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March 26, 2012

Tutorial: Vintage Effect

First, I posted a new Patterns batch on Fairyfloss! Do check it out! And remember to follow for latest updates. We're trying to be active.

One of my online pals asked me how I edit my photos, and since it was tricky trying explain everything through Whatsapp, I decided to create a real tutorial.

Please do note that different photos have various elements and properties, so you can't expect to get the exact results I got. But this technique is very common, and it works for most photos. That's why I decided to do this as my first ever tutorial.

The original image. I hope you don't get sick of this kawaii plushie because I love it so much and we've been together through sick and sin!

I used Photoshop CS4, but there won't be any problem with other versions.

Step 1: Open an image then duplicate that layer.
(If you don't know how to duplicate, right click on the layer containing the image and click Duplicate Layer Hello Rainy Martini Lol Lol)

Why duplicate? You don't wanna ruin the original image, do you? Just in case.

Step 2: Create a new layer, then fill it using the paint bucket with a pale yellow color. As I have said earlier, different photos have different elements, the shade of yellow may vary depending on what properties the photo you're editing is in. In this case, I used #feff73. I think it's safe to use that, too. You could try something darker or lighter.

Set the blending options to Multiply and adjust the Opacity to 60-70%.

Step 3: Repeat step 2, but this time, fill the new layer with a dark blue color using the paint bucket. I used #1a1a6f.

Set the blending options to Exclusion, then adjust the opacity. Something between 50-70%.

You're almost done! But the photo needs some boosting, so here goes.

Step 4: On the Adjustments* panel, choose Levels, then you will see a dropdown menu with RGB written on it, select Red and move the dial to the right a little. Just a little budge or until you're satisfied with the redness of your now vintage-looking image. Adjust the Curves, too. There's no specific pattern because as I said (again), different photos have... you know what. So, just play with it, drag that damn little dot across the graph like a killer dragging a dead body, add more dots then slide em again until your heart melts with satisfaction.

*If you're using Adobe Photoshop CS3 or lower, you can find it via Layer > New Adjustment Layer. 

Step 5: Click Color Balance (also found on the Adjustment panel) and choose Shadows, adjust the Cyan-Red dial to the right a litte, about 10 will do. Next, choose Highlights, and adjust the redness, too. In this case I added +13.

Step 6: Adjust the contrast, 20-25 will do.

You can add another Curves layer if you wish but it is not necessary. I only did it to enhance the image more.


(Or in this case I am)

Go on and try it! I'll be really pleased if I had managed to share this little knowledge to my readers who are beginning to befriend Photoshop. It was a pain to printscreen every single thing I do but I guess I'll get used to it in time. Tell me what you think via comments, too.

It would be better to alter and add various adjustments to suit your liking! Have fun and don't be afraid to experiment!

My next tutorial will be about collages and blending so stay tuned! Also, the next ones will be posted on our graphic and resource site Fairyfloss, do check it out!


  1. Since i lack funds to buy photoshop (that's what my mom says whenever I ask for it) I normally just use the vintage function on whatever photo editor software I have, lol.

  2. Since i lack funds to buy photoshop (that's what my mom says whenever I ask for it) I normally just use the vintage function on whatever photo editor software I have, lol.

  3. your plushieee!
    i have the same plushie but mine is green. kkk~ :PP

  4. @Cynthia ;O aww. What software do you use then? :D

    @Shawn ikrrr.

    @kryk oooh I have a green one too! Wait I'll show you!

  5. I use Photoscape for windows and Gimp for Mac :D

  6. oooh i wanna try this out! i'm a total noob at photography so this was pretty helpful =D


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