Rainy Martini

July 28, 2012

jeeb jeeb II

Not enough time.

I don't know why I called these posts "jeeb jeeb". It's probably what I was hearing in my head at the time. Think: Roadrunner. But it goes "beep beep".

Oh well.

FINE. A photo of me and my best friend, Janelle. That's me, face half-hidden. Heehee.

Then I went to sleepover at Janine and Janelle's mother's house! By the time we made our exit, it was already 10 and I had no intention of going back to my annoying house lol. (Caedwyn is an exception, I missed him while I was away!)

I Skype-ed with Izzie while eating.

This is a crinkle. Just so you know.

The poor bird couldn't fly. I hope they already set it free. I love birds by the way.

I went home after taking some final photos.

Sorry for spamming, this is my way of making up to you. I still can't go online much. Busy, busy. Problems at home, problems with mostly anything.

Have a good night everyone.

July 24, 2012

jeeb jeeb

I have friends. Well obviously. But we're not the kind of pals who meet up almost everyday just to chatter away and all that. It sometimes takes us four months before we see each other again, that's why I make sure I've got everything chronicled in this blog.

Maybe it's not fun, for some. But the joy of knowing that someone out there cares for you, wants your company and enjoys it is enough for me.

About thirteen days ago, I met up with the girls again because Janine and I needed to meet someone and Nel had to watch some Japanese movie needed for her class. That's her on the third photo, Nel, I mean.

Walking towards the cineplex. We took the details and everything, then Janine and I headed back to Megamall (we were at Shang Ri La) for the meet-up. You see, we're gonna help organize the DVD launch of Hunger Games! It's on the 18th of August! I've no more details though. Lol.

At the other mall.

Wait this photo should've been placed before the hand one. Never mind.

The sky brought me to heaven. Well I was trying out a pun.. *shies away* *dies*

Free taste! LOLOLOL who doesn't love free taste?

I wanted to buy something because the flower pastillas actually tasted good, and there were a lot of shapes to choose from. Imagine all the photo opportunities! Oh, the camera of the day was Janine and Nel's mom's Canon digicam.

After our meet-up with Ate Lian, Nel came to grab a spaghetti. I bring my draft notebook anywhere I go! I think I might've even wrote a poem while sitting there, chattering away with Lian.

I wanted to watch the movie together with Nel so we headed back to the other mall and left Janine to watch Magic Mike. By the time we were outside, it was already getting dark. Around 6 PM I think. Sunsets here are early, no?

AND WE CAME IN LATE. THE QUEUE ALREADY CAME IN WTF SO WE HAD TO ENDURE ANOTHER LONG WALK BACK TO MEGAMALL. Yes the walk was actually long, my knees and legs hurt despite the comfortable boots I wore. I think we spent most of our time walking.

If you're wondering where my poems headed off to, I had them moved to another blog. I still have so many things that needed tending to so yeah.

There were no birds today! I was expecting a whole bunch because of the sweltering heat but none came. It doesn't matter, I think.

July 22, 2012

the whole week

I missed you guys! I haven't been around for who knows how long. Maybe eight, nine days? The week flew, it had the strongest wings if you ask me. I mean how can something move so fast if it weren't for powerful.... what?

Thankfully, I had written down on my pink notebook what I had been up to.

Rainy season here, so that means we're full of... rain. I don't quite understand my full relationship with rain. Sometimes I wanna marry the sound of it pattering on my roof, on the ground. Sometimes it would bother me, give me the feeling up rushing something I can't quite get my finger (and toes) on. I'd been seating by the window, watching droplets of it slide down the leaves.

Every morning I'd wake up before dawn, and I'd hear the birds sing. Two days ago I had watched tiny sparrows skipping along the neighbor's roof, one had a piece of biscuit in its beak. The other, the evil one, took it and flew away. High went the victim. I wonder where they went.

Did it get the biscuit back?

Yesterday morning, I think there was a typhoon. I'm not completely tuned in so I can't be sure. The wind and rain subsided for a while (calm before le storm hoho) and a little bird perched its tiny claws on top of the line in front of my gate, where I was sitting with a mug of coffee. It sang and hopped for a while. My mind went like "ARE YOU A BUNNY OR SOMETHING" and I could've sworn it answered me with a yes.

Something about birds and me. In the newspaper, there was also an article about bird-watching. Why am I telling you this though... hmm.

Sunsets were beautiful. Three days ago, a sheet of very thing cloud blanketed the sky, the result was a very yellow dawn. I can't explain, I wish I had a camera that day. EVERYTHING WAS YELLOW. My skin was yellower, the leaves were yellower, the children running around were yellow too. I live somewhere in... wait I can't tell you lol, I hope a reader saw it too, though. The next sunset was pretty much the same, except that the sky was... pink, and it didn't illuminate the things below, so no pink skin for me and everyone.

So beautiful.

I would read outside the door, but then a pesky neighbor would sing a song I'm very much familiar with and it would resonate inside my head long after the singer was gone. I wish she had a lovelier voice though. And tune it up a little.

A lot of caterpillars suddenly appeared on our calamansi plant. I'm expecting more butterflies soon! Actually a few had been flying around, here and there. Entering the house but not touching anything.

I think it was also yesterday that some neighbors down the street caught a turtle. Oh, there are so many turtles here! It's not big news, but my ten- and eight-year-old brothers were so excited. I'm sure it wasn't the first time they saw a turtle. I wanted them to shut up and get over it. But who was I to take the childlike excitement they felt? I'm sorry I couldn't feel the same way, not in that sense at the very least.

They're just being children is all.

All these happened. I just sat through everything with my faithful companion—coffee. Mug after mug after mug. Of course I stood once in a while to clean up my dogs poop and stuff. Yes, I'm in charge with the poop business. IT'S SO UNFAIR. It did me good though, the time came when my baby cousin's father wasn't around and I had to wash his bum. At my age, I should be grossed but I wasn't hohoho because me so awshum I once touched dog poop bohohohooohohoho.

I have a lot of photos to post! It was taken during July 12.

I wish I had more time to tell you all the beautiful things I'd been lucky enough to see. Not that I was the only one who did, but I'm pretty sure I was among the few who stopped by and appreciated.

July 13, 2012

I choose to serenade

The day stretched. Today, unlike any other day, was a long and winding one; literally, because we walked so, so much that my soles and knees were both killing and begging me to stop for a few minutes and rest. Rest, but I couldn't. Figuratively because the past month ended in one breathe. There were no events that deserved to be highlighted, well, maybe the bloody night when my brother's nose was mutilated is, but that's a different matter. I'm talking about the scarcity of the good times I get. True, waking up at the crack of dawn to witness the most innocent face smile down on me is enough to give me a lifetime of happiness. Maybe it would even take me another lifetime to figure out why I deserve such a pure act. But I seem to yearn for something more. Not out of discontent, never.

I just miss my friends, that's probably all.

And... there are so many things that I want to happen, so many things I wish to learn.

Yet instead of making them happen I sit around with my wonderful playmate. It's the best and only valid excuse I got.

Here are some songs that I think will give you the amount of inspiration you need if you enjoy staring at bohemian artworks. Don't overdose.

I am not picky when it comes to music. I go through phases and some days I listen to Asian pop, I'll go to sleep and meet the new sunshine listening to Kelly Clarkson or Coldplay the next day.

New layout. I felt like covering my face in humiliation every time I see the previous one. What was I thinking is my prime question right now. Maybe I wasn't thinking at all. This one, though, I don't think it will last either. But for the meantime it's ninety percent better than my previous.

No photos for today! Although I took some. I hope to get them as soon as possible so I can post and tell you about my day. God, my legs hurt so much.

You can check out my previous post for photos, too! Tell me how you think.

'Til then!

July 11, 2012

last May

Some photos I took last May with my kid cousins while walking around the village.

I can't get to my own head. Can you imagine!? I need more time to think and write. I've been doodling, too. Ugly ones, see.

Maybe some CocoRosie songs will help.

July 07, 2012

to the hospital

This afternoon I accompanied my brother to the hospital. Recap: about a week ago, his childhood friend suddenly punched him in the nose. It was really bloody, and the incident was scary. The brother I knew became a monster. It was my first time to see him that angry. Wait lol I'm not sure if I should blog about it publicly.... oh well never mind. Thing is, it happened in a drunken haze. But the damage was done, and what scares us is the after effects of general anesthesia. He has upcoming certification exams and it could affect his thinking.

It wasn't my intention to go with him today, what with my pre-flu condition (I can really feel a flu coming now) and my hunger. At around 12 PM, his friend (the sucker who punched him lolol) came to pick him up. My mother wanted someone to go with him for moral support (she couldn't come), I wasn't one of the options until I blurted out

"I actually wanna see the procedure but-"


So I went.

I didn't even have the time to finish the cup of coffee I had just made!! I was hungry and unshowered, but still I took the time to admire my newly-painted nails before we headed to the hospital.

The walk was loud! The sky either grumbled or farted, and soon the rain fell. We stood for about an hour waiting for the culprit's brother in the market, too. I got wet in the rain, and my nose ran. Away. It was annoying really! Imagine snot trying to catwalk on your upper lip while you wait in the rain. I was raining inside and out!

My bro and Paul (green guy) in the drugstore buying this anbesol thingy.

When we reached the hospital... MY BRO'S GIRLFRIEND WAS THERE ALREADY. So no need for me to play cheerleader right? Wrong. She was nervous as hell, I felt guilty for my excitement. Why was I excited anyway?

Oh wait, blood. I think blood is kinda fascinating.

There was a lot of blood in his face, people were clustered around him to snoop. If I were a stranger I think I would've snooped too. There was a lot of blood, I repeat: A LOT OF BLOOD. He was conscious when the procedure was done, and it hurt like hell. His eyes were bloodshot. It didn't take an hour though. BUT STILL. When the doctors in Hong Kong inserted tubes in my nose to gather "data" during the H1N1 outbreak (LOOOOL IF YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT THIS, I MIGHT POST ABOUT IT. What an experience it was!) I cried in pain, my little sis kept shrieking and 6 nurses held her down. Tubes were inserted in her nose too. Ok I don't know why it hurt that bad. Well anyway, IT WAS SO DAMN PAINFUL. My brother had more damage... I now admire him for his manliness.

I forgot to mention that it was a public hospital we went to. I don't have many experiences from public hospitals, the last one was when my grandpa had a heart attack and died while driving, his new wife and I had to go to the morgue to claim his body. My only feedback is... IT WAS SO FUCKING UNSANITARY. Morgue you say? More like a left-most corridor on the lowest floor. There were WARDS on the other surrounding corridors! We found him lying on a stretcher in front of an abandoned room in the abandoned fucking corridor.

Meal time. The cafeteria was gross too. Not my trash.

I was waiting for my bro's girlfriend when suddenly...


Me while waiting for my brother to come out. He wasn't confined. Just an out patient blah di blah.

OK I know I have flat chest.

I gotta go! This was written on Friday, 7:16 PM. Scheduled, ya know?

See you soon!

Btw, Cynthia posted an anime list! If you have no idea what to watch (LIKE ME LOLOL) you can check it out here!

July 05, 2012

bonne anniversaire!

My youngest brother, Sean, is turning 8 today! I wanna greet him a happy birthday in this post written just for him! Although he hasn't got a clue about blogging and will probably won't get to read this until he's like, 12 or something, I wanna say a few things:

You have a very loud and annoying voice that irritates me every morning. I seek silence for comfort! But at the end of the day you're still my little brother, and big sissies do what they should. And sometimes you're very hard to control, even uncle's scary voice doesn't work. Then again, you're just a kid doing your job: living young.


Sean here loves Puss.


My photoshop skill is limited to giving photos the vibe I want my viewers to see. I can't beautify a person's face. No digital noselifts and face-slimming, although I can do bigger boobs and tummies.

OH GOD I WISH I CAN POST SOME OF THE PHOTOS I MADE. I gave my friends the biggest tummy I could, but I don't want to humiliate them and private matters should stay between us. LOL.

Gonna cook food for myself. Bye.

July 03, 2012

Hungry July

Happy July everyone! How come it's July already?

I updated my layout!

I've been told to write my CV but I'm blogging instead. Hahaha. I dunno, I can write novelettes and poems but technical writing!? God no. I was absent when CV-writing was taught at school. I'M NOT EVEN LYING. In my honest opinion it's one of the hardest things to write. Everything about it makes me feel awkward. I don't know whether I'm doing the right thing or not. Nothing makes me sure and even though there are formats online I'm still unsure about everything. It's kinda eerie for me to write about myself in such a structured manner.

LAUGH ALL YOU WANT. Creating a resumé must sound like a piece of cake (or chicken if you prefer) for you, but me... I can't even bear looking at my horrendous 2X2 photo. I CAN'T. I CAN'T THAT'S WHY I'M HERE. HELP. ME. PLEASE. Will removing it for the meantime help?


OH GOD IT DID. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

Maybe the reason why I feel uneasy when it comes to this thing is because I got rejected so many times when I tried looking for a part-time job when I was 16. That time I blamed my stupid CV for my failure. Later I realized it was my age. But nothing changed.

Wait I'm gonna continue with my current adventure.

It doesn't feel right. Bah, probably gonna update tomorrow and make up for tonight.