Rainy Martini

April 07, 2012


Meet Porky the porcupine and Rocky the raccoon. Porky is Rocky's biological parent. Don't believe me eh? I've got proof you loser.

Porky while in labor...


Now, on to the real thing(s)...

Pounding with headache...

A few days ago, they (home elders) took my phone. Just as I was having fun in Kakaotalk.... AND A DAY LATER INSTAGRAM FOR ANDROID WAS RELEASED. I was royally pissed.

Then tonight I've been forbidden to use the laptop. I don't know why. It's like getting jailed for something you did not do.

Why reprimand me for something I'm not even aware of? To top it off, every single person at home complained.

Like, my mom who screamed with fury because my dog peed on the carpet. WHAT. It's not its fault it couldn't hold his damn pee any longer. He's a freaking dog wtf. And why did you leash him inside anyway? I let him go for a few minutes to let him do his business, but the other people at home want him tied. For life.

Then other shit.

So I've been crying since 8 PM. Then I heard a really good news; which is probably the real cause of my headache. The sudden roller coaster ride I put myself in. Wow.

My two siblings are going home! We last saw each other on 2010. And now they're here. Now they're here. They're here...

So now I'm on a rocky boat, I don't fucking know whether to feel bad or happy and my head hurts. I can't write a poem because I don't have a pen (WTF I HATE LIFE) so I'm cheering myself up by writing a post.

To dumb it down:

No laptop (loool I'm sneaking to write this), which could also mean no tutorials and the headers I haven't sent you yet will have to wait. I'm so sorry guys.

I feel like shit, can't sleep.

Good night!


  1. LOL that labor thingy! xD

    You really are a talented photographer Rainy.

  2. @Rhea lol thanks :D I still wish to have a real camera though T__T

  3. Aww, poor Xiao Yan. Hahahaha.

  4. hihi cute! that labor thingy! Anyway cheer up! :)

  5. Whee! Congrats on being with your siblings again. :)

    And I know how it sucks not using your laptop. >.<

  6. I seriously laugh with the porky and rocky thing!! :))) That's a good one. Anyway, there are really times like that, it happens to us all the time but something just irritates us so much that every other little thing irritates us more. Cheer up! Have fun with your siblings <3

    Oh oh you're making free headers??????? :3

  7. @Gail thanks bb. :D yeap I do! :D why?

  8. Hi Porky and Rocky. A porcupine giving birth to a racoon... genius. BD


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