Rainy Martini

April 29, 2012

Out, avec le sourire!

I goooot a new haircut! No, uhh, not really new new, but since I just had my hair chopped (approx. 3 days ago) I'll call it that. New. Or even better, shorter. I still don't know whether or not to regret what I did. You see, my hair growth is a notch slower than a snail crossing a tree trunk! My hair falls just above my shouders, and it will probably take three months for it to reach the "wings" on my back. That bad eh? My little sister and little cousins have long, flowy hair. But me?


End of story.

Two days ago, Kate (not in the photos because she went home early. BOO KATE. BOO) and Carle went to this house to pick me up and we didn't know where to go lol because we were all broke. So we went to the nearest walking-distance mall and got a bucket of cheese-flavored popcorn. We bought the popcorn at the cinema complex and since we didn't have money (summer vacation, no allowance!), I suggested that we watch the movie posters and coming-soons instead! WHAT, WE GOT POPCORN. WHAT ELSE COULD WE WISH FOR? Looool. Popcorn all the waaaay.

Then Kate had to go (boooooo!) (loljk. I LOVE YOU KATE) so we asked Nel out! She didn't want to, at first. What with her slow motion preparing skills and all that. But she missed me (loljk, she missed Carle) and had to jump walls and eat eyeballs. If you know what I mean.

And as usual we had nothing to do at the stupid mall. Why did money have to be an issue that day!?

But all was well. We invaded Carle's new home and ate Ruffles, oreos and drank milk. My friends and I are contented with the smallest things. Being with each other was enough that night. I know because I was there, I was all they needed...



Seriously though, it's more fun staying in an air-conditioned room laughing and telling stupid stories than walking around the mall imo. We rarely see each other so you get the idea.

April's almost over. Omg. It just passed by in a blur! I feel like I'm in some kind of a time lapsed hollow at the heart of le universe.

258 followers! It only means one thing: I'VE GOT READERS! Yeayyyy. Thank you guys. I'm thinking about hosting a giveaway. I don't know when. Hmm, maybe if I reach 300? On this blog's first anniversary? BUT THAT'S ON SEPTEMBER. Woah. I still can't decide but I'll let you know ok?

Have a good day!

Nooo don't. Just cry. Stay in your room and cry.

Dafuq did I just say? o.O


  1. When will I ever appear in one of your posts?

  2. @shawn if you fly back to singapore or even better (and nearer), le Philippines, MAYBE YOUR FACE COULD END UP ON MY HEADER. LOOOOOL. :P

  3. Anonymous29/4/12

    sometimes you're skin is very white, sometimes its tan!! :O

  4. @Xiaoyan Not until June! You know how I hate the summer ;)

    @Anon She hates her milky skin and prefers tanned.

  5. @Shawn wtf stop answering the questions addressed to me! LOL

  6. You're right since most people who work as housekeepers and the like aren't educated but still, it's manga, it's supposed to be unrealistic, LOL, jk.


    Why do I hate Momo?
    1. She's way too easily manipulated. She actually tried to kill Hitsugaya, the person who cares about her the most :O I think that event is totally dislike worthy.
    2. Hinamori is obessed with Aizen to the point where its creepy. And I hate Aizen .__.
    3. AT FIRST, Even after Aizen ran his blade clean threw her she still doesn't think he intended to do it. The only thing he didn't intend is for her to survive but she still thinks he's a good person and wants to save him. Genius.


    Your haircut looks nice :D
    Whenever I get a haircut, people will make a big fuss like "Cynthia, OMG, Whadidjuduwidyurhaaaair??! :O"
    I love watching movie commercials, LOL, it always gives the impression, or illusion, that the movie is awesome. >:D

  7. I prefer to keep my hair short. But my hair doesn't like to be short .___. ''

    Can I have your slow hair growth instead? Lmao.

  8. i like your hair :D my hair doesn't grow fast as well . i want my hair to be long already xD i just had my haircut last week btw .

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  10. YOU CHOPPED OFF YOUR HAIRRRRRRR!!! Oh well, it looks awesome so its worth it. The thought about having a short hair was never crossed my mind, although I'm a bit jealous of short-haired girl.
    Loving your hair makes me wanna go bald instead. So I can teamed up with Amber Rose. Lol

  11. JeanPotatoKissXx14/5/12

    hi rainy, you're best friends with janelle of teamans? What a coincidence! i love your blogs! fighting!!

  12. @Jean LOOOL REALLY? thanks. btw you forgot to leave your URL ;)


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