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March 28, 2012

Les chocolats délicieux, les bébés et le chien.

Hellooo everyone. I'm blogging normally again. I went food shopping and spent all of my money buying nomz! Meiji products of every flavor, chocolate bars, cookies, and soft drinks! Wth, I was planning to get a new haircut but the sweets were irresistibly threatening! Yes, threatening. It was like, "BUY ME OR DIE YOU BIJ. HOHOHO."

*blinks* I didn't have a choice now, did I?

Cream-filled treats that I can't not take photos of! I didn't buy the boxed ones because there were a lot of stuff I bought and I was trying to budget the little money I bought. What with two dozens of chocolate bars and a jar of Nutella searing my wallet. Still, I love these enough to get them featured! Oooh.

The rest of my uncle's family arrived two days ago! That means two more kids at home! I like kids ok.

Meet my almost one-year-old cousin/godson Caedwyn! He's a total derp, you see; and he always tries to imitate what he hears. He even screws his face up when he sees my phone! He knows I'm taking a photo I guess.

See those orchids and birds of paradise behind him? They're mine. I love plants, and I was delighted when they bloomed! I'm still waiting for my lilies to come out of their buds!

Since there's a baby inside now, Coco has been deemed off-limits inside the crap house. We never leashed Coco and he never set paws outside so this must be a brutal shock for him.

He keeps crying and crying and even tries to break free. And the only way to shut him up is when I go out and sit with him.

Poor puppy. But who knows what he's capable of right? He might suddenly attack baby Caedwyn omg. He's very jealous and possessive and dislikes it when I carry a baby. I always carry him and he likes chilling out on my tummy so I kinda get how he feels. But still. We haven't had him injected with anti-rabies yet, I got bit by him one time and I'm so fucking lucky I didn't show any symptoms! I was really scared because... what if I needed injection!? They feed my fear by making fun of it. My mother said I needed seven shots in my tummy. Or twenty-five. Or nine, according to who's trying to scare me anyway. What the actual fuck.

I do find it funny though, now that I think I'm safe.

We said goodbye to our old Fairyflosss and change our resource site's name to Cirque du Latte! Visit the Latte Cirque now!

By the way, does anyone want to request a tutorial? Do say so. I wanna know what you want to know.

Good day to you reader! I gotta go now. Bye.


  1. omg!!!!!!!!!!!! Food heaven!! I love that Hello Panda cookies. I would do the same if i were in that place with lots of yummy food.

  2. That's very well-said bb. Lol. I missed seeing you on my comments!

  3. Celeste28/3/12

    Baby Kid is so cute as always, will I get to see him on cam soon? ;)

  4. @celeste of course you'll get to see Kid-kid soon! lolol go skype lah

  5. omg, hello panda is my fav....
    and nice photos...
    please tell your one-year-old-cousin i said hi! then...
    lol.. gud night.. :)

  6. Anonymous28/3/12

    I want to learn how to blend, please? ^w^

  7. @Runnie will do, if he understands. haha.

    @Anon that will be my second tutorial's topic, don't worry :3

  8. Seriously, I haven't had kitkat since forever D: I need the break so gimme all your yummies! -points finger gun threateningly- >:(
    D'awwwwww poor coco :/ he's so cute, especially the second pic, looks like he's sleeping, haha, I wanna huggles him :D <3

  9. *eats finger gun* PUHAHAHAHAHA.

    ikrrr ;__; it kills me to not have him around. i've been so used to having him on my heels all day around the house.

  10. Cheater!!!
    -takes out bread gun-
    Eat bread!!!!!
    ...Wait- wah- huh?

    Oh well, once the kid's gone he can come back in :D when my cousins come over I have to keep my dogs in my room not cause theyre fierce or anything but my cousins are kind of little ao they're afraid of the dogs.

  11. I can see this is why you've been busy eating and playing with babies. :) Haha!

  12. Anonymous30/3/12

    oh wow! so many foods! <3
    &&aww, your cousin is adorable~

  13. hello.
    i seriously want all the chocolate you have there. :> :>
    your cousin/godson is so cute :'>


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