Rainy Martini

January 10, 2012

à mon année scolaire: deuxième partie

"And I'll sneak up behind you, throw you a glare,"

"I'll mess up your mind with my boggling stare; mess up your playing until I see le innards so bare,"

"I'll sneak up behind you, to play and to scare,"

Right. I do sneak up behind my violinist friends every time they play. I find their concentration funny, they find mine absurd. It's just that there's something about their faces that makes me want to poke their ribs while they saw away their bows. Of course, I'm not safe from their mocking so I don't play complex pieces in front of them. Pianists will get what I mean.

I'm writing this on an empty stomach while hearing someone snore.

Also, we like hanging out at someone's house after school. It's kind of our regular thing back then.

That's what I mean when I said "making the most of my school year". I'm not saying that loafing around is the best thing to do but there's gotta be something fun to make your year memorable. That's my idea of fun. It's not unpopular, every one likes to hang out. Make sure you hang out with the right crowd though. Make sure you finish your homework. Because Nel and I sure as hell didn't. Loljk, we finish it the next day before the teacher arrives so what difference does it make anyway? *grins* And don't tell me you never procrastinated because the smartest people I know do.

I'm what you can call a literary geek. My English, history, and art grades skyrocket every quarter (except when I entered my junior/senior years, I slacked off) but my Maths just burrow even deeper. It could've reached hell but who knows right?

One more thing, our Track and Field coach (also our Economics teacher) told us that he became a teacher because he wanted to experience life as a high schooler once more. When he was our age, he decided to forget about social life and focused on his studies. Yeah, the duuude reaped awards at the end of the year. But not without regrets. He missed all the awesome memories that he should've made those years.

I'm just saying that while it's a beneficial thing to get your head together every day, sometimes you need to laugh.

I'm not good at giving advices. You might confess to me that "OMG I'M PREGNANT" or "OMG I RAN AWAY" or "OMG I DO DRUGS" and will most likely just say, "Well uh, do your thing. Just don't fuck up even further."

Most likely.

Although, my friends seek advice from me for some reason. I don't know why ok. Because I don't judge? Because I'm happy-go-lucky?

I dunno. I'm a fail person as far as I can tell.


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