Rainy Martini

April 11, 2014

Review: Rain'y favorite photo apps

Excuse the crappy header. I meant to write this post two months earlier but I got pissed at myself for not producing a good header image. Hahaha. But now I don't have a choice. I'm doing this review to express irony. I got mugged last week, and the fucker took my phone and my money. Now I'm phone-less, which means lonely Rainy because the only thing that calms me down is editing pictures on my phone!

So I will do a quick write-up about my favorite photo apps. Five, I think. Yeah, five apps. I scrolled down to count just now. I mean this draft had been in my, well, drafts for months.  And I'll be using this bare, original version of my baby dreamcatcher photo you saw on my previous post.

1. VSCO Cam

If you've been on Instagram for god knows how long, you can't not miss the hashtag-vsco images. My first encounter with a smartphone was waaay back. Way back when Google Play Store was called the Android Market. I know it still exists for older Android OS but you know what I mean. Back then, there was literally no good photo app. Instagram wasn't even there for heaven's sake! So I had to make do with using this app called Streamzoo. I just googled it so I can log in and link my username here but omg they shut down already! Anyway, you this post with my runaway kitty here will show you an example on how scarce the good tools are. And yeah my kitty did run away.

So! When VSCO Cam was made available for Android this year I screamed. YAY FOR GOOD EDITOR. AND YAY FOR CHEAP PRESETS. Mainly because I was planning to purchase a VSCO Film pack for Photoshop which costs $100++.

The awesome thing about VSCO is that you get to be the photo god when you're editing. The presets may sometimes come out unexpectedly but you shouldn't be disappointed because that's how they should be. It solely depends on the damn photo okay!?

I purchased all of their preset packs. I recommend you get the huge preset pack for $5.99. Forgive me if I quoted the wrong price. I'm such a bad reviewer for not bothering to double check. I got the Legacy and Contemporary packs, too.

I won't tell you how I configured this picture.  Yeah I did it with the C2 filter but did I add Fade on it? Did I use a highlight tint with a very small opacity? You tell me. Heehee.

You can view my VSCO grid here: rainymartini.vsco.co

2. Photo Editor

Clap clap for the awesome monicker. I always imagine how it was like developing the app's name. Did dev.macgyver take two days or two seconds to finally decide to call it "Photo Editor"? It's a cool gimmick, too. Not that I'm saying it is. But imagine how first-time editors peruse the Play Store by entering "photo editor" on the search bar. Then this app appears! Awesome, awesome.

Despite the fact that I'm more or less making fun of its name, Photo Editor had been my heart's number one before the release of VSCO. VSCO's availability made me a lazy editor. What with all the presets and stuff. Frankly, Photo Editor's UI isn't stellar but it's an amazing tool. It gives us the power to modify curves to our heart's content. And if it isn't obvious enough, I love curves. I sell curves to fund my passion for online purchases. I sell Photoshop curves.

I really believe the UI could be better. I've been updating my Play Store reviews about the UI. They made some improvement because I managed to update before I lost my phone. They added like transition effects but the visuals are the same. Not complaining much since this app delivers. It's damn good. It also has the ability to let you adjust the hue, temperature, and levels. It's like Photoshop but not Photoshop. Samples below...

3. A Beautiful Mess

We're actually done discussing the apps that do the actual editing for me. A Beautiful Mess used to be an exclusively-iOS app, which also fueled my envy because I like their stickers. This is not free, though.

I like that they let us do collages and choose photo sizes. I haven't tried purchasing any of their additional packs but I would if I could. I almost have but somehow I found myself using the app less and less, not because I dislike it. I just... I don't know. They have chic borders, too. The filters aren't that great but they're ok. I mean you don't have to use them because you can use either VSCO or whatever app you fancy before sending the picture to ABM. Oh cool I just created an acronym for an app. I can't stop thinking of A Bowel Movement though omg help me I'm so evil.

4. Rhonna Designs

Rhonna Designs has the same peg as ABM. Formerly iOS-exclusive and not free.

To be completely honest with you, I haven't utilized this app much. They have a whole calibre of hipstery stickers and you can buy additional packs if you want to. You can do so much more with this because the collage option has more to offer. The only thing I dislike is the image sizing. As far as I know, it's only available in 1x1, or square. So if you Instagram a lot, unlike me who just scroll down and tap tap to like pictures (creepy right), this will be a cool tool.

5. LINE Camera

I know I'm a huge sticker person. I used to collect stickers as a child but I never used them on anything. I mean they're too pretty to use! I don't know the connection  between me being a sticker person and my interest in decorating my pictures with digital stickers. Maybe the word "sticker".

LINE Camera. Of course. I've been using this app since its release and I must say it's been awesome so far. They have powerful editing tools and the filters are okay. I don't use their filters much because you know me and the aesthetic I go for. I mean I hope you do. Hahaha.

For me, the highlight of this app is its sticker shop. They have everything from Rilakkuma to Hello Kitty and other stuff from illustrators that I love!! My boyfriend always has to stop me from making stamp purchases and I learned how to curb ever since. But not before buying the Rilakkuma set! I hope they release another one.

I made the GIF below to show you how I usually fool around with the pics I edit. LINE also has this set that looks someone out of Rhonna or ABM. You can see it for 2 seconds below hahahahahaha. 2 seconds omg. What was I thinking hahahahaha. I mean 2 seconds of you count fast.

This post shows you how I utilize my Rilakkuma sticker set.

For the record, this isn't a review-review per se. I mean what if you're the sort of person who's looking for a geeky opinion about these apps. I'm writing this with the voice of a hobbyist. I love taking pictures and editing them to my heart's desire.

I hope you find this somewhat useful if not entertaining.

I'll be getting another smartphone soon and who knows what other apps I might discover! Okay, "discover" isn't the term. I download nearly every photo app out there for the sake of trying it out. Dun like it? Uninstall. That's how I work. That's how I discover.