Rainy Martini

December 25, 2011

Joyeux Noël!

No need to say it again for the third time though. I hope you had a good night partying, drinking/eating, exchanging gifts and hugging people. For kids who slept through the occasion, now's the time to open your promising gift boxes under your Christmas trees, or check on your sock to see if mommy/daddy snuck out last night to play Santa.

Me? I'm good, I'm good. But it doesn't matter ok. What I want is for you guys to enjoy yourselves. Gimme coffee/milk/bubble tea and I'll be fine. You still have a few more days before the holidays end. Boo.

So, tell me, what did you get? (That is, by the way, a rhetoric in which I do not expect any response because I'm forever alone. But if you feel like sharing, you are more than welcome to do so.)

Ok ok, who among you got drunk last night? Lol.

December 21, 2011

des lumières dans le ciel nocturne

Firework photos from UP Lantern Parade 2011. I'm gonna update more as December goes, I don't know, wanna catch up I guess. And yes, more light photos are coming!

I miss you Kate!! Awesome photos from her, btw.

December 20, 2011

maison de mon ami

Last Saturday I went to Marion's house on Village East to help him with their org site layout. Actually, it's not help, I coded the whole thing. Lol. My original plan was to drop by at Denese's but didn't end up so. She had errands and I thought we'd only take about 10 minutes, not enough time for catching up and kissing each other's foreheads.

Those are my hands. It was hard to shoot with low light. Marion took this obviously.

Marion's. I took this, focusing on the keys on purpose.


And their Siberian husky... I never got to know its name. Beautiful eyes... *gasps*

My Monokuro Boo coin purse. Yesterday I freaked out because I thought I lost it, it had my flash drives and memory cards that contain awesome/important/lmaolmao files. It wasn't until almost midnight when my little brother asked, "If I found it, what would my reward be?" So I bribed him and he fished it out of his pocket! Naughty naughty. I'm doomed though.

So there. I took light photos but I'm reserving it for Christmas!

December 15, 2011

ne dites jamais au revoir

Oh my god. When I found out Dippin' Dots filed for bankcruptcy about a month ago, I'd gone bananas. The alleged Ice Cream of the Future could slowly be the lolli of my past.

But no, they're not closing yet. Sigh, it's obvious what I'm trying to do here: take my mind off things, or thing. I've always adored ice cream and I believe this photo would cheer me up, if only I let it. I've been eating nonstop since yesterday, plate after plate after bowl after fucking bowl. I don't usually whine, but when I do it would go on for ages. My die-hard fan (lol Sushi) is gone gone.

I need a huge bowl of caramel cheesecake-flavoured ice cream, or that choco-vanilla-banana shake my friend Nel introduced me to. It tastes like heaven to be honest. It could be better than heaven, though. I mean, I won't know, will I?

I'll be fine in a few days I guess. I cried all day when I saw Sushi's empty food bowl and the milk he never got to finish.

Ice cream, dude. Ice cream.

I swear this is the last time I'll moan about my pet's death. I'm sorry for being whiny, I just can't help it. I can't cry in front of my family because I never show them any tears. So yeah.

As the saying goes, "when life gives you lemons... make a lemonade."

But no, no, I won't make any stupid lemonade. Lemons make better partners with tequila. O...k, it's not like I enjoy tequila. But oh well.

December 13, 2011

R.I.P. Sushi

I'm so hurt right now, this is 26x worse than my last breakup. It's like my heart's being... I don't know, squeezed? Twisted?

My puppy died this afternoon, while I was out. I've been told he suffered before dying. I can't even...

My widdle shushi... it breaks my heart..... ok now that he's gone, who will lick me awake in the middle of the night!? I must admit sometimes I found it annoying, but one night I found out why: I was crying in my sleep and yes, he was trying to wipe my tears omg. My stubborn lazy puppy wiping my stupid nightmare tears. I. Can't. Fucking. Believe. It. Remember the time when I told you every time we call his name he won't come? Unless you have a milk bowl in hand, there's no hope luring him to you. Lol. Typical of him.

Albeit his misdemeanors, Sushi has manners. I mean had. I need to get used to this oh god. I still can't believe he's gone. Well anyway, when he pees/vomits on the mat, he actually folds it or sits on it (lol) so my Mom won't see. He knew how much she hates mess. Lol, he really did.

I enjoy solitary moments at home, even before he came to my life. When Sushi arrived it changed, I started to get used to him snuggling with me and his occasional pillow-wrestling. But now that he's gone, I can't even think about lying down with my thoughts without his annoying bounce and snuggles.

I can't, I can't write any more. This is too painful for me to bear. All these memories of my puppy and me... oh god. I know I'm such a ninny lol, but if the only creature who values you passes away, you'll get what I mean.

Sushi does not complain when I wrestle with him! Gently, of course. He knows this command where I sit on the floor, cover my ears and yell "Rape!" It's actually an invitation for him to "attack" me. Lol.

Lol. Lol. Lol. I found it funny when he barks at his reflection. Lol. And that time when...

I need to laugh. I hate my annoying puffy eyes.

Sushi why'd you go without saying goodbye!? I just got home okay. I slept over at Nel's for two nights and spazzed about guys and books. I was laughing the whole two days without knowing that my little baby was suffering. I can't help but feel guilty. But what's done's done.

Maybe he didn't want me to remember him like that? When Kimbap died, it was also the time when I slept over at Nel's.


Cool, man. Cool. I'm trying to be as cheerful as possible. For my sake. For Sushi's soul's sake (if he ever has one) (I bet he does!) (because I say so).

I should light joss sticks.

Goodbye my baby. /cries forever

December 10, 2011

images aléatoires

Just trying to fill this somewhat empty blog...

This is not a recent photo of me.

My little brother Sean and his birthday cake. It kind of doubled as his wife that night, too. LOL.

The plane got delayed and everyone kind of got sleepy so I took the opportunity to snap a sleeping shot of them strangers! I'm so evil I can't even.

Sunset at the highlands. Gives me the creeps.

This is the 30th post in this blog. I don't know if it has some meaning or whatever, but I just want this post to be filled with dizzying, if not nostalgic colors. Also, I don't want to bore my readers with my irascible but heart-felt rants and ravings.

PS, Congratulations to us, lazyasses for finally updating our gay blogs: Izzie, Tqa. May we continue blogging in the name of ourselves. *rolling on the laugh flooring*

December 04, 2011

Winter Thirst

The joy of not
casual retreat
to oblivion
Maybe innocence?
How long should I
for snow to chew
and cold
to hug my sweating
The rippling ice
cutting into my burns
The angry white
of snowflakes gently
I cannot discern
Then perhaps
it would be best
not to know
after all.

December 01, 2011


x x x

All hail the season of gifts and love and twinkly lights that choke my Christmas tree.

But but... I wasn't expecting the rough days to end within the span of December. It will be a gateway to more flood of tears and frustrations. Well, it'd be a little over two more months before 2011 ends. Hopefully the year of the Dragon would be hot.

And let's not forget about Christmas! Oh god why am I such a negative-thinker!? Maybe it doesn't do any good at all. Yes, it does spare me from disappointments. But still.

Leap of faith; that's what I need...

...and a really sweet steaming cup of hot cocoa every night.