Rainy Martini

April 02, 2012

I wanna be pragmatic...

A few days ago, I rummaged through my boxes and drawers to scavenge and check out my old things. It was annoying because I had to re-fold the clothes but I found quite a treasure!

The last pair of ballet trainers I bought before I quit dancing. My pastel-colored chiffon skirt and black hairbow. My sister loved wearing it to her ballet practices, and we always fought for it! Too bad I couldn't find my pointe shoes. I'd very much love to stand en pointe again, just to see if I can still do it flawlessly.

First ever pink leotards! I'm a pack rat and I never throw away my old stuff if I can help it. There are sweet sentiments associated with my things that I don't want to let go of just yet. I fancy dwelling in the past and I don't mind the painful recollections. It does help to have a sharp memory when you're the type who reminisces every day. So yeah, I can't make myself throw that old piece of fabric.

In my head while looking at the photo on the right: I. WAS. SO. FUCKING. SMALL.

Bookmarks from Hallmark I bought when I was 15. Cool. How come I still have them!? Ah, wait, I'm a pack rat! Fuuu, can I turn it into pack bunny or something cuter? "Rat" isn't exactly sexy.

Ah, Mariah Fredericks. I only read it yesterday, though it had always lurked in my books cabinet. It's ok, nothing special. Just your average tween novel. But the cover is catchy and I'd very much love to photograph it when I finally get a new DSLR. Yeah right yeah right, I judged a book by its cover. In my defense, I did it after reading so... *sticks tongue out*

That gray shirt-dress or whatever you call it has a twin. I like it more because it's beige. I bought them when I was also 15, in this chic boutique called Espada. I love the collars, they made me look chesty and more sophisticated. That spaghetti-sleeved top is actually an heirloom from my mother (omg mom how can you be so sexy). She had it when she was just a teenager. Well sorry to disappoint mom but I will never where that top to save my life. Ok what if someone stole all my clothes and left only that one?

*runs around shirtless in perfect circles*

Never-worn skirt from Mango. I like skirts but I'd always had this funny feeling that I'd look stupid in them.

I don't know how to describe the fabric (because I don't really love clothes) but this is soft and cottony. Bought it in Bangkok and yeah, never worn outside or in the presence of earthlings other than myself and terribly tiny organisms. (Ohai bacteria!)

I LOVE THIS TOP. Although I can only afford to wear it in beaches. Still, it looks very lovely and summery and flowery and pinky and is perfect for wearing on top of my two-piece.

The fucking carpet that served as my backdrop wanted some exposure and credit for providing a fine... well, backdrop. Carpet why so demanding ah? I know it's all in my head but had it known how to fret, it would've said: "Oi youff fecking bij why you no credit me huh!? THINK I'M A SERVANT ISIT?"

Old Versace wallet from my mother that I forgot about. I opened it and it was full of photos and there's a photo of my father omg. It felt weird.

My dead Tamagotchi. Yeah, they're the modern ones with infrared or something. Also bought them two years ago. I have no time to replace the battery but I'm sure they still work. I'd always been a Tamagotchi fanatic since I was a kid, when my grandma came home from Japan and I was like in heaven... ah, those days.

So that's it.

My vibrant memories will remain zestier as long as I have those few mementos in my possession. As I had said before, I don't mind tarrying in my memory lane. I'd very much love to stay there, I'd give everything to get back what I had three years ago, when I was having the time of my life. Before my very life crashed in front of my own eyes.


*sings Sorry for Parreracken, chipmunk voice*

Is it just me or reading through this post seems kinda slower and in a painfully nostalgic voice? Maybe because of the tones I applied for the photos? Ahh. I'd love to post more photos but the sun kinda moved and it screwed the lighting. Fuuu. It sucks, not having a proper camera.

Good morning/afternoon to you, reader. I'm so sorry I didn't mean to greet you at the end of the post but I totally forgot hahahaha.



  1. I'd very much love to see you wear a tutu again. LOL!

  2. Marielle2/4/12

    Rainy, I think your purple skirt got red stains on it. );

  3. @Yel loool no they aren't stains. Some light-leak I mistakenly added when I edited the photo.

  4. You're right, we are freakishly alike!! :O I used to do ballet too, and then I quit halfway (much to my mom's dismay I'm sure).
    And yes, I'm a pack rat, but so is my mom. LOL. Must run in the family or something. I've got a white chiffon skirt that looks similar to yours :3


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