Rainy Martini

January 30, 2012

The Egg

I want to write a Shakespearean sonnet, but it's just not happening. It's like something inside me keeps resisting. Resists what? Thoughts getting transferred from my head to this text area? I don't think so. Weird, though. Even so, I still want to write something. The need creeps back, and no matter how deep I bury it in, it keeps showing. And showing. I wouldn't mind if Mr. Need turns up with sexy hands or somethign.

I'm going to write continuously. I swear I didn't pre-write the poem that will be... poem-ed below.

Inhale. Inhale. No exhales, Rainy! Okay here goes. I'm giving myself this challenge. No backspaces (except for typo errors okay!). No editing. No editing (as if! When did I ever edit my embarrassing posts full of typos? Lol.)

Now she sits without
ideas to guide her in
her journey as
a writer?
An artist?
A musician?
A thinker,
a thinker who does
not stop the whirlwind
brought about her own
head although, it seems to be
in some kind of a
Because she is out
of juice to squeeze
and hearts to pour
not in a jar but
somewhere easily
By the demons who
replaced her blood with
custard so that
nothing can ever
Or pump
In a deep, deep trance
because her thoughts
mimic the life of an
stolen by a hungry cat
from an abandoned nest on
top of a tree that
got struck by a lightning
three or three thousand years
She cannot think
I cannot think.

I can't think of a title. Oh god oh god. Whyyyy is it so hard for me to entitle things? It's easy to just write freestyle but titles. Titles? Seriously, what titles? Geez. I'm going to read what I wrote when I return later. Au revoir.

January 25, 2012

Oh embarrassantes!

I know I sounded a wee bit out of my head on my previous post, so I'm not giving myself any brownie points for that one. Actually I'm flustered right now and if my blog had a pair of cheeks it would blush furiously. It was stupid, really. Especially when I asked "I mean, dude, why would you ignore someone who lives with you?" Where the hell did my head go? That's what you get when you don't proofread your posts.

And I'm not filling you in with the latest-ish photos I have.

So, to make up for it, here are some "creative" light photos that I took last December

We really are electric, no?

And by the way, if you'd seen my head somewhere, please give it back. I need it. Okay I really don't but I just want to be with it again.

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There are going to be four (4) winners of .info domain names. Your choice of course.

The contest started last January 18 and will end on February 01. The winners will be randomly chosen so you can make sure that everything is fair!

Do check out the giveaway link for the FULL details! Join now! The more the merrier, although it would mean MORE competitors. Oh well. If you want your own domain name I reaaaally advise you to join because there's nothing to lose and it's not that hard to enter. Just do the easy peasy mechanics and wait for the results.

See? It's like an early Valentine's gift.

January 23, 2012

Bonne Nouvelle Année!

Happy new year everyone. I suppose some of you expected me to greet you on my blog with a banner that says Xinnian Kuai Le or something. But no, I didn't get to make a graphic because I don't have Photoshop here. *cries forever*

When my friends greeted me "Kung hei fat choi," they kept emphasizing "fat".

As usual, I've been tres bored with my life. It's not the usual bored bored. It isn't the feeling you every Sundays when you have nothing else to do.The problem is, I have too much time to think about anything. Like, what would happen if I take this course, or, should I still play this instrument or learn the guitar. I. Can't. Decide.

Then there are problems at home. I think it's kinda stupid because my mother and older brother are giving each other the silent treatment for about a week now. I mean, dude, why would you ignore someone who lives with you. I don't know if it's making them awkward or what. But thankfully things are still the same. Except for the fact that they, hohoho, don't talk to each other.

Stupid stupid.

A few nights ago, I adopted a kitten. My brother saw the poor creature getting tossed around by little kids so he took it. Then, he remembered that I had asthma so he left it about ten houses away. About two nights later, he saw the kitten sitting in front of our gate. So he took it in. It was 1 AM I think, my mother woke me up and boom.

I named it Weedle.

Then last night, my uncle brought home another homeless critter. A puppy this time. I named it Coco. It kinda looks like Sushi, except for its size and color. Sushi was coffee brown. This one resembles caramel macchiato. OH GOD I LOVE CARAMEL MACCHIATO. Iced or hot. I don't fucking mind.

I love caramel macchiato. I love caramel macchiato.

To think that the dog arrived at the exact time the fireworks started. My family is superstitious and believes in Feng Shui. But I'm open-minded and have no religion lol. Well anyway, they believe that the dog's arrival is some kind of an... an... omen. (I said "omen" with a really soft whispery voice).

(Okay my brother giggled when I typed "whisper". Whisper is a sanitary napkin brand wtf.)
(Hey bro why are you thinking of menstruation on New Year's? Dafuck.)

So that's about it. Sometimes I don't really feel like sharing personal stuff in this blog but I figured this must be the purpose this uh... blog serves.

I'm sorry for being redundant. I can't help it. Being redundant is redundant. I promise a power writing blah blah soon. I've been uninspired lately.

But fear not, for I, Rainy Martinimartini, has two new groggy compatriots!


January 19, 2012

mon espèce d'ennui.

x x

Forever is too strong a word, but for someone who has no clue when her busy days would return, it's just fitting.

January 15, 2012

à mon année scolaire: finale

This is the fourth part because... every thing has to end. Oh god, here we go again. You're probably sick of reading that line. But cliché or not cliché, the line proves to be unfeigned. There were a lot of events that happened during the final months of my senior year. If anything, I'd love to have it back. Albeit it was also the time when I got snowed with difficulties a teenager must not go through. No matter, my friends were there. I wish they were still here though. Not that anything happened; in fact, there'd been nothing at all.

It's amazing how nothing can eat everything out. You hungry ah, nothing?

From left: Bianca, Nese, Me and Nel. This was taken before our The Congo performance.

Oooooof. Haha that's how I really smile. I don't know why wtf. That's my normal state.

This is Ange.

Some of the girls from my section, IV - St. Peter (yes, I'm from a Catholic school despite my religious views). Featuring the segregated trash can on the very left.

A classroom shot with half of the class. I took this during the elimination round for the quiz bee participants. When I took my camera out our Economics teacher just yelled, "Oy picture picture!"


So there you have it. A sneak peek of my final years as a high school student.

I wish you all a very happy final year. You have months to go before the school releases you and there would be a lot of stuff that's going to happen. All I can say is, as much as the drama shakes you, don't fight it. There'll be a lot on your plate you'd think you had just entered an eating competition. Just go to school, even if something bad happens. As I said my life did a somersault that time, and it felt as if the world wants to squeeze the breath out of me. But I didn't let it. I just went and went to school even though it didn't interest me anymore and as the graduation day loomed nearer, the anticipation grew. "Why can't the days roll faster!?" I literally asked myself that everyday, and since I was the asker to my self, I got no answer. Word of the wise (ish): don't always ask yourself. If you do and didn't get a reply, well don't wonder why.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat. Oh god oh god.

Seriously though, I advice you to not rush it. Because once it's over you're not going to get it back. Unless, of course, you didn't pass the year and are advised to repeat.

Good luck.

January 12, 2012

à mon année scolaire: troisième partie

This is the third part of my high school life reminiscence tribute but I don't think I'm done yet. There might be a fourth part because I don't want this to look like a photodump although I'm not doing a good job in the writing department. I couldn't sleep at night. No, I find it hard to sleep every night, more like. As a result I wake up groggy, disoriented with no creative juice to squeeze out. At all.

Moving on, I have here a photo of the usual people I sit with during lunch about 2 years ago.

I think we had an hour (or 40 minutes, can't remember) of break during lunchtime. I either read at the library, hang out in the music room, or eat with my friends. Of course the people-in-charge do their best to keep order.

But silence is usually out of the question.

Aaaand we do what we gotta do.

I don't want to say the subject's names just in case they complain about their "embarrassing" photo being published here. I could comfort them about the fact that I'm practically anonymous here and so are they. Hah.

All photos taken during my senior year.

Something scares me... I know it's not quite possible at this time but what if Photobucket shuts down? I'M TOAST. MY BLOG IS TOAST. All my photos are hosted there omg. I should've uploaded my photos here from the very start.

Should start backing up. Like, now.

January 10, 2012

à mon année scolaire: deuxième partie

"And I'll sneak up behind you, throw you a glare,"

"I'll mess up your mind with my boggling stare; mess up your playing until I see le innards so bare,"

"I'll sneak up behind you, to play and to scare,"

Right. I do sneak up behind my violinist friends every time they play. I find their concentration funny, they find mine absurd. It's just that there's something about their faces that makes me want to poke their ribs while they saw away their bows. Of course, I'm not safe from their mocking so I don't play complex pieces in front of them. Pianists will get what I mean.

I'm writing this on an empty stomach while hearing someone snore.

Also, we like hanging out at someone's house after school. It's kind of our regular thing back then.

That's what I mean when I said "making the most of my school year". I'm not saying that loafing around is the best thing to do but there's gotta be something fun to make your year memorable. That's my idea of fun. It's not unpopular, every one likes to hang out. Make sure you hang out with the right crowd though. Make sure you finish your homework. Because Nel and I sure as hell didn't. Loljk, we finish it the next day before the teacher arrives so what difference does it make anyway? *grins* And don't tell me you never procrastinated because the smartest people I know do.

I'm what you can call a literary geek. My English, history, and art grades skyrocket every quarter (except when I entered my junior/senior years, I slacked off) but my Maths just burrow even deeper. It could've reached hell but who knows right?

One more thing, our Track and Field coach (also our Economics teacher) told us that he became a teacher because he wanted to experience life as a high schooler once more. When he was our age, he decided to forget about social life and focused on his studies. Yeah, the duuude reaped awards at the end of the year. But not without regrets. He missed all the awesome memories that he should've made those years.

I'm just saying that while it's a beneficial thing to get your head together every day, sometimes you need to laugh.

I'm not good at giving advices. You might confess to me that "OMG I'M PREGNANT" or "OMG I RAN AWAY" or "OMG I DO DRUGS" and will most likely just say, "Well uh, do your thing. Just don't fuck up even further."

Most likely.

Although, my friends seek advice from me for some reason. I don't know why ok. Because I don't judge? Because I'm happy-go-lucky?

I dunno. I'm a fail person as far as I can tell.

January 08, 2012

à mon année scolaire: une part

It's January now for the gajillionth time and you're probably back dragging your ass to school again. Some of you just returned from your Christmas hols and some started a whole new school year. Here's the dig: most of my readers are, by now, seniors (who are graduating on March (Filipinos); who just started their final year (Malaysians) or even college.

This is to pay tribute to my sparkly-and-sometimes-dull (loljk it's always dull because I suck) high school life. It will be divided into three posts. *drum rolls*

Junior/Senior Prom, February 2009. These are three of the twelve photos I took that night. Twelve? Are you fucking kidding me huh, self? Should've taken more but oh well.

Angelo and I. He's a soft fella. I like this photo because it shows my now-mugged gold and white gold necklace. Aaand our eyes look slitty and small and and mysterious which is a bit gay.

Timothy and Louie (an awesome artist who folded a shitty piece of paper into a speedboat) tango-ing.

A group photo that shows how much of a party girl I was that night. Re: my messy fringe that I didn't notice until I saw the photos. Ugh, my friends could've told me! You ass. Did it on purpose and probably laughed about it. Well to be honest it was a bit funny.

From left: Jullian, Cherciska (the Prom Queen), Rainy, Nicolo, Jazmine, and Shaine.

I didn't make the most of my Junior year and there aren't enough photos to post. Usually I slacked off every Wednesday because of double Chemistry and double Geometry, my own death. Lol. And there were issues back then I didn't feel like going to school so I kept flying to Singapore to visit my friends (even on School days). I regret doing that.

I messed up the chance to spend time with my classmates but what's done is done. I kinda made up for it on my senior year though.

Now I feel like doing it one in post... but there are over twenty photos in all! I won't proofread this post so there might be errors. Albeit, I don't see any telltale red marks under any words so booyeah.

Watch out for the next posts!!

And I'll probably change my layout soon. This one's boring me to hell.

January 02, 2012

de quelqu'un amour

I know I wasn't being fair on my previous post.

First, it was supposed to welcome the brand new year with a bang, but I blew it. I ended up ranting about washing the dishes (which was, in any case, a responsible thing for anyone to do) and my Mom being unjust. My guilt gnawed at me and if there's anyone being unfair here, it's probably me. I'm a girl after all. Maybe she was just training me for the harsh housewife (lol?) years to come. I could've been living all by myself now (like when I was 14, I rented a room because my school was like 3 cities away) and wouldn't even know what to do to keep my space clean.

Don't get me wrong, I clean up all right. I just loathe dirty dishes. You can go round orderin' me to wash the car and I wouldn't mind. All because it involves getting wet and sometimes it's fun. Aside from the vacuuming part ok.

So I wanna say sorry to my Mom for calling her unfair on New Year's Day. She doesn't know about it, but still. It won't calm my beating heart if I let it linger. It's like I bad-mouthed my mother on some light level. And it's not good. The words were written out of vexation and controlling myself was highly unlikely that time. My recklessness would later ruin me, and I don't want that.

Iron things out while the creases are still fresh.

Second, why the heck was my banner saying Goodbye instead of Welcome!?

Perhaps I'd never get over my pessimistic self. It's just too hard to leap from one faith to another. I'm not a frog and faiths aren't lily pads either. Maybe I could go with my pessimistic ways, but with more courage. It's not that I'm suffering from some inferiority complex of sorts, I just hate getting disappointed. What, you expect something silver (or even golden) and you get ugly rocks instead? Getting disappointed is disappointing.

Ehem, well anyway, I should stop eating chocolates and drinking soda. I'm allergic to chocolates. Yes I know I'm cursed for the rest of my life but so what? It's just allergy, and who says I can't eat 'em just because my skin would itch and my heart would tap dance a few minutes later!? If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed how I tweet every time I drink Coke or some other soft drinks. I'm not supposed to drink them. My family forbids me so I feel a wee bit triumphant every time I do it behind their backs.

And oh, I have fuck loads of creative light (if you could call 'em that) photos and my hands are itching to post them all. But my previous posts were light blah so I guess I should hold back for a while. Sigh.

January 01, 2012

bienvenue, 2012

x x

Out with the old and in with the new, I bet you fatasses are busy banging with your firecrackers tonight! In fact, I am, too. That is why I'm writing this post in advance. I prefer being out under the night sky every time a new year chucks out the old one. It gives me a glimpse of joie de vivre or something better.

Happy New Year!

...but wait. I'm writing this exactly 6 hours before New Year and I'm terribly irritated by my homefolks. First they messed with my reading time (I was hanging on every word!) by making me do the dishes. Then they start playing these... these dance songs that was supposed to be enjoyed by people like my mom. I don't mind the music but it was the volume that irked me. Not to mention the chest-thumping bass. Sigh.

Then I realized that my brothers were doing nothing at all. Mom lets them loaf around in front of their computers while I, the eldest daughter, gets all the hate for refusing to do house chores because housekeeper complains blah shit blah. I was reading damn it. Reading. And when I'm bored doing nothing, ALL THE FUCKING CHORES GET DONE WITH. What the actual fuck right?

I'm not disobedient at all. I just feel like following orders from fair people.