Rainy Martini

March 01, 2012


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Some of  you are going to start practicing for graduation. Some are anxiously waiting for their SPM results with nonexistent tears in their eyes and worries grinding their hearts. Some are waiting for spring flowers to finally bloom the fuck out of their buds, and some are... minding their own business.

The beat of pressure might be resonating from all angles, bouncing to and from your ears, worming its way to your hearts. Don't let it eat you. I mean, it's not that I don't want you eaten (trust me, I do), but I want to remind you that somewhere in the chaotic nonsense that is the world, is... is... a piece of chocolate that is waiting to be eaten by whoever hungry fuck is out there.

No no, I meant to say there was positivity everywhere but my mind wandered off to this awesome chocolate store where they sell (surpriseee) chocolates.

Argh. I'm trying to be inspirational and all that okay. But I can't. Not now. I'm sorry.

Happy March. And wow, yesterday was February 29th. Did anyone propose? No one? Aww.

By the way, how's my new layout? First time using something like this.

Off I go, with my steaming mug of coffee, to the nothingness that is my imagination. Bonne nuit.


  1. Been reduced to using the lowest of the lowest tools eh? Lol kidding.

  2. Am I the first to comment? I am, aren't I?

  3. Dafuq happened to the comment box? Oh noes!

    The tears are very real. You know, sometimes >;D
    And not to say I hate the layout, because let's face it, it's your layout - what's not to like - even I wouldn't go for THIS much pink. Haha.

  4. @Izzie Suddenly my inner drag queen whipped out my back and whoosh! Blame it on my being Photoshop-less. Puhaha

  5. @Irina Yes you are.

    @Izzie I see nothing wrong with the pink because she used still used a white background :)

  6. @Shawn Of course. It would be a bit of an overkill if she used a pink background, no?

  7. @Izzie Yes it is. Pink backgrounds attract heavier blog traffic.

  8. @Shawn: Seriously, there's actually stats on that? Personally a pink header with pink background with pink everything else is not really that tasteful. This doesn't really apply to all layouts since some people make it work by incorporating different shades of pink.

  9. @Izzie Yes, there are. It was on my school paper, I wrote it actually. I spied on popular female blogs for 3 months, comparing between contents, designs, et cetera. I even took surveys, polls, everything else necessary. Say, for example, Xiaxue, Cheesie, other Singaporean/Malaysian/American popular female blogs. I asked them once and it kinda attributed to their blogs' viewership, for their target viewers are ladies who are interested in girly or cute stuff. But let's not fully trust the results, because different people have individual tastes. Like, you and her *points to Webmistress area*.

    Actually, I think Xiaoyan's traffic grew. I suggested this color scheme to fasten her Google Adsense approval, been trying for half a year already. Now her blog's being reviewed again. Cross fingers to that.

    Agreed, it's up to the designer whether or not he/she can subsume a plethora of colors and designing elements to create a rather tasteful skin.

  10. @Shawn wo hai yi wei ni hen cong ming ma? hahaha loser.


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