Rainy Martini

March 17, 2012

Galaxy Textures Pack 01

Enthralling, right? That's an image of the Carina nebula, from NASA. I took the sweet time to explore around their gallery and sure enough I was puking rainbows by the time I left the laptop. I downloaded them and decided to enhance the images using Photoshop. I've been using them as textures/backgrounds all this time, actually. So yeah, I wanna share with you the pack I made!

Password: rarara

I already uploaded this on our graphic site, Fairyfloss. But as it seems, the site is a little too silent and whatever. So yeah, I'm gonna share it again. You can visit Fairyfloss, too. My friend Izzie and I run it. Check it out okay?


  1. The images looks good :D
    Colorful. <--- stating the obvious

  2. Ooooh so beautiful. I love galaxy photos and spacey wallpapers and textures. I might just download this! You did a great job. <3

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing these pictures. I often search for backgrounds like these for some of my school projects. I love vivid colors, outer-space-type backgrounds! =)

  4. Thank you guys, I'm glad you like it!

  5. Since you chat with Chika sometimes through chatbox, sometimes I stop by this site and look around. I was reading through the latest posts, and I finally saw this. Texture packs.

    Thank you so much for making an enhanced version. Ah, it's so sparkly~ ;w; And I shall look at this Fairyfloss site.


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