Rainy Martini

August 25, 2014

Rainy x Ilocos: Of Rocks and Windmills

And now, back to my Ilocos trip. These posts were due months ago and I still haven't finished posting all of them. So, this way, please. Scroll. Down.

We went to yet another tourist site, the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. I usually forget what the name is so I usually say "we went to kapupupupu" or something like that. It was sweltering hot and the sun was at its harshest.

Some people rode the horses, which was a shame. I mean the sun was being, well, sunny but the place was very uhm, picturesque!

We had an umbrella, although I wish I brought my sunglasses with me.

A mini river leading up to the sea.

Oh yes you can smoke. Apparently. And if you're planning to take some plants home make sure it's not a single leaf. You can take plants but not a plant. Lol. Evil Rainy.

Niko and his new kicks. And his leg. Fat.

Is it just me or does the owl on my shirt look evil? I also think that this is the white rock formation they were all referring to. I wanted to climb up up and down down but I was just wearing flip-flops, which by the way didn't stop me from running around while my companion tried to keep up.

Hint: there's a bear in this photo.


Some weedflowers. Beautiful.

Now this hole was located on the trail. I had to climb down for a bit just to reach it. This is my favorite picture of me. Ever. I wish I had more photos of me there taken though.

Next stop: the windmills in Bangui! I heard from the tour guide that nobody's buying the electricity produced by these giants yet but you have to admit they look handsome. So handsome I flat-out decided to date one. Okay shut up. Sick joke. And their marketing gimmick over there is this 'stache symbol. To lure the social media-loving youth, I guess.

Another regret: I didn't take much windmill photos.

I didn't know about the moustache gimmick in Ilocos. I swear.

Lunch in Pagudpud. Nope we didn't go to the beach yet.

What of the funniest thing that ever happened to me in that trip was the bag of salt. See, we stopped by this salt manufacturer. I think it was some special salt or whatever. Anyway, the tour guide suggested we buy some. So buy we did. I think I bought a bag worth Php 50.00. When Niko's colleagues went back to the bus, they were carrying a huge-ish bag that, to our horror, cost them Php 20.00!! So we were already doubled over laughing when his mum handed me my bag of salt. Oh it was huge! I had no idea how to bring it home!!

August 22, 2014

Review: Afterlight

So! Afterlight for Android was released on the 14th of August, and I'd been waiting for it like forever, back when it was still Afterglow. Funny how I waited all day on the 14th, only to realize that I was like in their future and how the heck could I forget about timezones!? So wait, I did. And when the time came I was devastated to see insufficient funds when I tried to purchase it! A week later (which was last night) I would try purchasing again, and it went through. Yes, it is true that I don't check my balance and I'm not sure whether I had funds in there or not. I use that card specifically for my online purchases and nothing else. I'm not quite sure if I'm gonna get NSF fees or what. I work as a billing and tech support and you'd think I'd know this kind of crap. But I'm not at work so I can't get my expert head to work. AND RAINY WHY DON'T YOU JUST CHECK YOUR FREAKING BALANCE AND GET IT OVER WITH?

Anyway, back to Afterlight. The dev is related to The Honey Trees' Becky! It's how I found out about it. I've been following her for so long. Creep.

What I look for in a photo-editing app: clean interface, tools that deliver, high-res editing and awesome presets. You know me, I'm all for filters.

Interface is neat, although I think they could work on the icons a bit. The one on the left shows the filters area. It's the rainbow-colored icon on the right screencap.

Next up, the editing proper!

I find the editing tools satisfying. They have this tool called Clarify, which I haven't really tried. LOL. Bad reviewer. Now, it's pretty obvious that I'm into this filter called Atlas. My favorites so far are Hollow, Atlas, Russ, Elm and Meadow. They have one thing in common: my usual editing style. high-ish exposure or gamma (for that smoky effect), deep contrast and rich, vibrant coloring. You'd notice how the Photoshop curves I sell give the same effect.

Photo above is the "before" pic.

Edited using Hollow, instead of Atlas.

Filter-free. I just tweaked the contrast, shadows and highlights tint a tiny bit.

So here comes my favorite part: the fade tool.

If you use VSCO Cam, you'd notice how the Fade tool gave the app some brownie points. I like adding Fade. I love it. In Afterlight's case, though...

I mean it does its job all right: gives you that hazy feel. I find it a little off though. I just noticed that Afterlight's Fade covers the image's contrast and shadows, despite its low opacity. So I think I'm better off with their Exposure tool instead, which I love. It doesn't cover the deep shadows. I'm not sure if you see the difference but I have a keen eye when it comes to colors. So.

(I'm not saying I'm a gooood editor. I just like how I come up with my photos and that's enough for me. I'm not sure if many people like my style but that's hardly an issue.)

This picture looks nice without the fade effect, too. But I don't know why I don't have it here. And I'm too lazy to upload!

And then we have the texture tool.

I'm not sure if that's what the Afterlight devs call it: texture tool. But whatever. This tool is a brownie point. VSCO Cam doesn't have it and I know it's not like every day you'd use something like this. Unless you're a texture aficionado and don't see why not. Well, the number of light leaks and dust textures they have here are not tacky-looking and they do give my photos that twist. Whatever that is.

I love the left photo so much I use it as my new phone wallpaper now!

Yep that's my leg. And my thigh. And my butt. Mine mine mine.

Lastly, the frames tool.

Again I'm not sure if that's what it's called. I'm a bad reviewer, yes, for not bothering to check. Whatever whatever I'm just telling you about my Afterlight experience anyway.

They actually have common shapes, you know, the stuff you'd see in most apps. Picframe has most of them, too. I think they just added this as a plus, which is nice of them. This way you don't have to keep switching from one app to another, saving so many pictures in the process.

I really love what I came up with!

All in all, Afterlight is sooo worth the $0.99 pricetag! The filters and textures deliver and they're not tacky, though it depends on how you use it. The basic tools are good enough! If this came out before VSCO for Android did, I think I'd just get it and think twice before purchasing VSCO's filters. I bought them all because I was curious. VSCO is an institution, too, in my opinion. I just like how they're similar but not so similar. And I like how one feature isn't present in the other. For variety.

So, to end this mini review which I probably flopped, here are some of the finished images I came up with while playing with Afterlight last night. I was thinking of telling you how I edited each one of them and with which filter, but it was 2 AM and now I can't remember what I used. Lol.