Rainy Martini

August 28, 2012

The Hunting of the Snark

The Hunting of the Snark (An Agony if Eight Fits) is one of my all-time favorite Carroll works. My most favorite being the super obvious Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I'd first read the whole poem when my late father gave me a handwritten copy to read one summer day.

I was 6, and I probably made a "dafuq did i just read meme" face after that. I never really knew what it meant, although "It was a boojum!" became stuck in my head.

It became my chant. A random noise happens at night, it was a boojum. I didn't hear what my mother said, it was a boojum, then.  For me, everything unknown is and was a boojum.

Oooh Lewis, thank you for the word.

Years later, I found the poem published in a somewhat newer edition (for me, at least) sitting on my friend Carle's desk. I think he bought it out of curiosity and it was left untouched until I went to borrow it.

This one has an introduction by Martin Gardner, with illustrations by Henry Holiday and a bunch of footnotes. Kneenotes, if you consider the length. The illustrations are equally whimsical, and I never knew of their existence! I wish I could blame my dad for missing out on that.

And now I know every line by heart. An amazing poem dedicated to Gertrude Chataway (one of Carroll's best child friends) is included, too.

I'm out of words. Oh if you could see my face right now! I HAVE A FREAKING STY ON MY RIGHT EYE. If anyone asks I say "cockroach bite" because they'd mock me with "OOH HAVE YOU BEEN PEEKING IN THE SHOWER?". Urrrgh it hurts like hell, and this morning I had an eyelash plucked because the elders kept saying that it will help relieve the swelling.

Is it even scientific? Whatever, bye bye sweet eyelash.

I have some news coming up!!! Ta ta for now dudes.

August 25, 2012


OH MY GOD I HAD JUST RECEIVED A MESSAGE. I can't tell you what it's about yet. Bottomline is a photo of mine is going to be published in a book! OHMYGODOHMYGOD.

Ohmygooood I don't have my own camera but I'm gonna get published. I don't know how it will look like lol oh how big it will be but fuuuuuuuuu. If, say, my photo took like only an inch of a page.... KSDJKLAJDQWEXSLD. *breathes*

I'm not supposed to say anything about this (it was included in the mail, the secrecy) but I think I'm being super discreet so yada yada. And besides, I don't receive tens of thousands of traffic! Who would know right?

Random photos ahead.

That 16-month-old sure know the importance of facial expressions! His favorite is the squishy one.

I love the Caedwyn-collage! On the first photo, he was told to kiss an invisible man. He was getting scolded by his dad on the second one. The third one... LOL HE DID THAT FACE WHEN HIS DAD WASN'T LOOKING AT HIM.

I just realized that I haven't blogged about the books I had read! So in the next few weeks, I shall blog about:

Ribblestrop - Andy Mulligan
Matched - Ally Condie
Fixing Delilah - Sarah... Sarah something.

Sorry but I really feel lazy and ecstatic (my hands are still shaking) right now. You could google it yourself anyway ;)

August 22, 2012

Tutorial: Double Exposure

Hi! As you can see, I have a new layout. Do you like it? No? HNGGGGGG.

In this very easy tutorial, I will teach you the basics of creating double exposure shots digitally using Adobe Photoshop. I know a lot of people know how to do this, but oh well.

According to Wikipedia, "a multiple exposure is the superimposition of two or more exposures to create a single image, and double exposure has a corresponding meaning in respect of two images. The exposure values may or may not be identical to each other."

Doing it on film is a lot of fun and full of surprises, but you can do it anytime on your computer too!

I will use these images. Too lazy to look for better photos among my files.

Step 1 (and the most obvious step): open the two documents in photoshop.

Step 2: Drag one image on top of another, it doesn't matter which is on top.

Final step: Change the top image's blending mode to Multiply (in some cases you can use Overlay or Darken). Adjust the opacity to your heart's content and then you're done!

The final result...


Oh well. At least you get the idea.

Another example is this... my current photo on the 'about' area. You can view my sidebar for another one.

I suggest you use bokeh or light streak images that you took yourself. Alternatively, you can download textures from various resource sites!

Have fun!

August 17, 2012

Photo spam, Sihae fanmeet, ugh

Hello darlings! I got over 20 acceptable photos coming for you. Last August 15, I went to a fanmeet at Trinoma, the SiHae one. Initially, I didn't plan to go, but my very stubbornpersuasiveamazing best friend persuaded me by pointing out that they'd be bringing a Canon DSLR with a 200mm zoom lens! I don't have experience with zoom lenses yet, and it's been a while since I last held an SLR so I said fuck yeah I'm so gonna go. The problem was, I didn't know how to commute, and a storm was trolling the ground.

I left at around 9 AM. It started pouring around the time I stepped out of the first vehicle I rode! Situation was, I wasn't wearing any glasses (I have a very bad eyesight and I hate doing anything to aid it) so I couldn't read the signs on the fucking buses that passed. Plus, I didn't know which one to ride lol so I kept asking around, and they gave different directions wtf.

Despite the hard rain and my nonexistent sense of direction, I made it! I had a very long walk, though. And I bumped my head while getting off the bus.

When I arrived, I found out that the schedule wasn't due until around 5 PM. SO WE WERE LIKE 7 HOURS EARLY WTF. Anyway, the camera was in my hands in no time and bam, I had a nearly good day.

Only 11 AM, the crowd was growing.

Mealtime! Taco Bell and Jollibee. Nel didn't want to eat any fastfood after watching Supersize Me. But ate anyway. Bah.

Oh! It was sooo boring, I'm telling you! We planned to save a place but it didn't happen because we ended up walking around the mall. And the best thing that happened to me, in my opinion, was the cocoa with rock salt and cheese drink that I ordered in Happy Lemon.

Then more walking, walking. Window shopping, walking. Book browsing, walking.

Then we went out to the garden at the topmost floor and snapped some photos.

Walk, walk, walk walk. Window shopping, food, walk. I didn't take any more photos because we wanted to save the battery. To be honest I don't know how we lasted, I mean the wait was terrible. And we kept getting false alarms because the fangirls kept squealing every time the song changed. I mean wtf. It was my first time attending that kind of event so I wasn't prepared for everything that happened afterwards.

So the idols came out. Earlier, Nel and I planned to shoot photos while riding the escalator. We were so proud of the plan we thought was unique. Hahaha. It was, after all, the first time we did something like that.

Plan failed. The crowd thickened in less than a minute, and we gave up. Just like that. Janine, who was with us that day, managed to get into the VIP area with her friends because they've got stubs or something. We would've been there, too. If we didn't retreat to the karaoke room and sang ridiculous songs.

We rode the escalator. We wanted just a few photos to justify our efforts. A lot of fangirls crammed into the freaking escalator before we knew it and the guards stopped it. We were somewhere in the middle, and the fans below kept pushing us up, the fans above wanted to go down. It was almost a stampede! A kid got stuck in between and there was screaming wtf. Chaotic. I couldn't believe what was happening wtf. Then a girl pulled my hair, I would've ignored it but it freaking hurt. So I did what I didn't know I could do... I STEPPED ON HER. Have you seen the shoes I was wearing on the almost-full-body photo above?

Ah, the pain. Go figure. I really really really shocked myself because I don't believe in physical violence! Yes, I cuss a lot but that's it. I do it for fun (and use them as adjectives bwahahaha). I had never engaged myself in a physical fight or anything similar. And I thought I was gonna die in the escalator. Eventually we made it out almost unharmed. I don't know what happened to the rest of my friends lol. We just complained and vowed to never attend such an event again.

Wait, wait. OMG SIWON. OMGGGGGG. I don't fangirl over male groups but I really like Siwon.

I didn't see him for much longer than ten seconds though. And my eyes loooool. I never had a proper view. Wtf.

This is how 1/4 of the crowd looked like on the first floor. And there were floors above. I've there were a total of 25k+ fans that day! Woah.

After dinner, I agreed to sleepover at my friends' house. The taxi home was frustrating. It took us an hour to get a cab that would properly take us home. I slept there and arranged these photos the next day while watching and eating.

What a long post! I knooow I sound so vague here. I dun care hohoho. Janine lent me two books and I'm gonna blog about them, too.

If you stayed and read until this sentence, then thank you so much.

About the giveaway, I'm still not sure when it will be! And besides, I still don't know what kind of prize I should get for you. Any ideas?

Bye bye!

August 16, 2012

Free Color: The Pink Side

Gonna do a looong post but before that, a freebie for everybody!

I personally use this curve to cure photos that look feverishly red and warm. Enjoy!

Recommended lighting: sunlit, backlit

Download it here. Password: rarara

PS, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask via my formspring (found on the sidebar) or anywhere else.

Photo credits: x x x

August 13, 2012

overnight at Kate's!

I went out with my mother today! I\m tired, blogging is one of my ways to unwind.

I spent half of my weekend laughing and gossiping with my girl friends! After the rain had subsided, Nel asked me out. I wanted to refuse because I was broke at the time but she pointed out that we haven't seen each other for a while. Kate is another story. I think the last time I saw her was.... last year? *sobs*

All is well now though. We ate a lot and watched this documentary called Supersize Me and some episodes of Skins (the UK version looool) as well. Gooooosh Tony is so hot. HIS EYES OMG. *clears throat*

We bunked at Kate's living room. After dinner, I threw my plate into the sink and ran to the laptop to chat with Izzie to escape the chore. The two gossed for a while, and I was thankful I sashayed out of their sight because the topic was love. Then we started watching.

We slept at around three A.M. I was the first to fall asleep, and obviously the first to rise. I always wake up come sunrise no matter how late I sleep by the way. It was up to me to think of a way to amuse myself while I watched them in their slumber.

I wandered around ransacking the house (as you can see on the photos) and found a pretty hairclip topped with mini roses. I wore it but it didn't suit my wild morning hair and equally wild face. Breakfast, hmm, noodles and a bun filled with choco-hazelnut-n-cream spread.


*lightbulb* The camera I used was Kate's HP... ok I can't remember the model but it was certainly an HP.

And oh, I now have 420 followers! Thank you so much guys for reading my blog!

August 09, 2012

storm is the new norm

Ooh! If you live in the Philippines you can perfectly guess what I'm gonna blog about tonight. If not then, hehehe. It was very tragic, I honestly feel guilty about typing "hehehe" a few seconds ago. (But you know me, once written, I rarely edit out words so bah. Bah.)

Two days ago, around 4 AM, it started to pour hard. Sheets of rain terrorized the streets, causing a huge wave of flood. I could have sworn that the raindrops wore clogs, the sound of the rain-roof impact was that hard. "Sssssssshhhhh" it went on and on. Don't you dare shush me you stupid monsoon rain was all I could say because the floodwater started entering our house by then.

The result was an ankle-deep puddle in the living room, and waist-deep outside the gate. The color was a cross between green and brown. Imagine a painting of a tree gone wrong. My neighbors who live down the road had the worst, I think most of their stuff got soaked. The first things I saved were my books, I can't let my collection drown!

I was appalled when I learned that it wasn't even a real typhoon. Just a monsoon rain! It dwarfed the previous typhoons that had come. I mean they were official, but they never reached my door.

People started evacuating, they inflated floating rings and airbeds (woah I should totally get one from the annoying shopping channel, might come in handy someday lol). My 15-year-old brother took his diving board out and had his friend pull him around, yelling "Hellooooo Philippines!!" while passing our window. My sister folded out some paperboats, I took a photo of one but I'm not gonna show it here because it looked crappy, and I almost dropped the phone while taking that one! Not worth it. It's on my Instagram though.

You can see the aerial view here on this Yahoo! article. It's a must-see!

I doodled unconsciously, drank coke, wrote poems and listened as the thunder boomed. The rain was bipolar, it was as if someone had a remote control and was playfully turning the switch on and off.

We ate spaghetti, leftover from my mother's birthday celebration and drank lots of red iced tea.

As to why I sound cheerful, I don't know. I mean, I'm not sure why. Our home looks extremely immaculate now with all that mud, and I still have to figure out where to sleep because there's no decent place where I can sit or lie down freely. Eating became a chore, so did making coffee.

Maybe it's because of how the people around me took it.

I was sitting by the window reading a poem (see first set of photos above) and I witnessed the people who passed. They were chattering. And the strong men were guffawing with laughter. "HEY DON'T LET YOUR BALLS GET WET," "I think I dropped my briefs," "AIRBED PARTEEEEEY!!". And not to mention my brother, who seemed to think he was on the beach.

The sight was very warming and altogether inspiring. I think people should try and see light in this, too.

Have a good night! And and and Nel is kinda forcing me to go with the rest of the clique tomorrow. Not sure, I'm in charge with Caedwyn-care. I wish I could come though, but what about the baby! Oohohoho look at him on the last set, furious about the powerless computer. He wanted to watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse loooool.

I feel lucky I got to photograph it.