Rainy Martini

March 15, 2012

my day so far...

Ugh, starting to believe that my life is indeed a facsimile of a sham if it wasn't for this bowl of caramel popcorn I heartily devour every day. Poor popcorn. It's the popcorn's fault though, hadn't it been so yummy, I could've saved it from the grudging dungeons that was my mouth.

Well anyway, I submitted my old layout on Blogskins. You can download it here. Okay I received a reply from the girl who ripped that layout saying she never, and did not in any damn circumstances take it from my blog with that intention whatsoever bloody blah blah. Geez. By merely viewing and copying everything in the source area, you are exercising the act of, tadaah, ripping. So why deny? *shrugs* Can't do anything about it now, can I?

Took out my old guitar yesterday morning, brought it with me to the tuition center along with my flute, without knowing why.

To my utter surprise, my *giggles* crush *giggles* was summoned (lol I like using that word, makes people feel royal or something) by my teacher and asked him to play the accompaniment. Using that guitar. Ahh, so you won't see me tweeting about changing strings anytime soon, although I had been thinking about it for months now. So it's like fate is conspiring with me to finally get to see le crush's slender and flawless hands glide across the strings. Ooh wow.

I woke up at daybreak to find the sky so... flirty. I'd call it that because well, it's pink. I didn't even edit that one. I swear, cross my heart I hope you die. Lol. And my orchids (heirloom from me gram) finally bloomed! Pic was taken two days ago. Yeay. I love plants and flowers, they're so flowery. And leafy. Bleh.

I'm thinking about changing my layout again, I don't really like the shade of pink that I used. I'm more like a raspberry pink and brown person so...

By the way, my friend Irina is the one who keeps editing my posts, leaving intended typographical and grammar errors at her wake. Can't blame her, I never knew anyone who had the heart to stop her from doing what she wants to, I do, actually. But she just won't stop. We've been friends for so long now it seems to be a normal thing. But please please Irina, stop humiliating me by doing those. You can change my banner with "I LUST ON (INSERT GUITARIST'S NAME HERE*, just stop this nonsense. Oh god I just gave you an idea, didn't I?



  1. To be honest, I couldn't tell it was popcorn from the picture, LOL.
    ZOMG! The color of your guitar is so very... very.... aweshuuuum!!!! :D Me gusta!

  2. The sky is so pretty! Pink is my favorite colored sky, but I rarely see it because I wake a bit too late lol

    I still need to learn to play my guitar, it's collecting dust in it's corner xD

  3. Anonymous15/3/12

    i love plants too, i think i talk to my plants more than i talk to my friends haha, i love seeing them grow its just so exciting (:

  4. @Cynthia lool maybe because of the angle, and maybe because they're safe inside the bowl. heehee, I think it looks good, the guitar. Not sure how to react to the color though -,-

    @Claudia oh wow I envy you. sometimes I wish I could wake up at around 10 or something T___T

    @Pailin yes, it is exciting! love plants ♥

  5. I've had my own guitar since 2004... ahh, such a long time... and I last replaced the strings over a year ago. I think I need to replace them again but I can't be bothered, and I haven't been looking around for any. xD

    Some people will always be liars and be uncooperative. If you're caught stealing you should own up, avoid the drama. :/ Some people just don't like to be seen in the wrong.

    I wouldn't share my details with anyone; my friends know how GRR I am about punctuation and grammar so I would be pretty annoyed if I trusted them with my details and they wrote embarrassing stuff.


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