Rainy Martini

March 24, 2013

Matched - Ally Condie

About time I posted about Matched. I should've done this a long time ago. Like, when the local bookstores were filled with dystopian YA fiction to the brim. Now all I see are erotic novels that don't make much sense to me. Written porn.

So this is Matched, written by Ally Condie. It's the first book off her best-selling trilogy. Heehee. This is going to be another useless post. To be honest I'm blogging about this because errrrr I found the photos in my Picasa album and they're like sho purrdy and green I can't even. Hahahaha. What a waste right? Of course I'm kidding about the "pretty" part. Or... I don't know.

I was supposed to write about my opinions on this book but I changed my mind. And my pretty brown notebook is dying to be seen. I mean the cat. I mean the notebook.

Truth is I just lost all of my savings. And I'm so upset. I'm so sorry.

March 17, 2013


Errr... hi. I'm still here. I exist. Been busy with my work life. A week before Riggs came here, I went to try IHOP out. International House of Pancakes. Yes, I was alone and I wasn't with anyone.

Attention: I edited this post because I've been told that this post lacks something. I don't know what it lacks and I'm too lazy to blah blah but oh well. Heehee. Also, I miss getting snarky here. So scroll down down, no, not that down (or else you'd reach your own hoohah) and read my amazing captions. Lol.

Yummy Heinz tomato ketchup for my strawberry crepe. I swear. It tasted sooo nice. Try it. HAHAHA.

The view from my seat.

It took me two hours to get a table because it was so damn crowded there. Yes, I was alone.

Hey kids! This is called the menu. Or men-new. Or menoo. Whatever you call it.

IHOP Splashers. I ordered the fizzy berry one and the Fatso got the lemony one. I regretted ordering the berry and even dared stealing his beverage for myself. In the end we decided to rock-paper-scissors. But nothing happened because I errrr. I know this is hard to believe but I said, "no it's okay."

But I swear I was alone. LOL.

I am seriously besotted with this photo. This is my current phone wallpaper.

Some pancake sauces. I never got to try anything out because well, I used ketchup. Hahahaha!

This is supposed to be a crepe but I find nothing crepe-y here. Or is it just me?

New York cheesecake pancake or whatever. I mean, Dear Cheesecake Pancake: make up your mind. What the heck are you really?

The reason why I'm gaining weight.

And this, my children, is a classic example of a sky! It's a sky. Amazing eh?

And here's the errrrrr bustiest couple photo ever. But I sweaaar I was alone.

Teaser for the next post! Played around with the Whipple kit I received last Valentine's.

There you go.

March 10, 2013

The Sign

Ransom Riggs in Manila! It happened last Sunday, at Fully Booked (High Street). If you're wondering who Riggs is, he's only the author of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, a very creepy novel. When I first heard that he was going to be here for a book signing event, I was like noooooooo the world is over because I obviously wouldn't make it. I bought my copy years ago from the same bookstore (different branch) and lent it to a friend, who so helpfully misplaced it. Right. So I needed to buy a new copy. Right. But my pay day will fall two days after the event and the only money I had left was my daily allowance. Right. So Neko being Neko helped out and reserved a copy for me!! Right.

I don't know how I'll sound in this post. Gah. There'll be no swearing, hopefully. That also means I'm gonna be boring.


Rainy Martini with the Ultimate Little Martini book. Very appropriate. Must buy. One day.

Here's my number! Actually, it was his sister Erin who wanted to go to the event. He was just a driver. Chauffeur, more like. Mwahaha. They got there early and signed for me. I had the privilege of being number... 26! Which is a freaking good thing because by the time the book signing started, the numbers were at... I don't know, hundreds? Bah.

"I was perhaps the only guy in that line."

As for the photo, meh. Sorry, too lazy to rotate.

We had so much time to kill before the event. The hardest question was "where do we eat!?". Hard because we kept pointing at each other. You choose, no you choose. No you choose.

Had some ice blended thingies at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf then we went to Wee Nam Kee for some Hainanese chicken. I swear it was scary because I almost didn't get to finish my meal!! I felt stuffed after finishing my ice blended drink wtf. I couldn't move properly after lunch. Imagine... RAINY GETTING STUFFED. That is something that rarely happens. Hahaha. Food food food. I eat food after food after food.

Erin and me with our copies. Heehee. Of course I did the pose. The pose. Also, eyebags. Meh. It was the first time I met her, too. And we got along great!

We roamed the bookstore for hours checking some records out and a few nonfiction books. I couldn't help but drool.

The organizers finally made us sit thirty minutes before the event. It was a pretty long wait considering we had nothing to do but sit. And talk. Thankfully, Neko handed Erin a copy of Caitlin Moran's second book, so I got to read the first few pages. Heehee.

You're gonna see the contents of my actual diary. Yeay... or not.

After quite some time, and thankfully not forever....

He finally came out! Or "went down", because he obviously came from upstairs. Lol.

Ransom Riggs is falling down.

The text above, sing it. London Bridge tune. Scroll back up you ninny. SCROLL BACK UP AND SING THE LINE IN LONDON BRIDGE TUNE WTF.

The people at my side...

Ooooh. Canon and pearls.

He read a part of the book for two minutes, then the Question and Answer portion began. I got to ask him a question! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee--

Okay, you see that guy wearing white? Hahaha. He's my uh, my best friend. Hahahahhahahahah. You see, while Erin and I were at the queue for the actual signing, he meekly came to me and very meekly asked if I could take a photograph of him and Riggs because he was alone. Of course I said yes. Who could say no to a sweet soft-spoken child? Ok did I just call him a child lol.

Then I asked, "what's your name?"

"Dominic. What's yours?"

You'll hear a beep because I told him my real name. "*beeeep* So we're best friends now right? Rightrightright?"

The poor child had no choice but to agree. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Then wtf the guy behind him, a taller, older, chubbier one, and obviously not a child asked if I could take a photograph of him as well. So I said yes, why not? Then, as if on cue "we're best friends now too!!!"

The poor not-so-child had no choice but to... well, give me that look. Hahaha. He said yes though. But not after giving me thaaat look. HAHAHAHAHA. Wtf guys, you were at a "peculiar" book signing event, YOU SHOULD'VE EXPECTED SOME PECULIAR THINGS TO OCCUR. Like, me branding you as my best friend hahahahaha.

But of course, I was just kidding. It's this sick sense of humor that I have. Here's the photo I took.

Then dundundun... MY TURN!!

If you've been to a similar event, you'd know that the organizers will hand you a slip. You write your name on it and put it in the page where you want the author to sign. I wrote "Rainy" on the first slip and subconsciously put it in my pocket, forgetting about it in the next few minutes. Then I was given another slip and I didn't get to write on it. My best friends borrowed my pen and I forgot where the hell it went. Inside my bag, maybe. Or in my pocket. Well anyway, my turn came. Ransom Riggs flipped the book open and saw the blank paper.

"Oh, you don't have a name! Your parents didn't name you," he pouted, too.

"Actually, I do have a name. Ish."

"Really? What is it?" trying not to sound panicked, I unknowingly reached inside my pocket and said "HERE!"

"Rainy. That's a nice name!"

"It's just my pen name actually."

He gave me a look and said, "But even for a pen name, it's nice. Really nice. I love it."


Picture picture time!! After posing for this photo he gave me that same look my best friends gave me and asked me why I was covering my face. I didn't answer because it was Erin's turn to get her copies signed!

Here they are!! Ransom told her that he wanted to visit Corregidor. Apparently, he's so fond of abandoned places. Later, Erin and I agreed that Corregidor isn't that abandoned.


You should read Neko's post if you want a better account of this event. Just click here. Or there.

Or... or, you can click here. Heehee.

We went straight to Jamba Juice after the event! It wasn't long but it drained the hell out of me.

You can also click here. LOL.

Apparently, I have this habit of not writing a good ending for my posts. But for the sake of goodbyes and don't-forget-me's, here...

Rainy Martini's take on peculiarity. Good night.

March 04, 2013

The Martini Pose (or the ultimate camwhoring blogpost)

I don't know why, but somehow, my online friends started noticing the way I take photos of myself. "Notice" as in really notice. Maybe it annoys them?

I cover half of my face with either my hair or whatever I have in hand. And then I smize. Heehee.

When I post photos on Instagram or wherever, they'd comment "dat hair," or "dat hand," or even "GET YOUR FREAKING HAIR OFF".

It wasn't long before they started calling it the Martini pose. Meh.

I can't remember the origin, but the spark was lit on this day, when I realized that the lower half of my face wasn't doing anything to improve my appearance. Also, I realized that I love my eyes. Ha ha. And my hair.

Me attempting to turn Nel's hair into a mustache.

This one, taken on the day I saw Choi Siwon in the flesh. Ha! Oooh I still have my orange pinkie ring back then.

Even my family did it.

I love love love this candid photo of me taking a photo of myself, taken by my fatso.

My real-life and online friends also did the pose AND sent the photos to me. Hahaha! A Rainy Martini tribute? D'aww you guys you know you love me. LOOOOL.

So there you have it. Now bye.