Rainy Martini

December 24, 2013

Merry Meeshmash!

I feel lonely. I don't know, I had never been a Christmas person. Generally, I think festive seasons are depressing. I know, I knowww but I'm defo trying not to be emo here lol. It just so happens that the saddest parts of my life happened during... well, during the Yuletide season. But still I feel that longing feeling deep in my bones. It's tugging at me for days now. I won't be home for Christmas. I'm not the only person in the world this thing will happen to I knowww but imagine how dreadful this'll be. My job involves talking to a lot of angry people. Merry fucking Christmas. No really. So let me show you pictures from the recent past.

Me doing the usual martini pose, and then me trying to be Voldemort. Geddit? Geddit? I DON'T HAVE A NOSE IN THE SECOND PICTURE!! I love my lipstick, but TAKE THAT VOLDY! To think that I am more evil....

Usual breakfast meetup after work. The cheesecake's from Family Mart. It says "Japanese" on the label but I swear I saw a similar one in an SM Savemore branch that said something different. Haha. Maybe it's just a generic cheesecake. Dunno. Dun care. It tasted okay though so no worries.

Me trying to do light streaks with an iPhone. Painstakingly.

Rockin' my Kuma chikara hat!!

More failed attempts. I swear my old faithful Samsung Galaxy Mini (the first one lololol) took better light streaks.

Amazing interior inside a Mochiko branch.

My boyfriend and I excitedly munched on our ice cream mochis from this brand the first time we tried it last year only to find them rock-hard and such a pain to eat. We didn't know better back then of course. Good thing Mochiko labels now sport a "good things come to those who wait" sign. Or maybe a warning. Might as well say "BE CAREFUL I'M A ROCK HEHEHEHE".

I mean these aren't as bad as I make it out to be. They are decent light textures but it's just hard for me to control the focus since iPhone's intelligent focus doesn't want to not focus and yeah, thinks it's more intelligent than its user. Kidding.

Again, have a happy Christmas.

I hope you get fat from eating all those Noche Buena food your family prepared.

I want you to get a stomachache if you didn't help with the preparation though.

December 20, 2013

And the mall was... rainy

I think this was on Friday or Saturday. I went to ToyCon with my friend Ellia because I missed attending hobby-related cons. This is an image-heavy post. I think it would've been forgivable if the photos had supreme quality. I know they don't because my annoying phone is annoying. At least I got to take pictures... right?

Totoro turned out to be Gel's brother! Hodge Podge had a booth and I missed it the first time I entered the venue.

You might have noticed that in the first picture, a piece was missing from the ring set that was for sale. IT WAS BECAUSE I ALREADY BOUGHT IT.


Of course there were Totoro stuff everywhere! A booth also sold some chibi Game of Thrones goodies but I couldn't find a Daenerys button pin. I had to settle with Cersei and make peace with her. She'll be in my bag for months, after all. So, Cersei, I don't hate you anymore. Haha.

Ellia actually came with a bunch of Whovians (Doctor Who fanatics). I didn't know they were her companions because she asked for some photos!

Of course the 4th regenaration gave us some jelly babies.


My Hodge Podge purchase was a Rilakkuma ID buddy!

My hauls so far. I also bought a Rilakkuma chikara hat. The event was at the topmost floor of Megamall. We went down to sit at the foodcourt and drink some water, which we didn't find easily.

Came back up and that was when I realized that the Whovians that we took pictures with earlier were actually her friend's friends. HAHAHAHA.

Selcas at the foodcourt. This should have been shown first before the Doctor Who photo above. Too lazy. Meh.

That's Geanne wearing a fez. I don't know which Doctor regeneration she was playing. I'm not a Whovian. I feel so cray cray because these pictures would've been nice if I had a nice device. Fuuuck.

I couldn't help it. Ellia was dressed up as Amy. I was cosplaying me. Huhuhuhuhu.


ICHIGO! OMG VAIZARD ICHIGO. I'm such a Bleach fanatic. I MEAN I WAS SO OBSESSED WITH IT YEARS AGO. Still am, but not that much. I was actually surprised when my heart jumped seeing the cosplayer. I approached him like a little girl... "heehee can I heehee take a picture with Ichigo?" THEN HE NODDED. I was trying to copy his pose but I ended up touching my nose wtf. I hate you Rainy.

Ellia and I had to part because Nel and Janine arrived at the mall. We didn't really do much. Just walked around and watched Nel make her purchases.

I just realized that my face was showing earlier in this post. I don't have time to cover it anymore!! Why oh whyyyyyy. I might go to future con events. I don't know, I just LOVE buying from those awesome booths that sell awesome stuff.

December 13, 2013

Three hundred and sixty sixth

Day 366, month 12, year 1. My boyfriend and I celebrated our first anniversary together not too long ago. This is a cheesy post. So if you're lactose intolerant scroll down, down to the next post with the kitty picture. But if you're allergic to kitties you should scroll down further... oh you hate birthday cakes? Well scroll back up and read this post. Haha.

What happens is, since I don't have much of a social life, I tend to blog more about the people I'm usually with. Remember when I had been hanging out with Nel? And Janine? How many consecutive times did they appear in my blog? Ten? Twenty?

It was on the 9th of December! Niko picked me up after my shift, and we both headed to the same park where I made him listen to Lee Hi's first single, where I decided "hey he's kinda cool. I think I like him". Same place where I celebrated my first birthday. Oh god I didn't mean to type "first" hahahaha. 20th. Twentieth!! 20th birthday! Lol imagine me having my FIRST birthday on the 3rd of November, and celebrating an anniversary a month later. MY BOYFRIEND IS DATING A TODDLER.

See I told you I'm a toddler. HAHAHA.

The toddler's OOTD from behind. Typing "from behind" made me think of this yaoi manga I'm currently reading. Hahahahahah. I'm not loving it. Also I am a toddler so I shouldn't know about this stuff.

Obligatory selca.

The PH Inquirer's mascot, Guyito. He's a carabao but he looks more like a bull in the drawings.

We ate inside this restaurant. I forgot the name, sorry! Poco something. Too lazy to Google eh. They specialize in German sausages and cheeses.

Citrus drink.

A painfully overexposed picture of me. I'm actually loving the pair of yellow contacts I mistakenly bought a week before as it turns out. They look greenish. I wanted to get something brown. It said "coffee" in the catalog but they're too... yellowy to be called coffee! I'm getting addicted to colored contact lenses now because they look good on me and I don't have to wear glasses! I don't like the style I usually see in the local optical shops so if you guys know where I can buy prescription contact lenses anywhere online, give me a suggestion. Okay?

I thought this was going to be a cheesy post. Stupid typo, if you can consider it that. I am more absent-minded than I thought I was. I am a toddler.