Rainy Martini

February 18, 2014

Leav & Misadventure

I had my copy of Love & Misadventure signed by the poet herself ten days ago. To my delight, Lang Leav was flown over to Manila for a little book tour... which I of course took advantage of because the chance of seeing your favorite author is as fat as that cellulite I see on your leg right now. Or leg hair if you don't have cellulites. I don't know what the heck is wrong with me. I've been seeing "cellulites" for the past week in these freaking website ads and now I can't stop typing it. Stop me! Cellulite. No!! Cell-- no. No, Rainy. No.

I didn't have time to work on these photos on the computer so it took me more than a week to edit them on my phone. I'm busy with work and I always need to catch up on sleep so I only get to edit when I'm in the bus or a few minutes before I snore. But I know you'll bear with meeee. I wuv you.

I had two options, since she'd be at two Fully Booked branches for two consecutive days. In the end I chose to attend the event that was held on the 8th because I had to file a sick leave from work. I mean a vacation leave hahaha. What person in the right mind would file a SICK leave on a CERTAIN day hahaha I mean "hey employer, I'll be sick on Feb 8 soooo..." hahahahahaha oh my god. Stop. Rainy stop! Anyway, we arrived at like, 9:45 A.M. Or it could've been 8:45. Something-45 and there was already a growing queue. Long before the bookstore opened! So I panicked, because when Ransom Riggs flew here for a similar event, I had a spot and number secured. My boyfriend got there early with his sister. It wasn't that bad though.

We had to roam around to cure our boredom. Oooh I see le boyfie's thumb. Hi thumb. You look... like a thumb.

Herakut-ception! The shirt I was wearing was signed by Herakut and they also did those walls! Awesome right? And yes we're so into attending Fully Booked events held at Bonifacio High Street.

Ayayayayayyy stache!

After securing number for the signing queue, we went out to nom. We went to this place called Slice, which had sexy-looking cakes but I don't recommend you go there if you also wanna take pictures of your food. The lighting is just bad. Although some of their ornaments make up for the bad, yeah, lighting.

If you read my last post, you should know that my girlfriend and I do this Battle of the Drinks thingy where we order unfamiliar beverages and judge who has the better one. I ordered a Milk Stirrer something while he got a dark Belgian something. Sorry, I'm very bad with names and titles so you can't expect me to remember them all.

Hi, rings.

Boyfriend's drink.

My drink and his drink vis-à-vis! In the end, I won. My drink was not very special but his was very.. overhelming? So I won! I won you freaking loser fatcuteheeheebabygirlorboyfriend!! LOSER!

Ehem. Back to the bookshop.

There's Ellia. She didn't buy a copy and was only there to see Lang Leav in person. The funny thing was, Leav was at the same place she was in in that photo, hiding. Niko (the girl or boyfriend)  told me that while the host was reading Lang's intro, a tiny woman in teal was giggling at the words. Of course it didn't take long for them to realize they were standing right beside the poet herself. It was funny because Ellia didn't realize and it was too late when she did. Lang entered the scene!

Well I managed to snag a seat in the front row. Here's the thing, people were already at the area while the crews were fixing the chairs and stuff. Everyone vied for a seat. The second they said "go!", there was squealing and girls were rushing to get a good seat. I, on the other hand, well-trained by my daily MRT travels back in 2012, sat primly and relaxed-ly on the seat that I already marked as mine. No hassle. No nothing.

I also bought a macaron squishy by Breadou!

Lang reading some of her works.

Two zombies.

I wish I had a better spot though because I was somewhere at the side. Front row, but at the side.

Lemony Schniket says hi. And I still don't know how to spell his/her name. He/She very muched enjoyed listening to Lang read her works out loud and I swear I heard him/her sniff a bit. Or was it me? Nah, the people mostly requested friendzone-themed poems, so I couldn't identify with that. What! I'm very much in love. Hehehehe. What?

Signing time!

My booksigning paraphernalia!

Hi, photographer eye.

I look embarrassing in this picture because I felt awkward sitting there waiting for her to finish signing my copy of her lovely book. Then she asked me "how are you doing?" WHICH I FOUND SO HARD TO ANSWER. How are you doing is honestly the hardest question to answer sincerely. I was like, "ah, I'm. I'm!!" HAHAHAHAHAHA.


We had nothing left to do, Ellia already went home after seeing Lang and she was just pretty much signing some other copies so we went out to grab a bite.

And my three tiny babies were eating, too.

Niko bought a copy of David Rakoff's "Don't Get Too Comfortable". A year ago I bought him a copy of the same title, but my dog Coco decided to go and have a taste to make sure the book wasn't poisoned! So there. He bought himself a copy of what should've been my awesomest gift to him so far. Or, I don't know. I don't know what he considers awesome. I am certain I'm one of them though. Heehee. Aren't I?


And here goes my aptitude: bad endings. I will give my macaron squisy a chance to say "thank you for reading" or "I hope you choke on whatever you're eating right now" in black and white.

"Thank you for reading" is so bleugh. Hahaha. I love you though. Marry me? Yes, you. You, reader. Marry meeee. Kidding. No I'm not! Kidding.

February 07, 2014

Happy Happy Things

Two paydays ago, I updated this blog. And now I'm doing it again! I was supposed to work on a photography app review but I got discouraged when I couldn't come up with an awesome-looking header image so I'll put a hold on it. And oh I think you've been seeing THAT dreamcatcher image everywhere. Hahaha. I love love love it sorry. You can't stop me from posting it. Nope. Can't. So, my week in photos eh?

I bought this copy. This flawless sexy hard (bound) copy of Darren Shan's work for only Php 50! It's like a dollar and some change. Quite a bargain but it's an insult somehow. Like why would you put a great writer's book on sale? Good deal though.

My copy of Lang Leav's poetry! I never thought her work will be flown over here so I was thrilled! I've always supported her during her SOYA days. I got familiar with SOYA when one of my favorite photographers received an award. Anyway Lang Leav will be signing copies tomorrow and I will be there too with Niko. Perks of having a geeky boyfriend.

This was taken on my birthday. I don't know why it's in this collection. But what's done is done. Uploaded is uploaded so here ya go. Hahahaha.

I spent my CNY inside a crowded mall and ate macarons. For the record, we had lunch in a Chinese restaurant so there you go. And I burned my wishing papers and incense and placed offerings on our altar during midnight. So I didn't not celebrate my CNY.

Meet Lemon Schniket! I don't know how to spell his name but he likes Lemony Snicket. And photobombing.

Forgive me. I've always had problems with straight lines. Explains why I don't take good shelf photos. Like I said, I've always had it. When I was in kindergarten I had all the crayon names from Crayola's 64-color pack memorized but I couldn't even tell the difference between circle and oblong with ease. I could play a Mozaty sonata but not... that. I don't think I flunked my geometry though, did I? No.

Lemon meringue. I bought this because I thought it kinda looked photogenic but I don't know. It was very lemony and I think it was Lemon Schniket's fault.

Mint chocolate and red velvet.

Caramel fleur de sal!

He/She likes my meringe tart.

Hot cocoa! This is not your normal hot chocolate. It's a hot hot chocolate. I looooved it.

And my inferior drink didn't quite make it to my heart.

Chez Karine, the pastry shop where we went to (I should've mentioned this earlier though) also sells cereal milk pudding!

Nyam nyam nyam macaron nyam nyam nyam nyam nyam nyam nyammmm nyam nyam nyam! Nyam!

The inside of the jar! I don't think I even edited this photo before I placed the overlay over... there. I don't know I don't know don't ask me.

More often than not, Niko and I do some sort of Battle of the Drinks. Or Who Has The Best Drink contest. We've been doing it for a year now so I figured I should tale it seriously and write a blogpost dedicated to it. What do you think? (Of course I won't get a response. No one reads me huhuhu)

And the winner for that day was him. Like I said I didn't like my caramel drink.

This is a tiny mochi ice cream keychain! He gave it to me two days ago ♥ ♥ ♥

Finally, meet my cousin! No no no I mean my nephew. Gosh I keep forgetting. We call him Porkchop because he's fat and tall for a four-month-old. And he's a total troll. Look, the young man learned to adjust his stache!

So I guess this is the end of it. I'll be heading over to Niko's workplace later to celebrate his mother's birthday.

But wait wait there's more!!

We will be doing a Fantasy Festival for Earthings! along with some other writers. Fantasy Festival is literally a fantasy festival for us. If you could produce your own music fest, who would your lineup be and why? Of course us music geeks would looove to have our artists flown over here. Tough luck though. My lineup includes indie Korean music though!