Rainy Martini

April 29, 2013

Inspire Monday: Julia Trotti

(This should have been posted yesterday, as I had this post scheduled since Thursday. Either Blogger was acting up or I wasn't able to schedule this post properly. I don't know.)

This week's inspiration is... if you're fond of Australian fashion photographers, you might know her already. It's Julia Trotti! This is her, this is her. Quite a chic eh? (I knowww but I'm not gonna go pretend-pervy and swoony about pretty girls again because she's actually going to read this lololol) (and no I'm not a lesbian).

Professional, engaging, passionate and highly talented are just some of the words that come to mind when asked to describe the high-grade photography produced by Julia Trotti. Julia has well and truly hit her stride as a photographer, having come a long way since her humble beginnings.
I'd always wanted to do fashion shoots, but for some reason I found myself surrendering my camera for a much, much better cause. Much better than chasing my dreams and honing my skills. I was basically left with nothing. Still am. Well, a little. Anyway, I'm working on getting myself one so blah. Holy shat I'm tearing up. Stooooop. Anyway, my dream eventually came true when my little sister (who's a bit spoiled lol) made my big brother (who's a bit annoying) dare me to do some photoshoot using the state-of-the-art Nokia C3-01. Yup, thank you. I know they're good. WHAT? Of course that was sarcasm. Hahaha. Like, when did I ever say something good about myself? Dunno.

Enough snark. I discovered Julia's works last year, while I was writing the poems that eventually got published in the UK Poetry Library. I had to add that bit in case your'e wondering what happened to the poems lol. Here are some of the photos that I took from her blog (with permission, of course).

All of her photographs are amazing and inspirational. I am really really glad I stumbled upon her blog that day. And Julia is really nice. She talks to her readers and patiently answers the questions through her formspring account. Roll over for more images and be inspired, stunned and amazed like me.

There's this never-ending sense of movement that I love in her photos. I will honestly go "HEY I SWEAR I SAW HER MOVE AN INCH THERE...".

I think everybody deserves to see her photos. Everybody. They are beautiful enough to help you get through the day. I am being cheesy but I don't care. I honestly love how her photos make me feel. I want to create beautiful photographs, I may be unable to do so at the moment but at the very least, I am thankful to have seen breathtaking works like Julia's.

April 24, 2013

the turning point

It's been seven hours since I first started doing the layout. The color-picking alone took me an hour because I honestly don't trust the hues this monitor showed me so I had to ask opinions from my friends. Then the header, oh my. It had been two months since I last created one. I forgot how to be *cough* creative already. If I'm even considered creative to begin with, that is. I'd been meaning to make this change about twenty days ago. But by some ugly chance I couldn't, what with my stressful work and not knowing where to go after every shift. Everybody is just annoying and everything gives me headache. I just put on some Rainy swag and I become good again. For the next few minutes at least. It's worth mentioning: I did not sleep last night. Sure, it's been my off since Tuesday and I'll be back to work on Thursday but I couldn't bring myself to close my eyes and not have my mind working. That being said, I still made sure to get up at around 10 AM (I fell asleep at 7 or something) and traveled from Makati to Quezon City, my original home, just to make this change. All because of you.

I love you, yes. But don't expect me to kneel in front one day asking for your hand because I will not. Haha. Or maybe I will, if you show me your sexy... fingernail. I eat hands ok. They're my favorite. I get them for breakfast every day. Wait what? Of course that's what I meant when I said "asking for your hand". Did you honestly think I was talking about marriage? Hahahahahahaha! Anyway, I've been receiving a copious amount of e-mail from my Malaysian and Indonesian friends/readers asking about the goings-on in my life, when will my new color be released, how to code this and that and will I quit blogging? Answer is no. Why would I quit if I just bought a new domain hahahaha. I will not waste my $5600000. (The real price I paid for the domain is $13.99 hahaha and it's being hosted by Nadine).

So yes, hello to you. And welcome to the turning point of this blog!! There's not much change layout-wise but my sidebar will have a new special feature!!

Introducing... THE MARTINI BULLETIN!!!

The Martini Bulletin will feature the people who took photos of themselves doing the Martini pose. Just tweet or Instagram a photo of you with the Martini pose with your blog URL!

Also, I won't do the banner exchange anymore. You are free to, you know, go ahead and embed my banner on your blog and I will appreciate that. But if you wanna be featured do the Martini thingy.

My shop will have the same URL until maybe next week.

Anyway, what's a photoblog without a photo? So here are some of the shots I took weeks ago!

Num numm. My milk took over my fries!!

I don't mind her stealing my ketchup though.

Here's a photo of my boyfriend trying to beat my Wash the Dishes high score! Hahahaha. In the end, he did. And I couldn't beat his score so I deleted the app from my phone and tried to forget about it hahahaha.

My cocoa with rock salt from Happy Lemon. Favorite!!

This was taken during the grand opening of Gelatissimo in Edsa Shangri-La. In the newly-built East wing. We got them for free!!

Scrump plushie that Niko got me from Hong Kong. Yes, I am obsessed with Scrump.

Some Rilakkuma pretzels heeheehee.

...and as Scrump took over our lives, he/she also took over our faces.


I'm yawning. I need to get home.

Guys, thank you so much for your support and friendship and perviness* or whatever. If it weren't for you I would've deleted this blog already. I promise I'll try to be active as much as possible.

Have a good night, you guys. Also, if you're interested in appearing on the Martini Bulletin refer to my sidebar for the deets.

*only applies to my fellow fangirl friends. It means drooling over a certain idol. No I don't do pervy stuff online. Wtf.

April 16, 2013

what's happening?

What a very beautiful question. So beautiful it even rendered me speechless. Stunning.... aka I don't know what the answer is. What's happening? Oh god. I find myself too sleepy to notice. Nothing makes sense anymore. My world revolves around my new job which unfortunately starts at night (and includes assisting/explaining to a lot of angry American postpaid mobile subscribers), getting enough sleep, and trying to contact the few people I talk to. Some friends, online buddies, my mother and my boyfriend.

I find it too hot to go out during the day, and I'll be dead sleepy anyway so why bother right?

Bottom line is, I am slowly becoming unreachable. Either that or I just lost the ability to keep up with things. I am too stressed out to think straight and I find myself eating a lot more than usual. And speaking of food...

I can't even run this blog properly anymore. But it's not like I have to anyway, right? But but but there are so many changes that I'd love to make, given the time. I want to update my store, because most of my buyers had already purchased every single thing and are waiting for new colors. Lol. I love you guys.

Anyway, I don't know when but as I said on my previous post, there'll be a major change here. I bought a new domain and I'm going to let wishfortherain.com go. That will also mean my shop's URL will change. But that's another story. Let's just hope that I can sort the issues that I have with myself so I can go ahead and make my online friends happy.

Oh oh oh. Yesterday afternoon lolol I woke up next to a can of grape jam. Like I slept next to it. Like I treated it like a stuffed toy wtf. Wtf. So kiasu ah.

I want to write about my new experience, but the time has not come yet. I have the photos, though. Next time, maybe. Hopefully.

April 04, 2013

whipple schmipple

Remember the gift that I received last Valentine's? Well, we finally managed to mess around with it. As promised on my previous previous (loool) post, here it is! Well it basically happened on the same day, the IHOP and Whipple thingies. I'd always wanted to have my own Whipple kit but I never got round to buying one!

Of course we needed a place where we could sit down and fatten ourselves up.

So there was my date, obsessive-compulsively reading the manual. I was gonna type "it's surprising how my triple decker cheesecake remained untouched for more than a minute," then I scrolled a little and saw the slight change. Heehee.

Oh hai. I did use Whipple to whip up my drink. No kidding.

Scrump says hi. She's a freaking camwhore if you ask me. Also, I had to lock her inside my bag lest she eat all those yummy-looking decors! Never mind that her mouth had been stitched shut by you-know-who.

There was only a limited amount of fruit decors so we had to part everything.

And the piping began!!

My tuuuuuurn! I did the bigger one because I'm the boss and I'm awesome. Kidding. Also, I think I went to pipe first... I can't remember. Niko, did you or did you not go first? I think he didn't. Ah well.

And surpriiiiiisssseeeeee!!! AN ACTUAL VIDEO OF ME PIPING. FAIL-LY. YES. EXCLUSIVE. MWAHAHA. Enjoy...

I was definitely kidding when I said that "I'm so good at piping". Or not.

I know right? So fail.

And he said, "LET ME DO IT". So I let him pop some strawberries on my whipple crepe. Never mind that I let him do his tiny crepe thingy all by himself. Hmp. People were actually gawking at us as we joked around and laughed at our fail-ness. Probably thinking, "what a really gay couple lolol lmao" HAHA. Or maybe, "what. Wait. Are they... are they playing!? Is that a child's toy!???"

FYI Whipple is the sexiest cutest toy ever.

I did something I cannot remember. Hahahahaha.

After an hour of laughing and blaming each other for the disaster above, we decided that it must have been time for us to get our IHOP table (it was so damn crowded it was hard to get one) then it dawned on us.

WHERE THE FUG DO WE KEEP THEM. Whipple creams take around two weeks to dry completely. So we had to carry it around like idiots. I said "like idiots" because I had to be really careful not to touch the cream lest the earlier disaster happens again. If that's the case then I just wasted precious Whipple cream.


There were actually three types of crepe blah blah included in the kit. I did the first one a few weeks before.

Some more photos...

And some unrelated ones...

There you go!

So as usual, we're at the end of this post. And what does Rainy do at the end??

She writes useless remarks.


No lah. I'm not getting married or anything. Haha. I'm just moving... TO A NEW DOMAIN!!!

I'm moving soon. I'm moving soon. Don't worry, you will still have access to me via wishfortherain.com, but only for a short while.


Anyway, I'm off to sleep now. Good night!!

April 01, 2013

I'm an April Fool

So a month has passed. Again. I hate it. I don't know why. Maybe it's because of the heat. I dislike the way it creeps on my skin. Actually, it doesn't creep. At all. It just plasters itself all over my body like a freaking leech. And as if the sensation isn't enough, it prompts my supposedly-smart-and-caring sweat glands to leak whatever liquid I have inside me. It's like nature and my own body are conspiring against me. Add the fact that I had just started my first real week at work. Add another fact that I only get about four hours of sleep daily... and if you're a numbers person you might wanna divide everything I've just said by nine, multiply it by three, add twenty-seven and maybe even get the square root if you wish.

And here is a photo of something completely unrelated. I mean my ranting has just started. I wanna make it up to you. Photos taken last summer. Around April 10-15. I can't remember.

I would really love to tell you about how I went through my rough training and my first week at work. How I made new friends and how I miss my training batchmates. I'd love to tell you what's been going on with me and my online friends. Oh, I've got news for you. Someone is actually using my name to type nasty comments on other people's tagboards! Cool right? And lame. Everyone knows how I do my thing. But who the fuck cares. I don't care. Or do I? Okay to be honest I do. Mostly because I won't be around to defend myself if ever. I hate looking lame. I mean it's a reaaaally lame thing to do. And why me? Is it because I cuss a lot? What the fucking hell. Or is it because... oh my. It just occurred to me that the fucker might be in love with me! HAHAHAHA GROSS. Okay Rainy. What the hell is wrong with your head. Delete delete. Forget I ever typed that.

Anyway. Moving on. (Also, the lucky fucker luckily made his/her/its own way to this blogpost. He/It/She actually has her own freaking paragraph!)

I don't know why I feel burdened by this whole blogging thing. I still get a lot of queries on my e-mail and I feel guilty for not responding to any of it. Of course, the buyers still get their purchases in time (LOLOL IF THERE'S MONEY INVOLVED... kidding. Mostly because I don't wanna lose my customer's trust.)

So there. I'm an April fool because I will not make an April fool's joke. I'm so sorry.


We're both fools. We're all fools here.

So yeah. I'm gonna go ahead and sleep now. Hopefully. And I promise I will be back soon with a reaaaally kawaii blogpost.

Ta ta! And I love you. And thank you so much for still visiting my dead blog.