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April 13, 2012

Tutorial: Simple Photoblend

Ever wondered how I do my collages/photoblends? Now here's a tutorial for all of you! I'm going to teach you guys how I made the very simple graphic above using Adobe Photoshop.

This tutorial will feature simple methods and tricks for the completely clueless, as I once was.

The thing is, you need not do the exact things I'm going to do here, but just to give you an idea. Practice with this first and get creating next time!

1.) Open a new Photoshop document (CTRL + N) and set the image size to 600x400. Or you can choose how big or small you want it to be. I only put 600px because that's my blog's standard image size.

2.) Open an image you want to include in your blend. In this case I used a photo of the pink-haired blogger Audrey Kitching. I got the image from her blog a long time ago, but I can send it to you. Just ask. You can use your own image if you like.

3.) Using the Pen Tool (just press P), click around the edges of the image until you get everything covered. Once you closed the anchor point, right click and choose Make Selection. Of course you can use the Lasso tools but in my opinion, Pen gives less pain in the ass. Lol.

4.) After making a selection, press SHIFT+CTRL+I (or Select Inverse). Then clear out the clutter behind by pressing Delete. Your image now has a transparent background!

5.) Open a texture you desire and drag it onto the first new document you did. I got my texture from here.

6.) Drag your main image to the new document. (Loool this is so obvious IDK why I even included this)

7.) After you positioned and resized your main image, do some light editing by adjust the levels, contrast or curves. I just changed the curves settings here. (CTRL+M for the curves)

8.) Open your second texture and drag it onto the document you're working on. Position it behind your main image. You can get the same texture here.

9.) After positioning your second texture, change the blending option to Overlay.

10.) It will now look like this (see below). As you can see, the second texture has some geometric edges that doesn't look good. So we're gonna remove the pink edge on the right by using a soft-edged eraser. Just erase the rightmost part of the second texture.

11.) It will now look like this...

12.) We're almost done! Make a new layer, and position that layer below the layer that contains our main image (see the blue part on the image). Then, using the brush tool, put some decorations. Ok I honestly don't know how to put it, just...

I used the brush set from 99mockingbirds.

You can download brushes from the sites I had included on my FAQ section. And if you don't know how to install brushes on Photoshop, just google it.

13.) Put some text! You can put anything you like. I suggest a curly font for a graphic like this. (See my FAQ for sites that offer free fonts)

14.) Change the text layer's fill to 60% and you're done!!

Easy-peasy right? Errr, if you wanna see the final result, GO BACK TO THE TOP OF THIS POST. Lol.

This is really simple and I hope I gave you a hint on how we do those graphics. Be creative and resourceful, try designing in your own terms and see how it goes!

And if you've done something with the help of this tutorial, you can show it to me! I'd really love to know how much I helped. I'm still getting the hang of this writing-a-tutorial thingy.

If you're annoyed at the difficulty of the work done here, don't worry, I'm going to do a more complex tutorial next time! As you can see, I've been banned from using the laptop (the one with Photoshop) and I currently don't have my own (IT FUCKING BROKE!).

You can ask questions on my tagboard, I'm not one of those bloggers who doesn't allow inquiries on their tagboards because there's Formspring. But I don't check my Formspring so yeah, go do it on my tagboard. 


  1. Ohhhhh cute <3 Tinatamad na ako mag photoshop ngayon. Haha pero ang dali tignan nung tinuro mo. :D

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  6. Cool tutorial!It's kinda hard I guess but it looks great!Thanks for sharing!:)

  7. Great tutorial! I have done this technique before when I was still addicted to digital scrapbooking.

  8. @Patricia & @Anney thanks :D

  9. is the software that you're using downloadable? Oh pleaseee say yes T_T

  10. if the software that you're using can be downloaded..where can i download it? you're amazing for making these tutorials rainy! <3


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