Rainy Martini

January 12, 2012

à mon année scolaire: troisième partie

This is the third part of my high school life reminiscence tribute but I don't think I'm done yet. There might be a fourth part because I don't want this to look like a photodump although I'm not doing a good job in the writing department. I couldn't sleep at night. No, I find it hard to sleep every night, more like. As a result I wake up groggy, disoriented with no creative juice to squeeze out. At all.

Moving on, I have here a photo of the usual people I sit with during lunch about 2 years ago.

I think we had an hour (or 40 minutes, can't remember) of break during lunchtime. I either read at the library, hang out in the music room, or eat with my friends. Of course the people-in-charge do their best to keep order.

But silence is usually out of the question.

Aaaand we do what we gotta do.

I don't want to say the subject's names just in case they complain about their "embarrassing" photo being published here. I could comfort them about the fact that I'm practically anonymous here and so are they. Hah.

All photos taken during my senior year.

Something scares me... I know it's not quite possible at this time but what if Photobucket shuts down? I'M TOAST. MY BLOG IS TOAST. All my photos are hosted there omg. I should've uploaded my photos here from the very start.

Should start backing up. Like, now.


  1. MY WORST WORRY TOO. If Photobucket shuts down, my blog will not have any photos anymore, AT ALL D:

    Anyways your senior year sure looked like fun! It's my last year in high school now, but it's far from "fun" :( Your friends look cool (Y)

  2. I would miss this moments when I'll be on college soon. That's 2 more years for me, though. Haha. I would always love to be a highschooler forever :|

  3. @Czarina T_____T we should think of something before that happens. ooh I bet it'll get cooler before it ends. just be with your friends all the time and boom :>

  4. It looks like you really had fun during your high school days 'cause you've had great friends. Lucky you. :)

    Happy new year rainy martini! :)

  5. @eprilis thank you dear :>

  6. You guys are crazier than my schoolmates.
    btw, why you wonder that photobucket will shut down.. Stop scared the crap out of me Windshield!


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