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April 01, 2012


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First, someone's using my name and yours in my tagboards. I don't know who she is, but if what her IP address tells about her location is true, she's from the USA. And yeah, I dunno how many times she tagged a certain tagboard using my name but if you received something eerie or surprisingly bitchy, it wasn't me. I don't randomly bitch without a pure reason to. I'm not that low. Her IP address is Mine is either or Just those two.

Second, do visit Cirque du Latte, our fully-revamped graphic and resource site! Izzie and I run it. We accept requests and that stuff so do drop by!

I'm from south-east Asia! And you know full well when our summer begins, don't you?

The mark of a new season would've made me take off my bra, swirl it in the air for 72 hours and roll on the pavement with watery eyes—okay that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea—had it been two years ago. A lot of bloggers from my country would've been rejoicing by now, for this means eighty plus plus school-free days. But me, no. I've had my fair share of vacation already. I'm bored, I miss having real schedules. We're talking about years here. I miss the cold fear of not meeting deadlines, the dreadful sarcasm of witty professors... the concealed food in my pocket to be eaten when le teacher turns to the whiteboard.


I'm still unsure whether my family will be going to the beach or not. Maybe not, why not? Coconut. Besides, my godson-slash-cousin Caedwyn will be celebrating his 1st birthday on the 8th! Oh he is so adorable, I kiss him every second!

Another news, my free blog header-making racket has been gaining attention this past few days and I'd been getting more and more requests every day. It's a tad bit difficult to refuse some of them, you know. My brother has been nagging me to start charging for my services. Hmm. Actually I had received quite a few payments already (from bloggers who have a quite creative take on how they want their header to look like and owners of local online shops). Hopefully I'll get to compile a portfolio and make it official soon. But for now, I do it for free because I love you.

Also, I'm training myself how to design according to what another individual wants. It's hard but I hope to get the grip of it someday.

If you have a request, you can e-mail me. (See sidebar for e-mail address)

Happy Summer everybody!


  1. Here I am again, loving your theme. <3 Haha can you make one for me? :"> Kidding! Anway, I checked that resource blog and bookmarked it as well, it will be really helpful the mere future. Thank you for setting it up for us!

  2. Lol thanks :D I don't make wordpress themes but I can help you with the graphics if you want to.

  3. I love long holidays, it's during this time that I can sleep in, go on holidays and enjoy the cold. Yes, I LOVE COLD WEATHER >:D
    Plus, NO SCHOOL!!! No need to trick the teacher saying that i need to go to the washroom when actually, I sneak out to the cafeteria. No need to lug around heavy schoolbags, no homework, no tuition.. The holidays are awesome!! :3

  4. Yeah, sushis are cute :D I told my mom that and she said I had weird taste for cuteness, haha. I don't really like seafood, especially if they have the strange fishy smell but I don't mind sushi :B It depends on what shop you get your sushi from though.

  5. @Cynthia ZOMG. I wish to feel the same... I miss actually loving breaks. But now I'm boredboredbored I wanna be busy again.

    BUT SUSHI ARE CUTE. IDK WHY BUT THEY ARE. OMGGG we're sooo alike. But in my case, I just gawk at sushi and I don't eat them. I ate sashimi once and I never wanna do it again. Although I'd love to photograph it. :D

  6. It must suck, having a poseur. LOL.


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