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April 04, 2012

Art Classique, jeu classique

I don't think anyone who lurked the cities had ever missed seeing one of those terrifyingly-awesome art on the streets. Be they painted on the walls, the pavement, sculpted or something vandalized, it's hard to miss. The art, like so many of its cousins, is ever-revolving; like fingerprints and people, they have this kind of individuality that makes them more than worthy of the adjective "unique", as no two artists are the same.

Now, what I'd mostly witnessed with my eyes are graffiti in its modern form. Brightly colored, eye-popping and very creatively-done. I don't really dislike it, but most of the time, I don't approve of the popular neon colors. Maybe because the shades mislead me to perceive a different message. Or... maybe because it makes the blue shades even bluer (I have a rather odd aversion from that color).

I don't know. There are a lot of things I'd never known about myself. *smacks head*

If you have no inkling whose art this is, it's from Kurt Wenner, a former NASA illustrator and a full-time artist and architect. The Dunkin Donuts advert above is my most favored work of his. (Ok I could've typed "favorite" but my scumbag fingers reverted to "most favored". What.)

He incorporates classical "language" into modern art forms.

And his works are in 3D. Ha! I'd watched documentaries about 3D street artists but Kurt is, surpriiiise, my favorite because of his surpriiiise, classical style.

This one is called Czech Cursor, if I'm not mistaken.

Fishing in old Shanghai. I love how the cat stood ready to spring on the fish. Loool go cat go cat!!

These two are my favorites too! I'm particularly interested in Perseus because he's a Greek hero who didn't die tragically.

I got these photos from Kurt Wenner's website called (deng deng deng) kurtwenner.com. Check out the rest of his drawings and 3D street paintings there!

Art doesn't speak, it's a language itself. And although my paintings and digital graphics are far from this master's level of highness, I am proud to be a person who speaks it. If you take "speaking art" literally, you could picture me opening my mouth to spill random drawings and possibly acrylic paint... which will take the form of a puke. Yeayyy.

Yummy yummy yummy.

Meanwhile, my 5-year-old cousin Shiloh harassed me into playing Pet Society again because she caught me checking my account. (I was sending gifts to my other young cousin who had her birthday two days ago).

She made me dress my pet with nothing but a pink diaper. Made me make my pet eat these ginormous ribs. Oh yeah, that's my Lezzz Get Drunk room. Lol.

My account is pretty ancient and I still have stuff and trees that are extinct!

I also kiss my crush's pet there more than the required number of times (which is 1, I mean, if you got the money already, why go back right? Only do it if you wanna bully your best friend in a funny way or get back to your crush for ignoring you!).

I'm off to get breakfast.

By the way, if you know any street artist similar to Wenner, can you please tell me? I'm interested to find out more of them, and hopefully I'll stumble upon their works the next time I fly somewhere.



  1. Anonymous4/4/12

    I don't mean to offend you, you're funny and that's a good thing. But it somehow ruins your writings which I thought was going great and then you make it into a joke. Try writing something serious next time.

  2. Kurt Wenner is awesome! Just awesome :O I am amazed by his 3D paintings. Really cool ♥

  3. @Anonymous I understand, but I don't write according to what is said to be written. I don't even think twice about what I type. so yeah, my making stuff into a joke cannot be helped. thanks though.

    @Trish indeed he is! I LOVE HIM omg. :x

  4. Hello thanks for sharing! I like how the his works go into 3D. I'm amazed!

  5. I love 3D. I respect artists who do 3D street arts.
    They never fail to catch my attention.

  6. Aahh this is so awesome! Which part of the city is that?

  7. OMG!! I'm inlove with the the paintings! bongga! parang totoo! :D amazed na amazed ako! <3

  8. I always see those 3D paintings floating around the internet and I love viewing them... I'd love to be able to see them in reality.... they look amazing... seriously.
    I'm just speechless when I see it

  9. ive ever read about Wenner on some street painting articles.. omg, he's such an awesome artist... im so in love with all of his 3d art works...!!
    and uhmm.. i know another artist named J.Beever (if im not mistaken, lol.. i actually love reading about art stuffs! i enjoy seeing those precious artworks they've made), he's an artist in 3d sidewalk painting like Wenner... but wenner is the best i think.. :)

  10. The Dunkin Donuts advert looks yummy! *__* -stops drool-
    I love the art Kurt Wenner does! ^^
    My favorites are "Czech Cursor", "Black Hole" and the Dunkin' Donuts advertisement :3

    I'm not sure if his artwork suits your taste but I think Edgar Müller is a pretty good artist :D

    PS: Saw your foam art, I have a naturally perverted mind (so don't think too badly of me) but when I saw your foam art, I thought it kinda looks like a ****** -gets slapped-
    I'm sorry if I offended you, a thousand apologies and all that ;___;

    PPS: BTW, if that art looks like what I think it looks like... I did pretty much the same thing :D Aaaaaaanyway, happy early Easter yo! :B

  11. this kind of art is so amazing :)) they look so real, i myself almost thought that they're actually there. haha .. but then i realized they were just 3D paintings . (o.O)

    oh, pet society . i used to be very addicted with that. :D

  12. I've seen those kinds of artwork before on 3D but only online. I would love to witness something like it in real life! Now that would be such an awesome experience :)


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