Rainy Martini

February 24, 2013

clown nose, screening

Went to SM Megamall about a week ago before my nightly training to watch the press screening of this indie movie called Iliw; starring Kaye Abad, Ping Medina and this Japanese actor. I really like him lol but I can't remember his name.

Gotta admit that the movie has a very interesting plot but... meh.

Look, Scrump has a companion! Or a friend! Or... or a meal!

Aww yisss, I finally got round to messing around with the Whipple kit Niko gave me last Feb 14.

The movie tickets! Niko's friend was the one who invited him to come, actually. I just tagged along because he had two tickets. Looool.

Must... do... clown nose... before... dinnerrrr...

Clown... nose.... fail.

I failed.

February 21, 2013

Tutorial: Cookie-Cutting in Photoshop

Hi guys! I'm back with a new tutorial!! The last time I posted one was... last August 2012? Wow. That long huh? And to think that some people are following me because of it. Wah. Love your readers, Rainy.

So today's tutorial is all about *dundundun* I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU CALL IT. WTF. WTF. I mean I do know but... I forgot. Looooool. I mean I forgot what you call this simple process of... cookie-cutting in Photoshop.

This tutorial was suggested by Addie on Twitter!

Like the ones in the graphic below!! If you've been visiting me for quite a while now, you might have noticed how often I do something like that. So if you don't know how to do it, this tutorial is for you.

But if you're like, "DAFUQ THIS IS SO SIMPLE I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS" or "RAINY PLEASE YOU CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT IT'S CALLED" then please scram away. Seriously. I hate it when I post tutorials and some are like "bleeh damn easy". I mean, just shut up. I'm doing it for my friends who need to know how. Not you you you.

Also, you can click on the screencaps for the full-size view.

STEP 1 (aka the hardest step):

Open an image in Photoshop!! Wtf.

STEP 2 (now this is where you listen, or read closely):

You can go ahead and edit your image however you like (like maybe change the curves and add some filters), and when you're satisfied with the effect, press Q. It's the shortcut for the Quick Mask mode. Don't press anything yet.

Then, click the Custom Shape Tool from your toolbox, which is usually found on the left side of your workspace. Alternatively, you can just press U. Then choose whichever shape you want. You can also use a brush if you want to. I used the heart one because I'm in love. Haha.

STEP 3 (you know how to use a Shape tool right?):

Click and drag! Oh my, how do I explain this step...

Well, you just click anywhere on the photo and drag the mouse to adjust the shape size. It should have that red mask thingy. And make sure to select the parts of the image that you want to appear on your shape.

STEP 4 (the ant festival):

After covering the areas on the image that you want to appear in your shape, press Q again to exit Quick Mask mode. You should see some dancing ants across your photo.

I'm sorry but I forgot to include a tip if you prefer having a transparent background. If you're using an image in JPEG format, you should convert it first. To do this, double click on the layer called Background and just press enter. Just like in the screencap.

STEP 5 (more marching ants):

Do you see marching ants on the corners of your image? If not, press ALT + CTRL + I (or Select Inverse).

If you see the "ants" surround your photo then there's no need for you to press.

STEP 6 (another hard part wtf):

Almost done! Now all you have to do is remove the unwanted parts. To do so, just press Delete on your keyboard! Tadaaaaaaah!

Now you can drag your newly-shaped image around and use it to make your own blog header, icons, et cetera.

Yes, I know. I can't help it. Even my tutorials sound so Rainy.

I did everything to make it comprehensive though. Just follow the steps and disregard some of my annoying fillers and you'll do fine.


And if you have any questions you can always ask me on Twitter or Ask.fm.

February 18, 2013

a grown baby bear

"Heezeeeee, I'm chatting with Raineeeeh. BABE. LOVE ME BABE RAINEEEH."

"I can't do Martini Pose 'cos no hair lah but can FHM dy! FHM FTW. DAMN SEXY OR NOT! I SEXY. I DAMN SEXY OK."


Excuse me, I was trying to blog but our Rilakkuma plushie knocked me out for a few minutes. I woke up to find his own photos already uploaded and fully captioned here. He even had the audacity to use my C&W presets to edit! Kuma you troll! What. Oh, that's Kuma by the way. He's uhhh... a Rilakkuma plushie... who uh... wears a Tigger costume and uhh... a blue bowtie.

February 17, 2013

hearts' day, and some

So this is how my Feb 14 went...

I slept during the day. I think I did. Or not, did I? I don't think I slept. I did try though. There's just something about the daylight... sigh. No I remember now! I didn't sleep at all! Hahahaha.

Was forced to wear this shirt during training because they have those weird dress codes that we need to follow from time to time. I've had that for five years now. Riri said I should burn it. What.

It was my first V day date ever. Had some pasta with my fatso at Le Coeur de France.

Gift timeeee. No flowers, yeah. No flowers.


For a moment I thought it was Christmas all over again. Or was it Valentine's? Or was it my birthday? What the fuck are you rolling your eyes? No? Good. It's not a kid's toy. It's the ultimate holy grail of my life. Hahahaha.

I felt guilty because I didn't get to give him what I'd always wanted to. Someone from my wave (training batches are called wave in my place, apparently) stole my money a few days before my shopping day. I swear I was so pissed off the morning I found out! I'm not new to getting stolen from but... I WAS SAVING IT FOR SOMEONE. Ugggghhhhh.

But as mentioned in this post, we have all the time in the world.

Last night during training, I was falling asleep while our facilitator was talking about "processing" and "bills" and stuff like that. My eyes were giving up, and I was trying so hard to uh listen and take everything in because I won't have the chance to learn about it again. Ever. The training fee, as it turns out, is pretty expensive. Woah.

Anyway, she called my name and said, "You're falling asleep back there! Move here, move here."

I stood up and she saw Scrump dangling on my black Levi's tote bag.

"Ooh, you have a friend there! Is that your friend?"

I went like, "WHAT. THE." I mean my mind went like that. And you know me, I'm pretty sarcastic. No no no, I am very sarcastic.

So I came back with "Sometimes,"

The whole class laughed. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty fond of our facilitator, but I couldn't help it.

"Sometimes we argue," I continued.

The whole class laughed harder.


All she could say was "what weirdo!"

I am a weirdo.

Also, I am very very hungry and I am in a hurry.

February 11, 2013

of Cup Cakes and New Years

A very late Happy Chinese New Year to my fellow Chinese readers!! Xin nian kuai le!!

New Year's Eve... aka my Zombie Day. As I said on my previous post, my training's from 10PM to 6AM. So last Saturday I went home at around 7AM, only to shower and accompany my mother because she had an appointment with her client. Poor, sleepless me. After almost three hours of waiting impatiently inside Cofee Bean and Tea Leaf (for some reason, the slice of Chicago cheesecake that I ate made me feel queasy), I told my mom that I was going. So off I was... to the Mall of Asia. Or MoA, as we Filipinos like to call it.

Yes I was impatient because I was gonna be late for my.. my.. d...date. HAHAHAHAHA! Also, I had not slept at all the previous night. Again, night training hours. If you lack sleep then you're bound to get irritated. That's a very valid excuse if you ask me. Oh, if you only knew. And I know my mother understood. I felt guilty for getting annoyed at my mom and big brother on New Year's Eve though. So much for good vibes.

We went to watch Warm Bodies. I love the distorted humor, it reminded me of me. I'm not saying I'm as good as... well, I don't know who. Whoever wrote the script. Never mind. I find the movie's humor humorous. There.

One way of celebrating CNY is by giving people gifts. So a few months ago (months ago, hahaha) I made Niko agree that we should exchange moon cakes on CNY. Then it dawned on me that he's not Chinese and he doesn't really know where to buy a moon cake. So much for moon cakes. I changed my mind and opted for a cupcake exchange instead. Also, cupcakes are cheaper and they look sexier...

...only mine was pretty stupid-looking. OH GOD YOU DON'T KNOW. You don't know how hard I tried to protect the cupcake from shaking inside the train. Hahaha. It was a choco-mint flavored blah blah. Yes, I did save the cake from the murderous train but when I got to the mall... HAHAHAHA. Stupid temperature. Frosting avalanche!!

Photos were taken using iPhone, in case you wanna know. Which you probably do. Or not. I don't know about you.

Find the odd one out!!

Yeah I came with my grandpa. Hahahahaha!!

Then we went out of the mall to sit on the seawall. Manila Bay lah! If you fly to the Philippines you should totally check Baywalk out. Pretty sunset and everything. No dolphins though, sadly.

The highlight of our afternoon was this group of college (I'm guessing here) students conducting a social experiment (I'm guessing again). They were giving out free hugs to everyone who wanted some.

Sadly no stranger wanted their arms around them. I was actually contemplating about asking them for a hug just so they'd have someone. But ehhhh. No need. Hahahaha!

That floral-top girl was pretty active, wasn't she? Haha. Also, you can read Niko's blogpost about this. And the post is boring. And staid. And boring. I'm a total troll, aren't I? Meh.

We were sitting on the seawall, only a few meters from the beautiful sea. Couples were everywhere.

I felt guilty for isolating Scrump. She was alone that day, too. Technically, because I ignored her the whole day. (No, I don't really talk to my keychain wtf. Hahaha. Like what normal person talks to her keychain?)

No, those aren't real eyebags. You see, I just had an eyebag transplant because I couldn't afford a boob job. So yeah, eyebags will have to do. My eyebags are enjoying the newly-inserted silicon, too. I'm proud of my decision. So proud...

HAHAHA SERIOUSLY THOUGH. My eyebags are so prominent now!!!

Warning: Photospam Above.

I totally forgot to warn you that this is going to be image-heavy. Haha. It's never too late, Rainy. Never too late.

February 10, 2013

Outings, Outings

Hi! Gah, it's been almost a week! So uh, did you like my previous post? Heehee. I've been busy with training lately. My schedule's from 10 PM to 6 AM. Yes, night training. Hence my groggy musings. Warning: this is possibly the most perfunctory post that you'll find here. Unless I write a more apathetic one. Sigh. Ah, Rainy. No grace in blogging. No grace at all.

Have you read my "about" section? I kind of said that I'm proud to be a night person.

Night person your face, Rainy.

Every night I fought so hard to keep my eyes peeled, because I was supposed to learn every bit of information our facilitator shared. I really was a night person, though. I used to stay up until 6 or 7 in the morning, either painting or coding a layout. But now... I have no idea what caused the change though. Suddenly I'm an asleep-at-ten person. And it's not helping at all. I'm not in the mood for anything. My head still hurts. I need more sleep. I tried lulling myself to sleep but my body said no. So no.

I went out with my best friends during the past weeks. No we weren't able to gather as a group, but I'm glad I saw them anyway. Our schedules do not match anymore. How I miss those golden high school days when we used to hang out after class, eating Century Tuna and corned beef.

This is Nel! Did you miss seeing her here? Ha ha. I think this was around twelve days ago, when I suddenly asked her out for some milk tea. I bribed her by saying "my treat". Lol.

"Let's go to a bar!" why not?

We ordered cosmopolitan. And the bar hahahahaha the bar serves cocktail pitchers so we ordered a liter. There was only the two of us. IMAGINE OUR SUFFERING. We were so trashed by the end of the night.

Yeah, I wish I drank from a sexy-looking cocktail glass but no, the bartender said no.

This is Kate! We went to SM Marikina to eat and make fun inside the department store's toy section. And nope, I didn't wear that pink leopard kitty hairband the whole day. I unknowingly did for a few hours though, and some people shot weird glances at me. Ha ha ha. I honestly didn't know why until I realized that I was still wearing the stupid hairband. Oh well. It was during a camwhoring section, I think.

Compare the first photos of me to these. I did gain a lot of weight, didn't I:?

I should feel bad, but there's no choice. I mean, the only thing that could keep me up during those harsh training nights was coffee. There is a coffee bar inside the building. You can find various blends and drink them for free. The creamer is ultra fattening. Thus the weight gain. I know!! Maybe I should bring my own creamer.

This is Carle! Oh my. Oh my. I hadn't seen him for a loooooooong time. The meetup was pretty random because I suddenly got a call from him. So yeah, we met inside Gateway Mall (or idk, is that even the mall's full name? Gateway S. Mall, or something. Mr. Gateway.. LOLRAINYYOURJOKESARELAME.)

I had fun. Gahd, I miss the times when we just talked about our favorite girl groups and just laughed. Laughed. He treated me some doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. It was funny because.... hahahahha. When we paid for our purchase, the cashier gave us free original glazed doughnuts... which went straight to Carle's mouth. STRAIGHT TO CARLE'S MOUTH. After receiving the doughnut HE JUST ATE IT.

Like, whatever happened to putting it on the tray and finding a place to sit first before eating?

I don't know why I find it funny.

Anyway, we decided that the doughnuts were from the previous day's batch, that's why it was for free. Wtf.

More training days ahead! I wish to stay awake. I wish to stay awake.

February 04, 2013


"You're both writers, Xiao Yan."

"I write poems, though. He, on the other hand, does essays. Lots and lots of it. And very good ones, too."

"Doesn't matter, you write. He writes. You both write."

We both write.

"What a... very geeky match. Imagine all the arguments you're going to have! And all the fights, too. Colorful words parade la. You blog when you two quarrel, ah? Like your real comebacks and everything. And makeout after. And tell me all about it."

"The heck? Fuck off please."

We're geeks.

"But it's so cute and sweet. Walao eh you have same interests."

"You and I have the same interests as well! Can couple ah, us two. Got more love mah. Then we marry. Hahahahaha! My writing sucks, though."

"You let him edit you la."

"Edit me? Like, physically?"

Laughter. More laughter.

"So you really really like writers, eh, Xiao Yan xiao jie?"

"That's because I write."

"You just said that you suck."

"I take it back la. Also, I just said that I write, too. I didn't say that I don't. I change it leh, I'm gonna say 'that's because I read.'"

"You suck."

I just smiled.

"But bitch I'm so happy for you. You were a wreck before."

"This is cheesy but the worst thing about love is giving it and not getting it back."

"Fucking cheesy lah you. Ultimate cheesedom what the flying fuck. Flying fuck."

"Damn it."


"Shut up."

"Look what the guy turned you into! Niko give me back my fucking friend!!! Don't tell him I said that."

An actual Skype conversation between me and a verrrrry good friend who I don't want to name and link here because I refuse to bring her traffic. Just kidding! Just kidding, really. I never asked permission from her, and she will find me creepy after this post because these are the exact tiny slices of the whole two-hour session we had. She calls me by my Chinese name.

I write short poems on his planner every time we meet, but I doodled on 15th January. I kinda regret doing it because it ruined the aesthetics.

"What instrument does he play?"

"He doesn't play but he's a music lover."

Apparently I had this "I only crush on musicians" streak before.

"Go eat words."

"I know."

"Xiao Yan you're in love. Seriously. You're deep shit in love. Alarmingly deep shit like 6 feet below and OMG, you might be dead right now."

"Can Valentine's date liao."

"I know right."

For the first time in my life, yes. I am not alone. Not anymore.

February 01, 2013

Rainy makes it

Yes. I did make it to the pages of a legitimate photography collective. Published worldwide!

A Day is a worldwide photography project:
On May 15 2012, Aday.org asked people around the world to pick up their cameras to photograph daily life. Bringing together thousands of both amateur and professional photographers, the project mirrors how we lead our everyday lives in 2012. The resulting collection is a unique document of what really lies close to us and how photography connects us.
I was just randomly surfing the internet two days before 15th of May (the 13th, obviously) when I stumbled upon a tweet. My mind went "oooh, a project? I WANNA BE A PART OF IT WTF." I really did think of those words, the WTF included. Although I said "whaddufock", not W-T-F.

One August day I received an e-mail:

We are happy to inform you that one of your pictures has been selected by the
international selection panel of ADay.org for inclusion in the book A
Day in the World.  

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I was squealing! And jumping. I couldn't believe that a cameraless me will get published in a photography book! I'm not quite new to the feeling of... you know? Getting featured or blah. Getting my poems published is one thing, but a PHOTO? A photo oh my goodness. And I didn't even have my own device. I still don't. I'm still determined to buy myself my own.

A Day in the World is a compilation of images from Aday.org. This 512-page book is a remarkable journey around our planet. Almost a 100.000 pictures from more than 160 countries were submitted to Aday.org and the thousand best have been selected for this book by an international panel of photo editors. The result is a unique tale of life on earth in one day, a visually spellbinding record of our time.

ONE THOUSAND BEST! My derpy photo made it.

Annoying though because my big brother was being a dope and told me to shut up while I was celebrating alone. Then his girlfriend came to the rescue by saying "you're just jealous".

Here are some of the photos that I also took that day. Some have already been published before (see my May archives).

Soooo... what do you think?

I will be busy next week, what with my nightly training schedule and everything.

Have a great weekend! And it's a sincere wish. I swear I will not wish for something heinous tonight. Like wishing for you discovering a mole inside your nose or something.

I sound swoony because I'm still in cloud nine, and don't burst my bubble because I will forking fork you.

Good night.