Rainy Martini

January 23, 2015

MAD Fest 2014 pt. 2

I wish I took better photos here but my poor Sony Xperia C couldn't handle the darkness. Haha. Oh, this is the second part. The part where I felt like collapsing. It was also the part where Kimbra came out. I kept telling myself it was worth it hahaha. I mean it was. Is. But I was already suffering at that point and I wasn't able to enjoy her performance. So that's how it feels like to be in a music fest early, that's how it feels like to be adamant on keeping our front-row spots.

A quick crowd photo. Everyone was butt-to-belly or butt-to-crotch with everyone.

A little selca while waiting for Kimbra. Excuse our faces but this has to be here.

Damn phone. But that blob of light is Kimbra herself singing Teen Heat.

She had that sea urchin-looking coat (at least that's what it looked like from my POV that night. Or maybe a spiky sponge. She also reminded me of those huge images of saints you see in churches. Hahaha. I told my friend, "mukha siyang santa!". Not Santa Claus lol. Santa as in saint. A female saint.

She shrugged it off then boom! I fucking love that metal-foil-or-tinsel cocktail dress. It was so pretty! Save for the backdrop. I think it was horrible. It made her look more like a saint lol because the backdrop looked like stained glass in churches. Lol.

She was putting it back on. Sea urchin time! Actually these photos were captured sneakily. The local media personnel were shooed by another security group and they also prevented the crowd from taking photos. They shone flashlights and even blocked my boyfriend's camera with their hands. The main guy looked so much like our director at work lol. They both resembled The Rock. Nevertheless I was able to take shots. There's no way I wouldn't Nuh-uh.

Stand by for our commercial lololol. Jk. I love light leaks. If you're a blogosphere friend of mine you should know that by now.

More songs. As you can see she performed on the upper part of the stage. The first portion of the stages where local artists played was lower. Kimbra herself said "I wish ya'll were closer," or maybe it wasn't "ya'll". I must've misheard. Hahahahaha. Why, did the organizers think they'd have a very misbehaved crowd who'd climb the barriers and stuff? Well, that happens. Better be safe. It's not like I could get to see her from that distance in the flesh every day anyway.

She was singing Cameo Lover here. I know because of those hand gestures.

And then she said buh-bye and hahaha we got out of that huge ocean full of people. I thought I could take my precious seat at the bar with the barrel but no. More torture. Niko didn't want to leave yet because he met with a friend very briefly and Dale bought us cokes. I bought myself a hotdog. I sat on the floor. We stayed that way for a few more minutes and hehehe. Went home.

I wish my legs weren't time. The venue was fun. There were live art demos all over and I wanted to watch the artists work!!

What I actually want is to experience something like that again this year. Hopefully.

January 21, 2015

MAD Fest 2014 pt. 1

Ahoy! I went to see Kimbra in the flesh last month. Niko once thought that he'd never ever see Kimbra perform live here in our country, so when the announcement was out, he jumped from his seat (or so I assume) and went crazy. I'm totally exaggerating. Or maybe he went crazy but the internally crazy sort of thing. We bought early bird tickets and tadaaaaa. The doodle tribute above was to pay homage to my second favorite Kimbra song: Cameo Lover. First is Settle Down. Hee.

I wore my usual sweat plus skirt plus sneakers ensemble on the day itself.

I'm an official cat lady. This photo turned out blurry because this was a vertical shot originally, and either my phone camera is crap or the editing app I used gives reduces image quality. Dunno. I used Afterlight in these images by the way.

That's right. Afterlight. Ang tiyaga ko ano? Haha. Photoshop isn't something I have access to right now. In other news: WAFFLE!!!!!!!

We went to a Book Sale branch to prevent myself from making unnecessary purchases like... art materials or... a ukulele bag. I brought my ukulele with me btw! Oh I don't think I have ever blogged about my uke. Hmm.

We arrived an hour before the gates opened. We found out too late that Kimbra herself went to the same entrance when she showed up. There was a huge fangirl there named Dale who saw and met her. We hung out with Dale for the rest of the night, protecting our front-row spots and everything.

Niko speaking to Radio Republic guys. We got a free lighter. Haha.

This kuya wouldn't move! Uggh.

Uhm, excuse me while I hide in embarrassment or cower in fear or whatever.

Eet wus getteeng durker!

A can of coke. I was seated on the concrete. We managed to snag awesome front row positions. This coke baby would then be my only nourishment for the next 8 hours. If I had known I would have bought water with me!

Eet wus getteeng durkererrrrrr!

And the show started! Zach Lucero, who I thought was cute, did a portion of the hosting before playing with Imago. This is Toni B.

Next up was BP Valenzuela. She's young and cute and I love her Soundcloud page, although at the time I thought she sounded either nervous or a bit hilaw for this stage. Maybe it was the former. It was a great perf nevertheless. Niko also knows some of the band members like April, because he went to Reese Lansangan's exhibit at Heima Brixton and got to see them perform! I WASN'T THERE THOUGH. Sad sad.

AND CHEATS! YAAAAYYY! I had always loved Saab Magalona because of her blog. Seeing her in the flesh was ♥♥♥

Their stage had a very awesome party vibe. I'd love to see another of their gigs one of these days.

This was Kate Torralba's last local performance, as she was headed to London. Idk if she's already there or what lol. During BP's stage, she was taking photographs of her and eventually had a selfie with me, Niko and Dale. Lol. I hope she deleted it lololol cause I looked so crappy lololol.

I'm loving her piano necklace!!

I'm pretty sure there were some other bands I didn't get to photograph because I was tired and I didn't want to give up my place in front. Several times I had to sit on the concrete and pray to the stars the crowd doesn't trample me. I was fucking tired. Fucking. Tired. My legs were mentally murdering me and I was fucking thirsty as well. Oh, this is Imago by the way. With their new vocalist Mayumi.

OPM royalty! I loooove Sandwich. I definitely sang along during their stage perf.

One guy screamed "I LOVE YOU MONG!!"
And Raimund replied with "I love you too parrre!"
He chuckled and repeated, "I love you Mong. I love you too parrre."

I thought that was hilarious. What's more hilarious was when he did a stage dive at the end of their last song. I think it was Procrastinator? Errr. Blurry mind blurry mind. He happened to land on a patch of college-freshman-looking group of girls who couldn't handle his awesomeness so he eventually fell from their arms lol. Isn't that painful?

Chocolate Grass is a band from Las PiƱas. Their vibe is very... for me it was sexy. Heehee. I love their vocalist's Boho chic getup. She had glittery gold paint on her forehead and cheek and her hat was luuurrrve. Too bad I didn't get to enjoy them much, because my legs, both left and right, stopped mentally murdering me and was just begging for me to sit down. I'd been up for more than six hours at that point.

I think Kjwan played before Urbandub but I didn't get to photography them because I was lolol seated hahahaha. I enjoyed Mark Abaya's performance though. And his water-spitting gimmick on stage. What. It was funny! Niko and I got some of his DNA on our skin lol.

This was the second time I saw Urbandub live, because I was also at the Greenlight music fest last 2013 with Ellia.

So the first half ends here, and the second half hopefully gets published in a matter of days, not weeks, not months. Like what happened last year. Lolololol. The photo above was my view when I was sitting on the concrete, saving my front-row spot and begging Kimbra to come out already.

January 18, 2015

Crazy for Kracie

Happy new year folks! It's too late to greet but you know how Rainy is. Always late and never ever. And yup, I don't even know what I just said either. But as always, always late and never ever. Ha! My awesome friend Izzie and I currently had an overseas gift exchange this Christmas by means of an unpaid messenger. The said messenger was travelling to their country and then some so we thought, why not? Why the hell not? We should've done this YEARS back but we never got round to. I still feel responsible for the lost letters I sent to Malaysia that some of my online friends apparently didn't receive. Just wait, mes amis, you will be errr blessed soon. I didn't get to upload the entire content of Izzie's care pack for me but this is the highlight!


I couldn't wait to get home so I did it in someone else's home lol.

The contents. I used to be an avid RRCherrypie subscriber and 2012 was the year when all those cute-food-turned-powdery-goodness really attracted me. Big time. Too bad I didn't know about those Instagram OFW sellers from Japan and by the time I did, I had already lost interest... NOT. I didn't, as it turns out. I still wanted to try. And try I did on this post!

So we had to cut the plastic thing. Photo is blurry because Niko wanted me to capture him in motion but lol idk what happen blametheiPhonenotmeokay.

The mixing bowl!

So this is the vanilla mixture. I've seen a video on Youtube where the Japanese girl used milk but we didn't have milk there so we had to settle with water. No big deal.

"You have to knead the bread,"

The only things I find kneadable are erasers. Kneadable erasers. What, I'm an "artsy" person!!

Second mixture that kneaded to be needed. Wink wink. Chocolate.

I didn't incude the photo here because I wanted to limit the photos in this post.

We had to get the vanilla doughnuts off of the mold before we could work on the choc'.

Sauce time! The instructions on the box were biased towards the choco syrup. While the berry and vanilla ones are on the small plastic container, this one's in the big mixing bowl where we previously neede-- I mean kneaded our breaded. Lolololol.


OR NOT. CAUSE SAUCE TIME. Piping was actually harder than expected! Or maybe it wouldn't have been if it weren't for my very eager hands. I cut a too-big hole lol.

BUT WE MANAGED. LIKE REAL CULINARY EXPERTS!! Maybe not on the vanilla sauce but please don't look at it. I ought to blur it or cover it with a sticker or something hahaha. Jk.

Garnish.The boyfriend insisted he do the garnishing. See, he actually enjoys my kawaii activities. A couple years back, he got me a Whipple set for Valentine's which he liked too. He liked the piping part because he watches a lot of cooking shows. And claims to be the better cook (between us) because of that. Pooh.

Finished product!! I ate the regular doughnut-shaped ones while he nommed the pon de rings.

Or maybe we didn't eat it. I can't remember. It was all a blur. Wink wink.


See, you know you love me. What. How is that related to this post lol. But you. Love. Me.

Kidding aside, I really enjoyed the set and I hope we get to play with MORE of em. Ehem ehem Izzie. It's actually a sign. Wink wink cough cough.