Rainy Martini

November 22, 2013

The Pictures

I was walking and I noticed that I was being stalked by a kitten. Then it sat still. I thought it was soo cute I crouched to take a picture, my phone on the ground to steady my shaking hands. But then the kitten... well, I think it only wanted my button-eyed plushie that I use as my dust cap. Hahahaha. Some boredom-made photos ahead. Who knows flowers can get annoying sometimes?

November 09, 2013

Rainy turned twenty

I just turned 20! Yeah I know my sidebar still says "19" but I don't have time to change it. I'm actually lying. NO I DON'T WANNA CHANGE IT YET. NO. DON'T MAKE ME OR ELSE I WILL KISS YOU. To your horror. A few days before my birthday I was so PMS-ing. Like you'd see my tweets were very angry and sad. Mainly because birthdays are always... well, sad. The last time I had a cake was half a decade ago. For some reason. Also, I don't have friends to celebrate it with. Most of my friends, like any other geeks, are online. So thank you thank you thank you to the peeps out there who sent and will send me a card. Much much appreciated. A simple greeting would have sufficed, I'm a person who laughs at the lamest jokes so imagine how easy it is to make me happy. So I was dreading that very day, and I was so sure my friends and boyfriend couldn't make it. But noooooo. I was in for a surprise.

My girlfriend picked me up after work and took me to breakfast! And look, Kuma made it, too.

(To those who don't know, Kuma is my gift to my boy, I mean girl, girlfriend last December so it's his. Not mine, basically.)

I really like shelves but I'm lame at geometry and it is very verrry hard for me to tell what is straight or not. Bad eyes.

Look, Banapple still had their Halloween decorations up! Kuma fitted well!

Birthday pasta for two? Yes please.


Lame person's foodieeee.

Another Kumaception.

Cake time! Or in this case, pie. That was a birthday banoffee pie.

Actually, I was traumatized by Banapple's pies. I was out with my friend Ellia once and we grabbed one of their pies. And then bam. I don't knowww. I just don't like it. Their meals are awesome though.

Bye bye pie pie.

Impostor Kuma was being seasoned. Yeap. Birthday delicacy.

We sat on the grass after meal under "our" tree. Cheese cheese cheese.

So by now you should know where our tree is located. Clue: some park in Makati. Oh, you don't live in the Philippines? Too bad. Hehehehe. Fine. We went to ATG. The place where we decided, "hey, I like this person. SHOULD DATE. SHOULD DATE HEHEHEHE."

Then a cute worm landed on my leg. I didn't mind, but how it wiggled gave me goosebumps so I begged the girlfriend to remove it. Which didn't happen right away.

Another cheesy thing: I write on his planner every time we meet. I write short verses because I do poems.

So maybe you're wondering where the hell the gift was. Hahaha.

A couple of days before that, we had breakfast and bam. That's when I got my gift. Look look that couple was kissing but by the time I managed to take a photo, they weren't. Hahahaha.

So there goes. I did not expect I'd get phone calls from my friends (who for some reason disappeared from my life lol I think they became a coconut tree or something) here and abroad. Blogger pals called me on LINE to wish me a happy day and tease me about my age. And of course, my facebook timeline was filled with greetings from those idiots who happen to be my friends as well. Thanks thanks thanks. At work? My boss sent me a sweet text which I did not expect as well. So thank you, thank you. I never expected it to happen because like I said, I'm pretty much out of everyone's radar. So that means I've never received gifts for the last five years. Or four, because my awesomest birthday gift came last December.

November 01, 2013

Some dinner...

Happy Novemberth! I mean November first. I'm turning twenty in two days which is what, awesome? No. For my boyfriend, yes. Somehow he's bothered by the fact that he's dating a teenager. Hahaha. He's twenty years my senior so I totally understand. Ok just kidding. He's only 24. Hahahahaha.

My friends would love the fact that I am ageing as well. And oh it was Halloween a few hours ago. I didn't wear a costume so...

AW YIZZZ!! Tell you what, all I want for my birthday is either my favorite triple decker cheesecake from CBTL as shown below or Starbucks' oreo cheesecake. Somehow I find chocolate on cheese... yummy.

"Why do you always hide your face?" I've answered this fuck loads of times already. I don't think I'm pretty. That's what.

So if your mind is green (uhuh uhuh) you will spot Kuma's nipples. They're turning purple. After all, it's almost winter somewhere in the world.

Pasta time! We ordered errr... ribbon pasta with pine nuts and blue cheese. Note: I AM ALLERGIC TO NUTS. And every single person I know is against me eating them. But I succeeded that night!! I ATE PINE NUTS. TAKE THAT YOU STICK IN THE ASS FRIENDS WHO DON'T WANT ME TO DIE. Hahaha. I love you.

...and this is my portion. I know it will make you cry.

My evil girlfriend's mission is to make me eat as much veggies as possible.

By the way, this all happened in the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Bistro (or something) branch in the east wing of Shang-ri La. I was in love with the prints on the cupboard surface but Kuma photobombed!!

The pasta was. Well it wasn't worth the price quantity-wise, so we had to order fried shredded potatoes I think. Hahahaha. See I'm terrible at naming foods. I'm only good at gobbling them.

We sometimes hate selcas. So this is an obligatory selca complete with a cheesy doodle brush.

I have an awesome post coming up. I don't know when help me. Sooner or later I guess. Anyway, MY BIRTHDAY IS ON THE 3RD.

Just saying.