Rainy Martini

March 04, 2012

Je te manque

Hi little sis. I miss you so much! When was the last time we actually saw each other? Two, three years ago? I know I've been a horrible big sis to you because I kept saying that you were a spoiled brat. (Trust me, you are. I mean, doesn't whining for three days straight for not getting what you want count for anything? Lol. But let's not go there, because this is about me missing you, annoying whines and all.) But I know I shouldn't have said that because I am, too. Minus the whining part and frequencies of course.

And I bet, I bet your ballet teacher misses you too. So how about you send me a photo of you wrapping your shoulders with your legs while I do the same? I know it would be a really horrible sight (because I'll take a photo of me fuhahaha) but let's try okay?

We're the freaking rubber sissies! Don't worry, though. I think you'll be flying here before you even say "ballet". Love you!


May I present to you, theee, uh, 8th horcrux!!

I bought this at a kawaii store. Or not, maybe from Clipper? Can't remember. But it's gone now. Gone forever! I've had it for 3 years what the fuck. This is so unfair. Why do I have to lose the cutest things/people?

Fate might be conspiring against me but I shall thwart it by staying sarcastic forever.

I'm currently reading about Norse mythology (again). If anyone knows a good book about it, please do suggest.

Wanna know what my dream scenario of the moment is?

"Oh my gooood should I buy Pentax KR or Canon EOS 50D?" *runs around in perfect circles*

Dream on. I will try and save money to buy a new camera, because I desperately need one again to keep my heart beating. I know I've said this fuck loads of times but I can't stop yapping about it. I'll try to dwindle my constant reminiscing. In retrospect, it is annoying.


  1. Your sister does ballet? That's awesome. <3

  2. Wow your sister's really flexible! I used to do that back when I was a kid when I took up ballet :p Good luck in deciding what camera you're getting!

  3. Those are really nice photos. It actually made me miss ballet because I used to practice dance when I was younger. I hope you get to see your sister soon!


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