Rainy Martini

May 30, 2012

A Late Summer Day's Swim III

The last part! You can find the first and second part of this post if you scroll down or press Older Posts at the bottom of the page *shrugs*

An iced flower from Anne's cake. It was her advanced birthday celebration that day, too.

My piece of marble cake. I didn't like it to be honest. The frosting, I mean. Oh well.

Sarah wading towards the deeper parts of the swimming pool. There were no deep ones though. Just deep deep for her, but LMFAO the deepest only reached the middle of my chest! And I'm only 158cm. I instantly understood why there was a "No Diving" sign posted.

My lifeline!

The going-home was the highlight of the trip!! At least for me.

There were so many people and very few vehicles so...


I was exhilarated! It was my first time riding in one! LMFAO.

I felt like a block of ice, or a really antique dining table. It would've been more fun but I was sitting with strangers too. Bah.
So there you go! That's how my late-summer swimming went. Whenever I saw a group of teenagers laughing, I felt like crying because I totally missed my friends! I kept wishing they were there but of course they were not.

Imagine the fun we would've had...


May 26, 2012

A Late Summer Day's Swim II

Hi guys! This is the second part! Before anything else, I want you to know that...


I was with Janine. More details plus photos will be posted... this June I guess.

I just made a new layout, too! Sooo, what do you think?

The top of my self-made halo-halo! To those who don't know, a halo-halo (literally "mixed") is a shaved ice treat with different toppings. Or in most cases... bottom-ings. Loool, when you buy one, vendors usually put the err toppingsbottomings at the bottom of the cup, for ease of mixing I guess. But if you order one at a restaurant, expect the toppings to sit on top of the could-be bleeding shaved ice and a grander glass. It looks so sexy btw.

You know kakigori? Yeah, something like that. (I LOVE RED BEAN-FLAVORED KAKIGORI OK, OMGGG ME GUSTA)

Everyone enjoying halo-halo! (I'm pronouncing halo-halo in this post as /heylow-heylow/ for the fun of it, so kindly ask the voice in your head to read it that way too). I want mine with fuck loads of purple yam. Yammy dude, yammy.

I hate pineapple juice. But I had no choice lol. See, the pool was waaaay below. I actually had a sudden vision of myself falling face down, hitting the concrete head-first, bits of skull flying everywhere for a few seconds and a pool of blood gurgling in my already-empty eye sockets. Wow. That must hurt, musn't it?

Troll weather changed it mind. I rejoiced, expecting drops of rain. But troll weather is troll, so the sun shone again.

This area was my favorite that day! THAT MINI ROOF... FULL OF TINY BUTTERFLIES. They just flutter flutter flutter around. But not long enough for me to snap a photo. I wish the digicam I used had a shutter speed setting though. In this shot, you could see one of 'em just above the leaves. If you can't see it, find the asterisk and it will lead you to it. It's an awfully blurry speck of floating white.


Oooops, it might not be accurate.

Pig-out time!

Pigging out. Pigging out. I don't eat liempo because I'm a picky eater and I hate fatty meat. I didn't get to eat much.... talk about unfair.

Another tantrum.

My improvised swimsuit. Improvised because well, this is the Philippines and if you go out to swim in some pool clubhouse/resort, 99% of the girls wear shirts. I SWEAR.

These days, most teens opt to wear something thin over their swimsuit bra.

I had no choice but to follow because I was with strangers and I might get ugly glances lol. Which was probably a good idea but I didn't think of that at the time. Poor me.

Sometimes it feels good to annoy people (those who aren't close to me of course).

I'm not imposing, though. It's just me... I'm a prankster and I do those stuffs mostly for the fun of it. I don't overdo it and I know where to place myself. So unless you're good at predicting reactions (I'm a type AB+ and AB people are allegedly good at it) and you have a lot of common sense, don't do it.

Leighton Meester is here btw! I HAVE TO KNOW HER SCHEDULE. I wish to see her too. Omg.

I think I'm gonna be busy next June. Not sure though. But I'll be away from the computer for a while so an apology in advance for my future late replies.

Have an annoying day you guys.

And I submitted the pink floral layout I used before, you can find it here so errr you could stop emailing me about it and download it yourself instead ;)

May 23, 2012

A Late Summer Day's Swim

Reading a Shakespeare again.

Two days ago we went on a swimming trip in a small resort.

It was ok *shrugs*. I mean, I only know like 10% of the people who came (my kid cousins). There were teenage girls my age (or younger) and other families OTL.

We woke up at 5, and none of us really took a shower lmao. I mean we were going on a swimming trip, we were bound to get wet all day. That's the norm, I guess.

High up in the mountains! The weather was great, too. Partly cloudy, partly sunny, partly annoying. Annoying because the clouds kept obstructing the sunlight! I don't mind overcast lighting but I really prefer snapping photos under the sun. I'm in no mood to post, bah, no interest at all. But my photos are piling up (which is a good thing, Rainy, remember!?) and this one's going to be divided in two or three parts.

The room where we kept our stuff. Oh oh I just remembered something. The worker-slash-janitor-slash-lifeguard of that "resort" had gotten on my nerves as soon as I stepped foot inside! See, I didn't know coffees weren't allowed near the pool... BUT I WAS ONLY CARRYING A PACKET OF A 3-IN-1 NESCAFE BROWN AND HE FUCKING TOLD ME OFF LIKE A BEGGAR. Of course I retorted! You know me. Bwahahaha. There were a couple of irritating encounters after the powdered coffee incident but what irked me the most was what he wanted me to do while I was deflating the floating rings. The light outside the room (just above the front door) was turned on. He walked towards me and very, very rudely he asked me to turn it off.

I replied with "Me no gusta, fuck off". So the nice man (my deflate-le-floating-rings-mate) who was obviously feeling nice because he might be nice in real life turned it off.

All I could think of was "What. The. Fuck."

I didn't know you could order your guests around like slaves.

Some random girl's Domo backpack. I instantly remembered Carle when I saw it. I miss you dudie!

I didn't take this photo. Hihi. Thank the stars my hair was curtained around my face, who knows what my expression might look like while this photo was being taken! Scary, so please don't even think about it.

David and Cat. I was annoyed with David when I took this.

Shiloh throwing a tantrum.

My breakfast! The spaghetti looked expensive in this photo mwahahaha but if you look closely, it was on a styrofoam plate.

More kids walking down the stairs. Well obviously. Oh, I haven't described the alleged "resort", have I? It was uh... hmm, it was situated up in the mountains and to be honest the outside looked crappy. But once you walk down the err stairs, it was pretty. The view, I mean. There were so many stairs going down, of course. Stairs to this pool. Stairs to that pool. My only comment is if you're too drunk or too excited to try each pool, you could die. The steps could get slippery. SO WHAT IF I GOT DRUNK AND DECIDED TO MONKEY-DIVE!? Woah. But yeah, I was surrounded by greens. Trees, trees, more birds. Birds pooping, . And there were tiny butterflies (which were obviously calling out for me, I know it because I speak butterfly).

Sarah and Shiloh surveying the pool below.

See that annoying fuck in orange? That's the guy.

Lmao Shiloh just waded on the steps all day.

More photos are coming up! Sorry for not being eloquent today! I'm currently concentrating on convincing my mother but she keeps giving this condition: "call me pretty first."

And I'm not even joking. WHAT. SOCIETY DID THIS TO HER. LMFAO. I came from a derpy family.

Good afternoon south-east Asians and good morning/evening the rest of the world!

That's all for today! Tata.

May 20, 2012

something, I guess

My hair is messy. So is my life. So is my mind. I need something to fix it with... like, some sort of resolve or a brand new wish I can busy myself daydreaming with. The thing is, you never run out of wishes. You build it up, build it up until you end up creating your own world inside yourself. That's what wishes are for; to create something inside that you can use when you get back to reality. Although, when one thing sucks in your life, it affects many other aspects in your existence. Like dominoes. Like a snowball rolling down the hill.

I don't want to treat my problems like a fucking domino or an annoying snowball. I want to build another dream, not a tangled chaos.

You might be wondering, why hair? Why use my ugly hair as a medium of voicing out a fraction of what I want to say? Beats me.

A personal blog should reflect the author, shouldn't it?

I'm doing a good job then. I always want to think of a new solution, new something. But at the end of the day all I ever do is rant on Twitter. Or this blog. You can't blame me, though. I mean, bloggers who are busy with shopping blog about their hauls. Bloggers who are into something post about that something. Me, I'm currently into thinking my days away and raving. There are no other things in my mind right now. So I post it alongside my photos.

I want to write a lively post. But seeing as I have no happy juice in my system (bah, no brain juice at all!), there's nothing to squeeze.

I guess I can only wish you guys a satisfying day, night, afternoon, or dawn.

May 19, 2012

I wuv you

Here is a digital gift for you. Ha. You know who you are. I meant to show this to you a few days ago but I never got round to.

May 16, 2012

Que devrais-je faire?

I always waste my days mulling over that one stupid question. What do I do? That in mind, I asked the kids to walk around with me. It was actually an excuse so I wouldn't look suspicious because I planned to photograph as many shots as possible. And of course, it didn't work the way I wanted it to. But at least I got  some photos. That's the only important thing at the moment: getting photos.

Melon milk!

You guys, have a good day!

May 15, 2012

boring update

How do I start a post without greeting my readers or starting with "I" or any nonsense? Ok never mind because I just did. I spent my weekend running around like a headless chicken with my friends. As usual, we hung out in one of my friends' rooms and just ate, told stories and laughed a lot. We watched movies, too. I fall asleep at around 12 AM, which was groundbreaking because I usually sleep at 3. It was so fun omg. This is just a quick update.

Then, after lolling at Carle's house, Nel asked me to come with her mom, granma and sisters to celebrate Mother's Day by eating out. Went to an overrated Japanese restaurant. I ATE THREE SERVINGS OF RICE. Wow. First time ever! I can't remember finishing an extra ball of rice at McDonald's or whichever fast food we ate in.

We don't have much photos, please settle with what was posted above.

Kidding. As a matter of fact, we do. But I look stupid in ALL OF THEM. So I'm not going to post them here. I'm gonna publish a whole load of photos next time though. Gah, the sinkholes under my eyes are getting deeper and darker. I might scratch absentmindedly on one of them one day only to find a gaping hole.


Oh god the thought just gave me goosebumps and now my back feels itchy. I'm trypophobic by the way. And now I remember seeing a bunch of grapes and...

Ugggh I can't take the images of my head!! My skin is so prickly now wtf every hair on my skin is standing like soldiers in a flag ceremony.

To be honest I have no idea what to post next. And oh, if all goes well, I'm gonna participate to aday.org's project on May 15th. Google it if you want details, it involves photographing.

Good night!

May 11, 2012

Drying colors

Hi guys, have you read my recent "review"? I sounded like a rambling Values teacher/crying baby elephant in that post. But in a way, I'm glad to have written my point, albeit a little too hazy for most people to understand.

OK lah I don't mind.

My nails are irking me right now because of their length. But I couldn't find a nail clipper anywhere so I just painted them with a vibrant shade of purple.

My half-naked nails. They may seem short to you but for me, they're uncomfy as hell. You see, I'm so used to having them trimmed to death since I was a kid. I'm a pianist and my teacher planted in my mind not to let them grow because it could affect the dynamics. And I'll get scolded. Lol. I don't know about other pianists, because some have long nails. Maybe my teacher back in the days was just very strict? So yeah, there goes my obsession with short, freshly-trimmed nails. I trim them every week.

Yeah my nails are small and narrow. I can't even do a proper nail art on 'em. I'm quite good at painting stuff and decorating other people's long and wide nails but when it comes to painting my own ones, I SMEAR POLISH EVERYWHERE. And even if I manage to do my left, my right would yield laughable results.

So yeah.

I'm very sleepy actually.

Why am I talking about my stupid nails, you ask?

BECAUSE MY NAILS TALK AND HUG EACH OTHER. They take other nails out to dinner and make baby nails with them. They like to eat/dance salsa, watch How I Met Your Mother and reblog Ian Somerhalder photosets on Tumblr.

That's it, I can't take it anymore.

Btw, thanks so much to harukixkisses46855 for the e-mail. Those words mean so much to me. Actually knowing that you read me already does, but getting a real e-mail out of the blue? Wow. Thank you so much. I only get e-mails from people who have questions regarding layouts, exchanges, codes, Photoshop, amateur photography, business offers, etc. BUT YOU, MY DEAR, WROTE WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT TO ME. *cries forever* Knowing that someone is actually reading me is enough to make me roll around singing Starships. You could've given me your name or URL though, just so I can thank you properly. Thank you.

Ok guys bye!

May 09, 2012

Dystopia and I, Part II

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

Three years after buying a copy (and undeniably forgetting about it for quite a time), I had finally finished it! There are so many things I want to write here and I have no inkling how to start.

The book is clearly a dystopian, set in the '80s or '90s, if I'm not mistaken. It's about the story of Offred (also narrated by her), a handmaid. A handmaid in the Republic of Gilead (formerly known as the USA in the book) is a woman whose job is to lie on her back every month with the Commander and hope that he impregnates her. Handmaids are only valued for their ovaries, as the population of Gilead is at a crisis. They only have three chances, if they fail, they'll be labeled as an Unwoman and will be sent to the colonies. Harsh work and suffering ahead. Ok I find it creepy, the way handmaids and commanders do it. BECAUSE THE WIFE IS THERE LOL. The handmaid lies at the middle of the commander and his wife. Her head on the wife's stomach (legs are also apart) and they hold hands while the beloved geezer of a commander grunts below. It's a sacred ceremony all right. Holding hands signify that the handmaid and wife are one, at least during sexy time.

The commanders and the wives are senior citizens. So seeding the handmaid requires a lot of thrust... oh-oh, I honestly meant to say "trust". Wtf. Back to the book, arrrgh I lost track of what I was going to say!!

My reaction:

Wow. Fuck no. Wow. Huhuhuhuhuhu.

I wrote a post 8 weeks ago about how I don't find dystopian novels exciting. I wasn't lying, but that didn't mean I hated the genre either (as probably mentioned, cross fingers!). Truth is, the reason why I lightly dismiss books written in the said genre is because I can't stand what's happening in the pages. And I'd just found out about that! The Handmaid's Tale made me realize everything I cannot accept.

As you can see, in the book, women are forbidden to read. They live with a heavy chain around their necks and a cluster of thorns for shoes—not literally. There are so many don't's it would be practical to just shut up and remain stupid.

I can't stand it; the oppression and abuse, albeit fictional. I'm all for freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom to have faith in any god you choose, freedom to think for yourself and freedom to look how you want yourself to look like. Isn't it obvious? The way I write, you see, it's carefree. I cuss, I use informal jargons, I don't fuss about my own stupidity that much and I'm usually flat-out honest. I could be humorous or annoying, depending on who's reading my posts. I exercise my freedom by letting myself write the way I want to without thinking about how people would react. I don't mind negative comments that much, getting criticized means you are something... most of the time. But really, you're free to think about what you think of me.

Just imagine living in a country where the only thing you should think of is doing housework, getting pregnant, wearing the same color of clothes every single day, not breaking a hilarious law and shutting up. The first four I can stand, but shutting up!? Okay, my mouth can. But how about my head!? There lives a really annoying blabbermouth who sounds like my own voice but a little older. Sometimes she looks like a jellyfish but I can morph her into something sexier, like a Persian cat.

I speak about my thoughts as if they are detached, disembodied and have their own sense of individuality. They do. OR I COULD BE CRAZY. It's kind of deep, but I do think like that. I always have two or more voices in my head arguing about different angles. That's why I'm good when it comes to debates (loool I've always been the leader). I'm a double-sided thinker.

The way my thoughts continue to form errr... thoughts even if I want to rest can be considered as a form of oppression. A personal one, silent and meek.

Oppression can happen inside your own head, this also means it could happen anywhere.

Wow I'm suddenly sleepy. Wait I really want to finish this. And wtf the dogs started howling and moaning and barking. ARE THEY SEEING A GHOST OR SOMETHING!? Oh noes omg. I'm the only one downstairs wtf scary.

I was heartened by the fact that in a very little way, Offred (the main character, you might have forgotten about her already because of my extreme blabberitiness) rebelled and stuck to her own belief but still found ways to somehow protect herself and her own thoughts. I'm not saying that rebellion is a good thing. But it's not always bad either. What, you're being treated cruelly and you won't even stand up for yourself? You've been accused of something you didn't do and just let them punish your ass?

Rebellion doesn't always mean war or violence. It can be done in small, various ways. Like, when you start arguing about the fact that you're truly innocent and didn't steal your neighbor's underwear; that's rebellion. When your mother prepared a veggie meal but you didn't eat it and bought pizza instead. Guess what? Rebellion.

Rebellion is a real flexible ninja, you won't even notice it's there... most of the time. It can be something good or something evil...

At least that's how I see it. You don't have to agree with me. We could argue if you want to. Loljk.

So yeah.

I enjoyed the book, although I shook my head in disapproval at some pages. It's a precious work of art, I admire the author, Margaret Atwood, for being such a brave soul. Writing something like that is never a piece of cake. I wanna thank her and the book for making me realize how strong the super glue that connects myself and my beliefs together is.

Sorry but I really can't write anymore. So sleepy. It's already 2:08 AM, 8th May. I'm gonna schedule this post though.

The conclusion is, I don't hate dystopians, it's just something that I should take seriously, in my opinion. That means I will not read them for leisure, but rather, for reflecting. I will never flip one open for light reading.

I'm not sure if anyone will read this from start to end but I don't mind, as long as I get these words published. Yeay.

'Til next time, dear reader!

May 06, 2012

here they go, as promised

I'd already mentioned stuff about these photos on my previous post. These were taken two days ago. I gotta give these pictures a chance to speak for themselves so I'm gonna zip it up. Have fun rolling down.

You probably know where I live now. Or not.

Still wedged in a very tight circumstance. I prefer not to talk.

Why I blurred our faces, you ask? Beats me.