believe that there's more to it. What I've read is nothing compared to the rest (just an assumption). The only problem is, how the F am I supposed to get the next one? Ugh.

Oh, I didn't tell you what it was about, did I? Err, it's uh, it's. It's... it's. It's about some family curse. Certain members of their family turn into werewolves. The only difference is, in this series, once you turn into a full-fledged werewolf, you will lose your sanity (and even humanity), not only during full moon. There's a chance to lift the curse, though: by defeating the demon master called Lord Loss in chess. Five boards, plus distractions. So Mr. Main Character and his uncle challenge Lord Loss. There, I don't need to tell more. I know it isn't proper to tell you the plot just now, should've done it earlier but I totally forgot okay? Typical of me.

I suggest you read this if you're into fantasy and horror. I'm not besotted with this series... yet. Who knows, maybe another book later, I'll run around screaming "werewolves!!". Right.

Oh, and yes, I got the cover image from the author's website, it was so fucking red, mind you. I had to tone it down!


  1. You could imagine me staring down at you right now, arms crossed and lips pursed together in a really annoying fashion. Hmp.

  2. Loool you can say that again :P

  3. I'M BACK. I'M BACK. let me bombard you with comments, for it is I, your comment-posting slave!

  4. That is an interesting book..

  5. I love werewolves! Maybe I'll go look for this book. Though since you got this book 4 years ago, chances of me finding it at the book store is less than 5%.


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