Rainy Martini

April 24, 2012

Last Monday Night

I just got home! Last night, Nel asked me to meet up with her because she was obviously longing for me. Lol. But seriously though, the last time we hung out was like, on February. So we went to Sam's, and had a really good time laughing aloud like hyenas (although IMO we sounded more like elephants; oh well, we should stick to the popular idiom) and talking about stuff. Touchy stuff, funny stuff, gossipy stuff, more funny stuff. Then we tweeted/reblogged in between. Nel and I will never survive without Twitter/Tumblr. I'm tired, can't type much and my brain refuses to brew creative ideas. I'm so lame.

The last time I went to that place was two years ago! Click if you wanna read the post about my high school life. That's the second part btw, you can go search the first and third.

Photos were taken with Instagram, I just made an account last night. Wanna follow me? My username is rainymartini. Order of captions will be from left to right, so there'll be no confusions.

My tired eye saying "hi" or "I am oshom omg". Sam's dream catcher, and Aaron giving Nel her shot.

A selca with Nel. Sam and Nel gossiping, oooh look at my hairband. The boys kept wearing it in turn. I lost it today when some stranger gave us a lift. I might have subconsciously placed it on the seat beside me. We were abruptly dropped off and boom. I only noticed it when I was at Nel's already. Wtf Rainy, IT WASN'T YOUR FUCKING CAR. It was my favorite hairband! My pink hanky was left, too. Not gonna put a caption for the last photo because.... idk.

Those are uh... my blanket-covered legs. ArmslegsyellowshortstealshirtiPad on the second photo. NelandSamonthelastphoto. I'm feeling so lazy I already consider pressing the spacebar a chore.

Some stuff. I don't feel like writing about them anymore so just look at them and think for yourself, okay? Mwah.

We camped in that same room for the night and since we were like siblings, it was okay for both the boys and girls to be in one room. But we didn't sleep until 8 A.M.! Nel kept burping for hours and we didn't know why. It was funny... YOU FROGGY NEL. Hahahaha!

I feel like trying to annoy you by showing you a ginormous Earlybird-ed photo of some fake roses.

You annoyed now ah?


-.- I seriously feel so sleepy but I wanna update. I'll be meeting up with Nel tomorrow! Not sure when my adventures will stop (hopefully a week later) so yeah.

Gonna go sleep now. See ya!


  1. Lov the photos sis. haha You are so funny ;)

    Sad that pink hairband is lost. :(

  2. Your Versace bag still alive ah! Married to the bag isit? laugh die me

  3. I love the feathers on the dream catcher :D
    Pity about your hairband. I usually just admire these kind of hair accessories but I don't really wear them, LOL.

    About my mom nagging, yeah, you're right. Never met a mom who didn't nag, haha. It's like some kind of criteria in becoming a mom. xD

  4. Lovely photos. Hope you had fun!


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