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April 06, 2012

some updates!

Ok so as you can see very vividly, I have changed my layout! I got sick of my old one so yeah. When I go for colors, I seem to seek simplicity. If I switch to minimalistic, I crave for colors! What the flying fuck is wrong with me omg.

So, do you like it or...? I know it isn't much, but that's how I think my blog should look right now. Some of my friends protested that I leave my layout alone and wait for another month to change it.

Header/Layout request is CLOSED. I repeat, CLOSED. I'm not accepting any more requests this time because I've gotten my hands full and and... *melts into a puddle*

By the way, sorry for my second tutorial's delay.

This day was a mess. Literally. We had an all-house general cleaning wtf. You see, we currently reside in my late grandparents' house because they're both gone now.

I would've loved to slack off and silently laugh at my siblings who carry heavy loads (my cabinets, boxes). But I got dragged into it and wtf, I was sweeping rat poop before I could even say "fuu!" I couldn't complain because my uncle is very verrry scary and supremely strict.

It's already 3 AM but I haven't gotten any rest since I woke up at 6.

My cousins are here, I'd told you, hadn't I? So yeah, they're all kids and I feel so lalala old and I'm like their master... except that Shiloh here (the girl) is exceptionally smart and won't submit to my wishes ("can you please hand me the mouse over?" "NO LET ME WATCH BARBIE FIRST."). Well, she is a smart kid. Like, a kid scholar. Fuuu. My big brother's a scholar, most of my cousins are scholars. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Hahaha.

And by the way, it took me 938271dsa9837fuu minutes to mull over posting my stupid photo here. I don't really fancy that kind of stuff. That's my current Facebook DP and if I get too shy I'll remove it. It feels creepy.



  1. Anonymous6/4/12

    you are so funny! i love this theme. nice, and simple.

  2. All I can say is, HAHAHAHA and URGH. You just don't listen, do you? I'm a guy but I frankly prefer your previous layout. Even so, you've coded a nice and clean template. Which is ok too. So, you just have to think about Irina now.

  3. @Anon thanks!

    @Shawn WHAAT. laskdlaskdl no matter what you guys say, this is my blog. :P looool. omgg irina. omggggg. I SCARED LIAO. WHAT WILL SHE DO THIS TIME. HUHUHUHUHUHU

  4. I always love your layouts, so simple yet clean and pretty :) And why are you hiding your fez? You're pretty you know :3

  5. Me gusta :D Especially the header, at first I thought it was some kind of map.

  6. OH BARBIE ♥ Haha. SO CUTE! ;)
    You're good in web designing. Keep it up! :)

  7. thank you guys!! I'm glad my painfully simple layout is okay with you :D

  8. You're not a scholar too because you NEVER applied for a scholarship. :P

  9. @Shawn true story.

  10. i love your layout :D i've always wanted to make one just like it but i end up making mine a bit too colorful (o.O) hahah

  11. You have pretty eyes ❀(=ヮ=)~❀

    "IS THIS EVEN REAL OMG. I mean, cooool. You did ballet too eh? What if we stumbled upon each other, walking en pointe, that chiffon skirt around our thighs... THEN WE GIGGLE."
    LOL, ballet... those torturous days. :D
    Actually, ballet wasn't all that bad, it's just that my teacher was Russian... and scary.

    "WAIT. WHAT'S A ****** ? I'm dirty-minded to hahahahah but what's ****** ? Even my precious dirty mind can't handle that puzzle o.O"
    It was supposed to be P-N-S not ****** <--- even my stars were counted wrongly.

    "this manga's plot so damn interesting what. ;O wanna reaaaad eeeet. do you know where i can DL it online?"
    I know where you can read the english version online but as for downloading, there used to be a website that offered manga scan downloads but it was shut down after the whole Megaupload-blabla-go-to-jail thing.

    "i'm pretty sure we don't have that in a bookstore here."
    Don't have it in bookstores here either :/

  12. @nice thank you! lol. I think you should limit your hex codes from #ffffff to #000000 only. haha.

    @Cynthia woww you had a Russian teacher? I'd love to hear a Russian speak live because I wanna imitate their accent. Lol. but yeah, I enjoyed ballet, too. i spent more than half my life dancing obediently (since I was 4). until that incident in hong kong and my track and field injury. after that i lost my touch.

    HAHAHAHAH SO IT'S YOUR FAULT. YOU CAN HAZ WRONGLY COUNTED STARZZSZS. lol. it looked like that without only one ball. *giggles* I'LL START LOOKING FOR IT RIGHT NOW.

    need manga recs? go to cynthia's blog. lol. :D


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